Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Mainly Montezuma – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP Summary

Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Mainly Montezuma – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP Summary

Montezuma needs to do some introspection and
find out who he really is He just moved into a new neighbourhood …there are too many neighbours But the mountains are majestic as *bleep* Gotta get violent once the Aztec army exists Granaries come first! The people gotta eat Warsaw has Workers available for kidnapping Montezuma and Casimir at the Cocoa Jungle Suddenly there’s an Aztec labour crew – fly
away home! Sorry man – I don’t know what got into him The Temple of Artemis has a foundation of
weaponry Stonehenge manifests itself while the North
is claimed by others The Hanging Gardens are also needed – why
so many wonders? I’ll get to that later Montezuma is the busiest! A Great Wall… will be great – Fast Forward – so an Oracle The thing is – Monty kept attacking Polish
workers Then removed them from existence Which angered this guy but he calmed down Physics means Notre Dame which means that
Great Engineer was consumed It’s good to consume It’s good to believe It’s good to channel the Inca It’s good to bathe It’s good to rave – turn down for Wat – Angkor
Wat It’s bigger than it looks There’s some folks in that image And homecoming is soon Angkor Wat ain’t done yet Gotta expand upwards And another Great Engineer arrives – he’ll
become one with a tile These Workers become one with their axes Trade between red Civs is lucrative Monastarize Then Pagode A Tower will be leaned for Great Humans You seem pleased, lady And Gems aren’t forever This is Mr. Ethiopia – they’ll get his measurements Mr. Morocco doesn’t mind deforestation – hammers
are sent home Even with Great Engineers, the Forest must
go Monty is glad to gobble-up Wonders Hammer hammer A Theatre Shaped like a Globe could be fun And since the religion switched there’s
exciting new buildings available Can’t afford not too Open Borders means unclaimed trees are vulnerable Soon there’ll be more science Thanks for the Research Agreement sir – my
science tower will be done by the end Then again it was put on hold so an another
Engineer could be utilized for an instant Golden Age More beakers next turn! And there was an Ironworks Never tell the lumberjacks about the Ironworks Never tell the Gatling Guns they might not
survive Hotels mean Tourism for T-town Order too – it made sense The efforts to move-on-up are a success Open Borders before the real war means peaceful
music for Poland Worker’s Faculties means more facts Two things angered him: A wild Citadel Appeared, and… The Coal Mines polluted their lake – check
it out… Enhance! Enhance again Enhance one more time Enhance the Enhance It was a pathetic lake anyway Lame trees need to be felled too It’s a Science Guy! And an updated look – it’s a good change
but he still seems like a wax museum figure AHH! Chop faster – ignore the Jungle – and that
guy with the gun The Aztec army also has guns And there’s an Airport, you could fly to,
get this, Beverly Hills or some other place Hurry the Hubble to get through to nukes Things are great There’s stuff to look at Everyone is getting a rise The Paratroopers are licensed to kill Ironically the bombs aren’t But they do anyway – the thing is – Siam looked
at Montezuma funny Collateral diplomatic damage is dangerous It’d be sad if this area was bombed Not so sad to see Warsaw be obliterated Seems there were some Austrians in Poland
that day Everyone is so angry I’m not sure they could’ve
prevented what happened next A Pentagon? But won’t that lead to rumours
of the occult? Nah – the jeans are so comfortable no one
questions anything Two Citadels are better than one – especially
if one’s on fire So fighting is great when you have nukes and
sucks otherwise The land is ravaged but Monty’s number one! Gotta remove the threat Everyone is a threat when you’re number
one Good job troops – get it, paratrooper – and
I said troops – I like jokes Surround enemy Settlers for maximum annoyance Where’d all the friends go? Two turns until victory Can’t resist that fit! Denim is here to
stay Goodbye cruel world! End already! Surely no one has been so incredible These numbers do not please Montezuma And don’t tell him he didn’t make the
first rank Gr!

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