Civ 5 in 5 Mins: China and Wu – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP

Civ 5 in 5 Mins: China and Wu – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP

Who will teach us the Art of War? Wu will
– her icon is a dragon! Who doesn’t love dragons? Immortal difficulty… Built Beijing and the OP mod is in play Meaning China gets bonuses – so let’s go
Honor But a struggle for happiness exists You can encase Egypt with a bit of gold It’s good to keep wild Egypts under control Can’t have ‘em get too many wonders Beijing grabs a Terracotta Army and Thebes
gets nothing Then Thebes gets invaded The violence won’t penetrate green borders Scratch that – more war arrives Sorta at war with a few folks Having a huge army means Austria sends a city
our way Certain wonders would help the happiness situation Fast-forwarded to a less-depressing time! At this point we’re angry at Theodora – don’t
ask what she did She gave up a village, that’s what Then Ramesses was all angry As if we chose the warlike ways – this is
just how different coloured territories deal with each other Now upgrade to the Chu-Ko-Nu for full intimidation
factor – 3, 2, 1 Suddenly we scarier! All the leaders hate each other It’s sad really – should we take Thebes
or not? It’s not hard to get their health down In fact – they didn’t make it – sorry man! 720 AD: the farms are sandy And the eradication of Egypt made the Austrians
upset And Theodora got even madder! Kamehameha is displeased with diplomacy and
voting issues Wu commanded us to settle the shiniest city
ever seen It has a Mosque …and a Monastery – that’s about it Monuments go up all around Basically will be claiming the whole island
for China The Christmas Colours war was fierce and fatal There is little to do but fight the foreigners Well, that and settle everywhere This one must work for its Monument Work little city, work Ignore the war crimes up north and focus on
lil Chengdu It’s the city on a hill that could Visit the field of cows Hey Austria – let’s end the bickering That monument is almost done! The Green grass grows Tons of workers show up to Vienna to fix the
tiles Austria did a great job of preparing this
little bit of China for Wu Here’s an instant Opera House It’ll feature a production based on this
beautiful view of future China It’s called “ Wu – She is a Beast” Goodbye Trading Post Worlds Fair – we’ll be host Wu – she IS a beast. 1520 AD: the year of Archaeology The Eiffel Tower goes up It’s a cash cow Biologically-inclined in a few turns from
now If there’s not enough Oil – we’ll have
to go find foreign Oil It’s nice to know the south is ours Morale is high since Order arrived – which
is good because we have to deal with War with Polynesia War with Austria and War with Byzantium Long-ranged combat removes the threat that
was Samoa A dude on a horse tips the scale The rest of the world doesn’t know the Chinese
can summon dragons And killing a soldier will only spawn two
more in its place! That’d be a fun mod So the beautiful land has been ravaged – but
Faith keeps going An ex-Austrian worker chops down a Forest
amid chaos A Polynesian Cannon is removed from existence The 1800s are a great time to visit Hawaii Then again, given enough turns, China will
visit everywhere Wu demanded Honolulu become Honoluwu Another star in the puppet show Infantry begin to spread like wildfire A slow-burning wildfire beginning in Nanjing The Submariners will be protected from the
dragons’ flames And the Young Pioneers will win gold stars
and be able to call their parents The Tongalese will Tonga-leave While Theodora’s lands are violated Thanks for the naturally-wonderful city Austria
– it will burn Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah hm
hmmm Atomic Bombs will do even more damage There’s also art – to distract and educate The only constant is the likelihood all will
be annihilated Both sides of the continent are claimed for,
you know who – Wu! Victory is Wu’s There’s still work to be done – dragons
to be summoned Everyone must become green She is no more! See ya lady! And lastly we say goodbye to King Kamehameha
and he thinks we’ll cease peace That’s not gonna happen – moving in with
Marines And there’s a Tank Look away to avoid being scarred for life

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  1. you should totally play civ with some other people. I mean who wouldn't like to see that? probably the people you're playing against, because they wouldn't last long.

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