Chris Hunt, American Cancer Society

Chris Hunt: Well, we’re the American Cancer
Society, a voluntary health organization, so we rely on funds from individuals, funds
from corporations to provide the local services that we provide: our Look Good, Feel Better
classes for cancer survivors, our Road Recovery Program which gets cancer patient to and from
treatment if they can’t afford it, if it’s too far, or if they just can’t drive after
treatment. So all of the funds that we raise stay local. They’re credited to the zip
code in which they’re raised. So it helps out with those funds and those programs and
services that are provided. Well, it is challenging. I think the corporate landscape and the community
landscape is very challenging. People have lost jobs, people have not had a pay raise
in a while. What we try to encourage is peoples’ participation. We’re not asking for certain
dollar amounts. We’re asking people participate because collectively if somebody is giving
$1, $3 or $5 a pay period, it may be painless for them, but it goes a long, long, long way
as far as the numbers are concerned. It’s the power of numbers in a campaign like this,
and the more people contribute, the more people can benefit from the services that we provide.

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