CGR Undertow – SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION review for PlayStation 3

There are some things PCs can do that console
games shouldn’t. Call it division of labor, argue over superiority, I don’t care. And
sure, while there’s been some cross-contamination that worked well – Goldeneye wresting dominance
in the FPS sector, or the Super Nintendo version of SimCity which was pretty decent, or even
the controller-optimized PS3 and PS4 renditions of Final Fantasy XIV – more often than not,
you’re left with a stripped-down interpretation that feels like an affront to all you hold
dear. Civilization Revolution is a stripped-down interpretation, surely… but I don’t know
if it’s that much of an “affront.” Maybe an “aside” or an “aback,” but this PS3 version
of the famously obscenely huge 4X staple holds its own and can serve as a nice primer, an
introduction into one of the most intense of gaming genres. I’d lay some plot on you, but really, you
craft the plot as you go, along the basic lines of “Your civilization, led by (INSERT
GREAT LEADER HERE), builds from sticks and stones to world domination.” Just like its
big brothers, that domination can take a number of forms, from absolute military victory to
cultural ubiquity to being the first people to reach Alpha Centauri. From that basic starting
point, you have the freedom to do those four Xs mentioned earlier: Explore, expand, exploit,
and exterminate, at whatever pace you wish. That said, you’ll also have competitors, other
great leaders displaced from their own geographic bounds, trying to expand their grasp of this
hunk of randomly-generated landmass. It’s the standard Civilization bit, really,
just… kinda altered for the console masses. You can’t have super-precise mouse and keyboard
controls in this case, so you’ve gotta adapt for the relatively clunky controller… and
that’s where Civ Rev stumbles. You’ve got a thumbstick that moves your focus… sometimes…
and directional buttons that cycle through units in a given region or move to the next
region, where “next” is a constantly ambiguous term. It might be in a different conflict
entirely, just aligned so closely to your vertical axis that suddenly BAM. You’re in
Barcelona, instead of moving to the next battalion of units stationed outside Minsk. Fortunately,
while the controls are a bit grindy, the graphics are by-and-large capable of holding things
together… in the main game, at least. Other functions such as the Civilopedia, while a
useful resource for the history and edutainment aspects of the game, sometimes have egregious
graphical mishaps, and this is actual footage of how choppy things get when you finally
beat the game. Yeah. Civ makes this PS3 grind like hell… but you won’t really notice it
in the moment, because you’ll be too intensely focused on discovering the next best technology. The audio presentation isn’t bad, and the
background music… well, you’re going to forget all about it because you’ll either
A) be too deep in diplomacy to hear anything or B) have shut off the audio long ago because
the garbled vaguely-ethnically-flavored speech of your quote unquote “trusted advisors” made
you want to rip out your hair. There’s a number of things that make this Revolution kinda
weak as a Civilization title, but regardless, it IS Civilization, and you’re probably not
going to wrest yourself from it until you’ve taken over the world. Just one more turn,
man. Just one more turn… oh, and you’ve gotta choose your next science to pursue,
which means you should reassign some workers in Moscow for better efficiency, and…

29 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION review for PlayStation 3

  1. Civ rev might be one of the weakest civs, but i enjoyed playing it. Still hoping to get a civ for ps4. maybe Civ 5? without toning the game down?

  2. i have this game too, if you guys ever want to play it with me send me a friend request telling me you wanna play 😀 PSN: dragonjoe454

  3. The game looks and reminds me strongly of Anon 1404 (the wii version) "Dawn of Discovery" way to close to it, graphically, and some of the characters to.

  4. Undertow, would you pretty-please tell me the name of the song you use for your review intros?  I promise it's not so I can steal it, I really just want to put it in a playlist for personal listening :')

  5. This game was one of those games, that made me buy PS3 instead going for the PSP Vita.
    After playing this game couple of times I came to the conclusion, that Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is a OK game in the series, but very disappointing.
    I have played first Civilization on the Snes & Civ2 on the PS1 multiple times & compared to those games CivRevolution just doesn't give much.
    I would describe CivRevolution as Racing Game of this series. 

  6. Looking for someone to play on 360 my gamertag is noobbuster3000 and would like to join a tournament on this game or something like that friendlies during week competitive on weekends

  7. I dont understand your vocabulary,

    Dislike for blabbering about stuff, repetitiveness, and using barely understandable concepts and sentences

  8. question about civilsation genre games in general. Is it possible to play as a "nice" civilisation? as opposed to an imperialist land raping bastard?

  9. Civ Rev was actually the first Civ game to introduce me to the series and strategy games in large. Not very impressive 😀 but hey, it did its job.

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