Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Hun Fun – 10x Mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V BNW LP Summary

Disclaimer: the following game was played
with the BalanceGoldPrime++ mod – meaning everything is ridiculous. Also, it was played
on the toughest difficulty. Twas the Court of Attila, peaceful and kind Just kidding – we discovered Pottery not Poetry Need a worker to tend the Horse and Cow Pastures give mad hammers Enough production to throw a wrench in the
AI’s plans Also it’s still the holidays – so Christmas The Great Wall will be covered in decorations Listen Lady, Japan wants me to attack you
in a few turns here so just sit tight See! The war for Austria begins The first wave of attacks is ideological A violent approach is more effective It’ll be good to rid the world of Salzburg Seems the enemy Missionaries won’t stop
believin’ Colossus gave way too many Cargo Ships Don’t need any Cargo Ships I chose the Great Plains so Japan would suffer Water-based trade isn’t important this game Ceasefire reached But Theo and Oda declared non-ceasefires immediately
after There are plenty of purple targets up North Japan’s army attempted to invade our south-westernmost
city So it was sold to Austria for a few dollars
– I threw in some Iron and she agreed Hunting Prophets is surprisingly satisfying Combat resources should really be focused
on other military units Lost out on Angkor Wat, but a Sistine Chapel
causes chaotic culture Horse Archers – yay and “neigh”! Also yay to 10 free Great People from the
Leaning Tower A few Scientists along with some Writers and
Engineers help out Basically unstoppable if things continue this
way The Court gets a a Tower of 10 Great Scientists Seems our technological advancement worries
Theodora Oda’s also like “how about peace?” Hermitage will continue the culture craze Brandenburg Gate brought a bunch of Great
Generals, Broadway will raise some curtains So many Great People The Great Generals expand the land Looks like the enemy went for Exploration Back at home, a Forbidden Palace will grant
all the votes And the Louvre will ‘mouvre’ things forward
nicely Might need to win before war Diplomatic Victory is turned-off but our Tourism
might take a Culture Win 1300 AD – Satellites are within reach The Hubble exploded and tons of Great Scientists
fell from the sky The future is pretty soon here Just gotta expend, mend, and defend Pro-tip: Don’t build the Sydney Opera House
unless you have 10 free policies to choose! Had to reload to get things going-again, whoops The World’s Fair is in honour of the Huns Need wealth for weaponry! Could also be used for a Space Ship Ya, let’s build a Space Ship Need more bits It’s not hard to get bits in 1530 AD We’ll launch a rocket then launch some attacks 3, 2, 1, blast off Ya, ya, ya Victory is ours Caesar Salads for all One more turn, 10 more Bombers Follow the path of the Citadel Train mighty planes in the capital Remove Theodora’s chance at a future Find more Uranium to enrich Realize that 10 turns is just enough time
to take-out Japan so why not It seems an Atomic Bomb found itself in the
lands of red and white Guided Missiles also have been spotted falling
down onto the towns No one knows who’s behind these attacks
but Attila assures them he’ll figure it out Also he’d like to be in control of your
lives Be a Hun or be on the run The attacks come fast The Huns hunger for more death and destruction “Puppet” sounds so much better than “Slave
Village” Osaka patiently waits to be overthrown Some missiles will be thrown over to Vienna Can’t attack Vienna until the Peace Treaty
expires – boo Guess what expired? Mmm – orange The Guided Missile strategy allows for minimal
frustration while committing crimes against humanity The Nuclear Missile strategy allows for one
XCOM to march in and ruin everyone’s day More victory! So many pointses! More Salad! Gross – I don’t like salad

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