Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Netherlands (Potent Polders!)  – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Netherlands (Potent Polders!) – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Going Dutch I see flood plains! YEAH Alrighty Amsterdam A scout for checkin’ things out A granary, a greenery? Of course I want Tradition Books for good looks Of course I want Liberty What a wonderful world Settle to the east! Wonderful faith and happiness Looks like Amsterdam Better build a monument Feed those guys first, money comes later We should focus on Education Tireme’s are lame, the deep ocean can’t be
tamed So I have a Pantheon I need a worker like yesterday, so Citizenship Rotterdam requests a reading repository Gotta maintain happiness. AND create cultural spaces Rotterdam looks a little hungry Let me get this straight, you want gold for
gold? Aristocracy because I’m naive to think I’ll
get some wonders Medieval Times Consult the Oracle A pantheon does NOT guarantee a religion Now I can count my cities, there are two Mints magically create more gold behind closed
doors But what’s the Market cap? I’ll give it a try but I doubt Itza gonna
be mine And it was built away in a far away land Buy and Sell Representation. It’s a good thing. Take Advanced Calculus at Rotterdam Then organic chem at Amsterdam A peaceful land of green and sand Ox Betty Ford University might be necessary Cargo Ships make the harbour worth while FREE NAVIGATION… why is it always navigation? Fancier boats to go past the moat Sea Beggar’s will be our saviour Frankly we just need more cash Finish up this Libertree A greet engineer for thee Maccu Pichu we can see The religion wars are heating up Composite bowman are composed of bowmen and
composite Hey we can buy a Mosque, neat It’d be great if Sea Beggars just surrounded
the whole place I didn’t want to meet him on the high seas Maybe our acoustical prowess will tame potential
enemies Hey we can buy a Monastery too, neat! Those missionaries are getting quite the workout Oligarchy, to mend and defend. These walls won’t be strong enough Don’t look too closely between the perennials Castle’s for defence and photography Trade this for that This is literally the only other desirable
area No one wants to be that far from Amsterdam Feed ’em A bit of World’s Fair being created in Rotterdam Legalize it Electricity for our lamps A library to chill at after coming home from
Amsterdam We have the ultimate marble floor Zoos because we’re sad Soon we’ll have industrial circuses Why does Amsterdam need all these snacks? Sea Beggar Navy and their friend Mr Caraval Better enlist more boats and protect the elite Stock Exchanges, as if business wasn’t confusing
enough Had to move my boats to prevent a settler
from landing Stay back! Our land Polders bring out the earth tones Uh oh Nevermind Finish up our second tree, manage this unhappiness Much better. The land is calm. But Venice
has granted open borders to settlers! Let’s play crowd the new guy Funnel to the coast And look at that… how long has Gondar been
growing Dig in the dirt for culture Broadcast our thoughts, or at least the thoughts
we were told Attempt the own the podium! Let’s just get to the Space Race Trifle the Eiffel Upgrades for the military! I must pick a favourite to feed Yes, happiness! Please! Now Ok things are going good, I can just pump
science until the spaceship parts are available And Germany founded Hanover… surely they
won’t be a problem 1948, and I’m feeling fine. Hotels for all the upcoming visitors! Defend under where? What could possibly go wrong? Up the defense Longer golden ages mean quicker spaceship
parts, right?! Military base’s cost no maintenance, that
money is for spaceship parts, yay I’m so happy I’m going to write about going into space! We developed more nutritional snacks – maybe
for the astronauts Radar is almost complete, rocketry soon! King Ludwig needs a home I think we should sacrifice the great work
opportunity for more everything Rocketry is ours! Now we can begin our first
mission Life is so good Even better now! Someone might win culturally… I might need
to prevent that. Satellites soon, space will be within reach i hope it’s Rush 1 turn til Satellites! Oh Well I can buy spaceship parts See, it’s only 22 hundred bucks Oh I’m at war with Venice too now So much sea violence Rotterdam is under attack and Amsterdam is
pre-occupied with going into outer space Minor Victory is right Better move these trade units And am I really surprised? The sea beggars converted a destroyer! It
will fix all our problems False Peace? No Peace? No But I want to go to space A little less majestic these days Ugh Whyyyy A concert tour in light of all this madness If I research the parts fast enough, I just
might win SURE One last stand Defeat.

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