Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat Trailer

Ah, yes – you have diabetes! That’s me. I just joined over
100 million Americans affected by diabetes.
And it gets worse. There are millions of “skinny-fat” people, who are metabolically sick inside, but do not look characteristically sick
on the outside. Should current trends persist,
one in three Americans will be diabetic. The guidelines have never
been evaluated on how well they work. We should be horrified by this. There was not one clinical trial. To me, the scientists completely
screwed it up! We’ve always had carbs and sugar,
so what suddenly changed? Seriously – what changed? The marketers are spending hundreds
of billions of dollars. These are not stupid people. They are spending the money
because it works! So, do you think you’re affected
by food marketing? Well, yes, I think most people are,
whether they want to admit it or not. Fast food freaks me out now, and I still
sometimes see commercials, and I’m like “wow – that looks
pretty good”. Experts agree – there are many factors that
account for our current health crisis. People should just eat less
and exercise more, and this obesity epidemic
would reverse. But that’s what we’ve been saying
for thirty years, while it’s getting worse every year.
So it’s not working. I think we find ourselves on
the front lines of nothing less than Homeland Security. I think the fate of the nation hangs
in the balance.

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