Chris’s Slim Moment – “Down 127 pounds!”

Chris’s Slim Moment – “Down 127 pounds!”

I have always been heavy but the last few years I really ballooned up
and over the winter I hit 343 and that’s when enough was enough. It’s just a lazy lifestyle and the heavier you get the less you seem to want to do. This is me at 343 pounds, this is me today 127 pounds lighter and life is great. Now my nickname back then
was Shrek. In this picture, my face looks like, my head whole head looks like it’s swollen but I was, you know, obviously
wearing black trying to hide what was underneath and just you know not happy with the way I was looking and the way I was living my life. Not sure who that is but it’s not me anymore. You know, steps were hard, I would run outta breath you know even bending over to tie shoes was kind of a process. Anymore it’s just hop up and go. I don’t come home and flop on the couch
anymore just cause I’m exhausted. I actually have energy to do things in the day and, you know, go for a couple mile walk with the dog if I want to. In the past I’ve tried other programs with pre-packaged meals and stuff and
it just doesn’t work for me. Portion size, you get hungry and you would end up binge eating. Any gains that you may have made you
just lost. With SlimGenics They teach you how to properly cook
proper portion sizes. So before I was eating fast food maybe two times a day if not for every meal a day. Taking in unhealthy snacks like candy
bars and sodas. I’ve cut all that stuff out and now I actually spend a lot of time in the
kitchen preparing meals which I never did before. For me the accountability was huge,
knowing that somebody is going to be calling me saying, “hey, where are you?why
aren’t you in here? how are things going?” Just that
support system was it was fantastic to have too. It kept you on track. Everybody’s here when you’re going to
have little hiccups here and there but that’s what they’re there for is to help
you get back on track and continue with your weight loss program. This was me nine months ago at
343 pounds. This is me today 120 some pounds lighter. I feel fantastic.

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  1. Remember Chris? He just hit goal and lost an incredible 127 pounds! Congrats Chris, you are an inspiration!

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