15 thoughts on “Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Huari and Tiwanaku civilizations | World History | Khan Academy

  1. In my country Malaysia we all have indigenous tribes.. And they breed like rabbits yet their mortality rate is also high.. And lack access to modern health care due to physical (lack of roads and many treacherous rivers) and cultural and mentality reasons..
    BTW they boast that they have traditional medicine and cures but these medications are very slow and long term.. thus a deadly virus will wipe them off..
    Educational level is also low though they're good in jungle law and survival in the wild..

  2. Awesome khan academy talking about my PERU ! I wish I had had the chance to meet u while u were here, 😱

  3. An american ("a person from the greatest country in the history of the world") talking about ancient precolumbian cultures, chapeau!

  4. Why do you refer to Peru as "Modern Day Peru"? Do you refer to Egypt as "Modern Day Egypt" or "Modern Day Greece or Modern Day India? It is just PERU! Four letters. That's all!

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