Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Magic in Morocco – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Magic in Morocco – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Morocco in a Sandstorm – I can’t lose Perfection, three rivers Tradition to triple the culture Legalism to provide free monuments Hey Mr. Kahn Land some elite, the desert can’t feed us
just yet Honor provides defence against Mr. Kahn Upgrades! Nice Coast acquired Feed that capitol city We’ll work the salt then the sand A caravan to send care packages to Mr. Kahn. Warrior Code – I want a citadel Archer’s have amazing range… for 1420 BC Walls for the archers to shoot over Welcome an Aristrocracy – better wonder production Happiness is at an all time low… but I need
a mountain town Great Wall of Morocco will manifest We might just get it Woo hop! Now our land is annoying to trek
through Monarchy shmonarky We must decide on a victory strategy soon Our gardens are hung Our oligarchy keeps costs down Youtubeism is a wonderful thing to convert
to Education is the key to not collapsing Spread it! Enhance for ultimate enchantment Printing Press will rapidly raise the religion’s
rate Here is our happy land, and I’m winning. Fishmongers! This guy will make our Leaning Tower spawn
a… A Great Engineer! Rationalize So many great things for great engineers to
do, we’ll take a manufactory I enlightened Carthage’s kingdom Secularism! It’s a proven hypothesis Shrines lead to Temples, Temples lead to the
Grand Temple It’s good to trade and my religion is THE
religion Expand the trade network! Maybe we need more defence These guys don’t appreciate my enlightenment Sorry Mr. Kahn That soil is perfect for a concrete foundation Defence! Defenc e! Even more defence, for offence More Academies to cover up the gluten Free industrialization with this coupon Science can pay us! Humanists for super science Our defence is low but I am confident We can up it with a Red Fort – let’s go for
it Hurried with an engineer! Plastics is a great goal Think freely, but don’t act School is cool The Grand Temple: keep our religion in tip-top
shape I have first pick! I’m going for freedom. These ones, make specialists better all-around. How about more Kasbahs And more coolness at school There are gatling guns to garrison The science tree is complete! Scientists are affordable Free techs are better than non-free techs! Thank helix for those mountains eh Trois Words: French Foreign Legion A workshop to work in Culture boosts are better than ever Money buys happiness New uniforms for the legion 1882 – we’re still winning Research Labs will clear up scientific uncertainty Why yes, I do Hurried Neuschanstein with that great guy We can protect ourselves a bit more too Hey look, faithful great scientists Maybe another A useful feature for academies and manufactories! It’s the roaring 20’s and we are on top This guy protects the seas Time to invest in some space Then again a cultural victory could easily
be had soon CN Tower means a trio of broadcast towers
– a big help Maybe we should faithfully hurry it Carthage has fallen but I am still in first Well since we have three of ’em already… Can’t let our guard down though Happiness is good We’ll need to purchase those parts soon, let’s
do commerce Forget the fog, we’ll have GPS We’ll profit more from trade Apollo Project is two turns away, and my tourism
is huge Merchandise Great Merchants. Tourism almost at 700 – we can do this! Might as well… we can afford it Laughter is the best medicine… somehow that
relates to water mills More science! More boosters! Emphasis on the MORE boosters So many boosters My culture is permeates the proximity Just to show off, we’ll add an engine Goodbye booster! More tourism! We’re gold! Plus an achievement!

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  1. Wooo wooooo! I actually did a Sandstorm Morocco map on 7 (which I've only won once before) … Shaka happened… So don't feel too guilty about doing this…

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