Christmas Book Haul | Folio Society & Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics | Beautiful Books

Christmas Book Haul | Folio Society & Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics | Beautiful Books

Merry Holidays and Happy New Year! This video is an overview of the books I got
in December – which also happens to be my birthday, so it’s always a great book month
for me! I have some lovely Folio Society books as
well as an array of Barnes & Noble leatherbound classics to share with you. Let’s start with the Folio Society Poirot
novel set, nostalgically illustrated by Andrew Davidson. I found this second hand for a great price
because the slipcase is quite damaged. From what I can tell, the slipcases on this
set are really tight, but there’s quite a nice illustration on the slipcase though,
so I will be repairing this later so I can keep it all together. The first book is the pre-WWII novel Death
on the Nile, which features Poirot on holiday in Egypt when a murder takes place on a river
steamer on the Nile. A great locked room mystery. Next we have the ABC murders, where Poirot
receives a letter from a serial killer teasing him about a future murder. I love that if you look closely, one of the
illustrations in this Folio Society edition actually features a Folio Society book – you
can just make out their logo on the back! Murder on the Orient Express I’ve covered
in an earlier video. And The Mysterious Affair at Styles was Agatha’s
first published mystery and introduction to Hercule Poirot. Next we have the Folio Society Little Prince
set. I’ve shown this before as well – it’s
absolutely gorgeous, the colouring of the remastered illustrations is lovely, and the
companion volume not only very interesting, but it also harbours a hidden secret! I also got the Hundred and One Dalmations
from the Folio Society – this book was actually much larger than I had anticipated, but it
needs the size to show off all the beautiful illustrations by Sara Ogilvie. Finally, I have another second-hand volume
– the Folio Book of Carols. This one has a lovely illustrated slipcase,
but I felt a bit let down by the contents – it’s a collection of traditional English
carols – as you would expect – but unfortunately it’s just the lyrics and not even the melody
line is included. I also received a couple of the Barnes & Noble
poetry collection, which are quite lovely – selected poems by Robert Frost and Emily
Dickenson. These are small volumes, they fit well in
your hand or slip into a bag, and the covers are quite flexible so they are very easy to
read. And sneaking in here as well is a flexi-bound
copy of a Tolkien Atlas published by Thunder Bay. Lots of nice colour maps and pictures and
very good value for the price. Now to the full-size Barnes & Noble books. First off we have a collection of Victorian-era
‘penny-dreadful’ tales – the term derives from cheap popular serial literature that
was published during the nineteenth century in the UK – the stories were published in
weekly parts, each costing a penny, and usually focused on sensational subjects, like detectives
or supernatural mysteries. I love the binding on this one. Unfortunately a lot of bulk of the book is
taken up by a couple of long novels – the original edition of Frankenstein, and The
String of Pearls (which is the story of Sweeney Todd) and most of the rest of the stories
are classics such as stories by Edgar Allen Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle, so I had already
read much of the contents. Next we have Les Mis by Victor Hugo, which
I have to confess I bought because I fell in love with the cover design. The text inside is tiny, and the paper is
very flimsy, so sadly I think it’s more of a display version rather than a reading
one. And talking of display versions – I was
really disappointed with the Beauty and the Beast collection – the binding is gorgeous,
again, but inside it is just a selection of stories from Andrew Lang’s fairy book – focusing
on stories with pretty girls (or beauties) or animals (beasts). No illustrations, which is a waste for these
stories as far as I am concerned. Even the endpapers are just a stock rose garden
image. Fairy Tales from Around the World, however,
is lovely inside and out. It is also a selection taken from Andrew Lang’s
fairy tale books – and there is a lot of overlap with the Beauty & the Beast book – but
this one is profusely illustrated with classic period images by Henry Justice Ford. It’s a much better buy, if you’re ever
looking for one of these. Now to the fantasy and science fiction collections. A Wrinkle in Time is a bind-up of the first
three novels in the Time Quintet. It’s nicely laid out, and very sparkly,
which is always fun. The Star Trek collection contains stories
that were adapted from scripts of classic episodes for the first three seasons of the
TV show. The Star Wars bind-up has the three novels
in the ‘Han Solo trilogy’ – Paradise Snare, Hutt Gambit and Rebel Dawn. The Doctor Who dalek omnibus contains Rememberance
of the Daleks and Prisoner of the Daleks. And the last one hiding just around the corner
here is the odd one out of this set – Winter is the second book in Ali Smith’s seasonal
quartet. The UK edition is quite cute – it’s bound
in cloth with a half-dustjacket, or belly-band, and the back end-papers have some pretty seasonal
artwork. If anyone has the US edition, I’m curious
how it compares. I’d love to hear of any beautiful books
you scored this holiday period, so please share in the comments below. See you next time!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul | Folio Society & Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics | Beautiful Books

  1. I had the Beauty and the Beast in my hands at a book shop and got the opportunity to flip through it, had the same concerns as you, which turned me off from buying. :/ Otherwise a very beautiful haul, I like the way you presented the books! 🙂

  2. I've been waiting for a more sophisticated and mature person to showcase beautiful books and here you are!  I thoroughly enjoy your content.  Thank you for sharing.

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