Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Lithuania Relocated – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Mod Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Lithuania Relocated – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Mod Let’s Play Summary

Lithuania – a modded Civ – on a Random map
on Emperor difficulty A happy forest for faith-farming A happy lake for eating-from Barbarians – so dangerous Too many barbarians But no improvements to pillage Say no to food Mausoleum in the capital, Library up north Get ’em while they’re cheap If I can have the Great Wall i’d be ever so
happy Notre Dame looks tempting Fast-Forward, Notre Dame built, Hanging Gardens
built Settling the east coast Being attacked by Askia’s army They don’t actually approach And he’s down for peace – sure thing dude Faith for universities due to AI religion
– useful Charge through the commerce tree Sell the crabs Make my religion the religion of the lands Free trip to the Industrial Era Finished up – paid off One city resisted and needed extra enlightenment A small fee to keep Askia under control Watch the border Three factories allows ideology 2nd-tier freedom is first-rate Longer Golden Age means expend this guy Public Schools once Scientific Theory completes Schools for everyone This weeks lesson: Navigation And war I just need one Help me! Take my stuff Stand your ground Absorb the sand dunes And unleash land doom Probably because of the doom Science from a French guy Refuse to give in to Order or Autocracy Give away a new city for war with Siam? He
demands an extra 30 gold Have fun everyone Gotta Broadcast Must win international games! Lithuanian athletics
are top Or bottom of the bottom but managed a participation
ribbon The island of Marbalumunium needs to eat And Askia needs to battle I swear I was only gonna get one Gattling
Gun Intimidate at the border Take away enemy deer’s shade! Indonesia pledged to protect those deer Got a Foreign Legion – it helps Borrow land for Lithuania! A city is lost Tried to get it back but new units kept appearing Peace please Feel free to not be at peace with Siam though Atomic Theory done – don’t see Uranium There’s some! Uranium Town War with some – neutral with others War isn’t ending so nuke ’em Once Twice Maybe a third Overboard? No such thing Die Great Engineer! Atomically correct Oh you want to not be nuked over and over You too eh? Culture is a little low Then eight nos to an Embargo That Hubble seems so far away – so faith up
an Engineer Decades of science in one turn Get at the marble part Road to a City Connection Tourism boost Double it Then get ourselves a Visitor Center First bit of a ship needs 10 turns Off-topic: Jakarta is HUGE Where’d all my boats go… Oh – I guess Indonesian culture was incredible Well I’m not done Well I’m done Rationalism Gotta do the Particle Physics thing Science for the superfluous spaceship Almost built Procure the rest with cash Expensive Pagodas – back in 700AD these were
a fifth the price All done – now orbit the planet to show interstellar
dominance Careful submarine – we are a spaceship Ocean rockets The AI is confused The pilots are chasing down the Indonesian
worker for fun Hey where’d ya go Gotta go south – no Open Border agreements It’s a versatile spaceship Guarded by submarines Head back – circumnavigation is out of the
question A tight squeeze – bend space-time Space is so vast An alien settlement Life forms! Back home to tell everybody Nobel Prize here we come The powers at be say otherwise And that sub knows too much Sorry

8 thoughts on “Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Lithuania Relocated – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Mod Let’s Play Summary

  1. Great Mod Game =) I have a suggestion for ya;
    Earth Map, Domination or Diplomatic Victories
    Team 1 – Washington (With improved UA MOD & Lincoln (MOD)
    Team 2 – Iroquai, Cherokee (MOD), & Shoshone
    Team 3 – England, France, & Spain

    Pick yer team mate!

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