Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Greece Ceases Peace – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP

Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Greece Ceases Peace – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP

Alexander the Great means it’s Greece Lightnin’ Athens is built and there’s Copper, Ivory,
and Michelangelo lives nearby Scout or Monument, Scout or Monument? Doesn’t matter – this is Alexander the OP
mod! We’ll just buy everything It’s ignoring Tradition Not at all but things will be fine Here are the City-States immediately available
to befriend Elizabeth questioned the amassed army She also wasn’t pleased that Argo and Sparta
exist Upgrade the delicious Wheat, Banana, and Deer I told you she was upset about those cities Propheting from free Great People with the
Libery finisher There is Greatness in Tithe and Holy Warriors Monuments are easily afforded down south The Archers keep an eye on London An Archer crosses the borders That Archer is quickly destroyed Avenge the Archer! Goodbye London Well, hello London actually Let Elizabeth thrive in York Don’t want to feel guilty about wiping her
off the map Actually let’s not let the world know of
our evils Quickly get Companion Cavalry to claim York
for Greece Composite Bowmen try to overwhelm But that Companion Cavalry takes cities a
little too easily England goes away forever – bye England Bye York Everywhere is Greece now! We are ready for Sailing The Greatness spreads to the first City-State Then a second! Here comes Guilds, we’re happy and not losing! This continent has one belief system Now, while Greece grows there’s stuff you
should know The is to destroy the others indirectly through
City-State warfare All City-States will be provided with military
units And Egypt arrives – sorry about the inevitable Units won’t fight for Greece The Citizens experience temporary motivation Hiawatha brings another target Egypt’s demise began And Hiawatha was dragged into it But both were kind enough to give up some
space I’ll take it! And again – don’t worry, this is just the
early game Gotta make sure the homeland doesn’t suffer Went back to war with Egypt so that the City-States
would fight ‘em And war more or less stays constant with all
for the rest of the game But we are transferringing units to City-States
where they’ll fight for new commanders This Rifleman goes to Somalia Other units find themselves in Latvia Vatican city takes some Crossbowmen and knows
how to use ‘em They also are adept at razing their conquests! Units are purchased each turn and sent over
to City-States It’s good to know there is no peace for
the other continents Of course I do! Goodbye boat Also saying goodbye to Patronage – it’s
done! Goodbye Rifleman! There’s problems in the Latvian City-State We’ll create a situation up north – yay
two-front war! Great War Infantry are distributed around
the world Freedom means a Foreign Legion – they’ll
all be shipped to foreign lands Trying to flood the City-States with units They can handle the dirty-work It’s a viable strategy Going to Settle down south of the eastern
landmass This place is strictly for unit distribution It’s quite efficient Instant Gifting is better than waiting for
them to travel The Great War Infantry travel well This could be successful Sing a song about the effectiveness of sharing Go – become purple with pride It seems like a lot of money – but no We’re makin’ enough gold to survive Got Lancers from faith Same with Great Generals But none of the military stick around for
long They get new uniforms and attack the AI It’s indirect warfare at it’s best Great Generals claimed some land – mostly
an investment for the future Also gifting Paratroopers Something kept the others from competing at
the International Games I wonder what it was – I also wonder where
that city went Seems our cities are doing a good job at being
amazing Rocket Artillery are great gifts for any time
of year This deal I might take – seems like a decent
amount of money Let’s give the Egyptians a break from the
madness – focus on us Still sharing as many units as possible though Also finally accessing the inner-workings
of London The world is good… if your name is Alexander If your name is Hiawatha – your stuff is on
fire Alex has all the votes Hiawatha has lost Grand River Actually Hiawatha lost a bit more than that There’s a bit of Iroquois territory north
of Egypt It isn’t a peaceful place though Word is there are XCOM units arriving at any
time They are unpredictable! They want the enemy to know it won’t be
long until total annihilation I don’t recommend visiting Heliopolis any
time soon Go to Greece to find the best holiday destinations The tiles everywhere else are smokey and dangerous Actually it’s kinda nice up here near that
Landmark – let’s visit it! Whoosh Thud Workers works and traders trade Fighters fight but while dressed in a different
blue There are Giant Death Robots available to
those who require ‘em Which is everybody really The GDRs can RSVP to the party… of battle Ramsesses has offered up a location to launch
nukes from I’ll take it! Bring in a few bombs Then send them out into Egypt It makes for an easier invasion Friendly-fire is real and horrible We need art, now more than ever Like tons of art – it’ll lead to victory Art inspires us to take Thebes Alexander the Incredible Got all the numbers Best spot on top

7 thoughts on “Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Greece Ceases Peace – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP

  1. Just my opinion, but I'm not a big fan of the op mod, it feels like it takes away the authentic aspect and the challenge of civ 5

    I did love the idea of indirect warfare though ^_^

  2. Wait so how does domination work if a city state captures a capital, do you have to b allied with the city state? Or does it stop counting as a capital city?

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