Civ 5 in 2 Mins: Conquest of the New World Scenario – Civilization V  DLC Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 2 Mins: Conquest of the New World Scenario – Civilization V DLC Let’s Play Summary

Another Scenario! It involves conquering the
New World – ignore the difficulty setting I play as the Inca and everything will be
different I gotta do this stuff: So on to Astronomy for Caravels Landed elite – familiar enough Settle with cash Water mill too Oh look a City-State – invest for a bit The Lighthouse makes those fish extra fishy Another city because El Dorado is El Importantado Why not three?! Counter unhappiness with Colosseums Should’ve got granite counters Two workers work stuff while Theology is figured
out I hope that AI Settler doesn’t ruin everything Not the worst spot – better not be a trend
though I got “Treasure” – it becomes points at Cusco So go to Cusco An archer guides the way Treasure almost there – need more Treasure Gold AND Victory points, amazing If a Caravel finds China and lives to tell
about there are points Too bad Elizabeth’s boats are the fastest
– and she knows where to go My boats are lost Luckily I have a Treasure source Uh oh – more Spanish settlers Might have to shoot ’em Treasure hurry up, only 40 turns left My lil army can handle a swordsman More Caravels means more chances for China,
right? Make them go almost as fast as the English Well I’m glad I build tons of Caravels National Epic for National Treasure – no I
take that back Treasure treasure treasure Spain is everywhere Everywhere everywhere New Treasures will have to detour Free techs that are different and therefore
scary So close to home Golden Age because that’s what it does 4 turns left – no Treasure No battles either Might as well produce cash while we wait for
results And a last-minute monastery What? But I had highest score and the Macho
Picchu achievement appeared –

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