Civ 5 in 3 Mins: Korea, Plain & Tall – Sid Meier’s Civilization V BNW LP Summary

Civ 5 in 3 Mins: Korea, Plain & Tall – Sid Meier’s Civilization V BNW LP Summary

Korea – no gimmicks except the gimmick that
is Korea – that is, there aren’t mods But there are Sheep Too bad the Deer provide a better settlement There’s a raging river one-tile long between
the mountain and coast It means a Water Mill later Just gotta get some Great stuff first A Great Library would help out the quest for
knowledge One turn left – hold your breath! Woo hoo! Gotta gamble with Artemis’s Temple too Wonders give tech boosts, tech boosts give
wonders! Lost the Great Lighthouse but moved onto a
Mausoleum Mausoleum complete, so Settling Northward bound, lil Settler Almost got two towns! Zoom-in to check out
the faithful Quarries And there just might be a Great Wall Woo hoo squared! Circled? Bonjour oui oui, actually it looks like a
bad day – foggy and cold Cold like the peaks of Machu Picchu Told like the profs at the National College And holy church – it’s Notre Dame Gonna need to “inquise” Inquise: to keep enemy Missionaries at bay It’s a bit of religious bullying before
the battling Oxford University gets tenure Seriously Scientific these days Hiawatha is number 1! That makes him… enemy
number 3 This lady rocks Korean clothes and she wanted
me to mention she’s been doing butt-robics Yes Maria, we get it – moving on …to war with the French – omelette du fromage! And we’ll do some Submarine warfare Seems Seoul is being targeted – luckily the
cities are strong So strong it keeps France from fighting for
a bit Enough time to build a Castle of Happiness
for Castles The Scout does not expect a warm welcome Errr Which is probably for the better since it’s
the brink of nuclear war The Hubble Space Telescope signals the beginning
of the end Much like the Pyramids Hmm – I’m gonna “One More Turn” this
because things were too calm But first, numbers! And listed as Lincoln The pre-war arrangements involved finishing
the Internet so the citizens can be distracted by cat videos Then nuke the Portuguese To destroy them, use Destroyers Also beware the French I’m thinkin’ Hiawatha won’t stick around
these tiles too long Capturing cities is cathartic But it’s sad to see them suffer Luckily Lyon comes from a ceasefire! What a great area to launch aerial attacks
from – thanks Mr. France And a Golden Age?! Just in time for that ceasefire
to cease Only a few more turns until we head into the
blue Nuked it first – this is a warm vacation destination Smokey though Paris is most beautiful when it’s Korean Since it’s a bunch of islands the bike race
will now be known as the Tours de Tours Gonna re-visit war with Maria in a second
here Pay no attention to the smokiness of Lisbon It’s now West Korea The North is also being claimed I r winner I r not doing math Bring on the croutons

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  1. still watching in 2017! I think i finished your 5min civ v series twice, and you definitely deserve more views and likes!

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