Civ 5 in 5.5 Mins: Venetian Victory – Emperor Difficulty – Civilization V LP Gameplay Summary

Civ 5 in 5.5 Mins: Venetian Victory – Emperor Difficulty – Civilization V LP Gameplay Summary

Venice on a random map! Mountains AND a river but no coast, not horrible. Kabul has coast! And we can’t write yet Land elite Mindfully Mining copper, masonry for marble. Let’s boost our wonder construction religiously A Mausoleum makes money from marble How about Artemis’ Temple too Iron appeared under the farm! There is a nice religious wonder over there Time for a library card I’ll be your friend Hanging Gardens in 6 Monarchize for happiness control Venice is so unassuming Hanging Gardens hung, now on to a Terra Cotta
army for fun And Engineering gives access to the Great
Wall! Protect from a land invasion Begin City-State acquisitions! Guilds and a market will only give more gold Care about caravans Machu Picchu tomorrow And if we pull it off, a Parthenon National Epic is epic! More wonders! Disconnected from the rest of the world Education soon, we need it Need more caravans The scout annoyed Hanoi – sorry Hanoi I am winning! Two turns til Workshops with Metal Casting,
Notre Dame is gone Hanoi is irrational Oxford University tomorrow Free Navigation! Venice needs to expand a bit more Maybe down here Hola Buenos Aires Mine Sistene Chapel soon! Culture wars continue Stress the importance of Pagodas I probably don’t need ALL those units right
now Printing Press will provide religion power I’m actually unhappy – that’ll change Leap to a Leaning Tower with a workshop Goodbye unwanted boats Leaning Tower next turn, go Venice! Merchant me! Inquisitate! Money from Hanoi Industrialization means Gatling Guns – victory
ensured Forbidden Palace in four Gotta make a friend or 2 or 15 World’s Fair is being built, and a bank! Alexander has too many friends When I’m rich I’ll get all the City-States For now, Wagon Trains Let’s not fund the enemy – City-State trade! Better build Big Ben! City-States just doing their thing I’ll buy some factories for an ideology Always a great idea Order some Order A Great Prophet spreads the religion And the commerce tree’s complete I should acquire Bucharest And maybe another City-State! Kiev will be a great ally Sorry Shaka, that wonder is mine Bratislava also mine Steal Manila from Alexander Oh shhh We need more science! Allied City-States means science Check-up on the Southern empire Monumental monuments! This random Legion will build some City-State
highways Legion Road building means Achievement Unlocked Cash from Marco Polo It all went to City-State influence Chemistry next turn – better production yields! Time for a Golden Age Eiffel Tower in five! Southern Factory solutions We are winning and life is good Gotta stay on-top of City-States I want Brandenburg Gate and should buy more
City-States But I want money first I host now! Eiffel Tower next turn! A cute little Great Merchant! Monaco has no choice but to ally with me! Stick with me, Sidon! Gatling Guns – for protection All the City-States are mine Manufacture this And make things cheap! Flight next turn – if only I had Moai No one else insults me! Wealth is stealth Efficient excavations There’s a war going on over there And I won the Non-Olympics! Yay Rationalism Trade Mission Trade Mission! Buy me some Reseach Labs! Lots of Research Labs So many Research Labs I’m not exaggerating Now Secularists And a Porcilen Tower would be perfect More wonders! And faithful Merchants o’ Venice There is money to be made at Hanoi 2400 bucks Unorganized tourism! Free Thought frees thought Small army of Winged Hussars Citadel War going on out east How rude How do we get there? Cats and bacon in six turns Feels nice Organized tourism Take my city, go to war Bye Bratislava I can get other City-States when I want I’m see in’ a CN Tower soon Very Toronto Great Scientists were expended More City-States for us Computers soon – we already have Internet Let’s just stay in first place I hear Shaka crying in the distance Research those satellites! Scoping out Hubble Space Telescopes And building the International Space station
too Alexander is lucky He’s in first place too But I have everything I need to leave Earth Tourism can’t get beat Alex’s So build a ship Last booster! Victorious

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  1. Venice can only puppet other cities? Can't annex them? But can have full control of a former city state using a MOV?

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