Civ 5 in 5 Mins: The Sámi Solution – Immortal Difficulty Civilization V Mod Let’s Play Summary

Civ 5 in 5 Mins: The Sámi Solution – Immortal Difficulty Civilization V Mod Let’s Play Summary

More modded Civs – so we need to bring Canada
into the mix – huge regrets. Welcome to the Immortal Ice Age – great for
Work Boats Pottery because even though it’s Immortal
hath not the potter power over the clay? Heard you herd deer with these guys Gotta find more deer Herd is preferred Legalize that free Monument Fish for crabs The Lighthouse from Optics will further feed
the families One turn til embarkation! The most-appropriate pick is God o’ the Sea Gotta search the world for deer And fish Pearls I imagine the deer are teleported The neighbour lady won’t mind if we borrow
this wildlife Well into Tradition You can be in last place and win I promise More boats Here comes the aforementioned food-rich Lighthouse Also some more deer This city is more of a weekend-getaway destination It’s well protected We gotta be prettier than Theodora – so Aesthetics Her empire moves north – I am the one true
lady of the north! Work Boats for the sea…people G-town is disconnected, the arctic ocean is
landlocked – but beautiful sunsets Trade can’t get there – very depressing Notre Dame will cheer us up Need to find more land to call ours Someone got stuck More church stuff! Hey look – some Great People to expend And a thesis, you’ll defend Who else thought this was the Sixteenth Chapel The Oprah House – wait, wrong lady The Inquisition is important on Immortal And look the west is won Probably due to all the flourishing Keep everyone educated And entertained Strike a better balance with Tourism with
another finished tree Free Banking! Some conditions may apply Not-so-free Crossbowman Faith is money too Man I spent so much money today already and
I still gotta pay for labour Travel to Canada and perform your song Science yourself to Space, Copernicus I don’t know if I should share my crabs Sharing religion is one thing Here comes the concert Go Tourism! Good things start small. Crossbowmen can grow big and tall – and eventually
into Gatling Guns Culture can’t be ignored Music now has a place Bit better but socks aren’t knocked-off yet She’s banning my crabs – the nerve If a City has a wonder it’ll Flourish, so
A-town goes for a tower The pre-sub navy consists of these pieces
of ship Why not, but not forever Engineer it now this has gone too long Theodora could easily start a fight Trade for even more money might I hope he knows French Factories are assembled And Theodora’s boats are ready Not gonna start that battle We’re thinkers not fighters And our buildings are tall Hammer as much as possible Space is a loss with lack of Aluminum Great Works can be outta this world Hotels increase the right numbers And Science is borne from hard work Hotels hotels hotels Then make more music Tourism is almost a hundred, let’s quadruple
it, or more Step one: defend Mount Cold Cash Give a bit of Open Borders temporarily Learn to share science Railroads are here Along with Artillery Amass the Artillery And add some art Iron Works and the Kremlin, who knows what’s
going on up north Room for everything still Let’s get plastics before Ramses pulls back
into third place Quicker! He’s Immortal Luckily there are other Order Civilizations Labs mean beakers and we finally know what
the icon means Airports might get us where we need to be Better make it international All cities are accessible Hey look more yields The Internet will reveal all sorts about humanity I wanted that Uranium so bad Not worth a fight right now though Happiness is welcome – we got the money The more happiness the better Forbidden Palace is allowed in the capital Sydney Opera house won’t be in Sydney Seems we’re removed from the Canada-Carthage
conflict Probably our Maritime Infrastructure The CN Tower for kicks – the National Visitor
Centre for victory The Tourism will only go up Even more so with music! Well into-almost victory soon I guarantee it Done with Writings but that’s a-ok It’s nice when no one wants to beat you up Totally different situation down south 2 out of 3 won’t win The other empires slowly encroach Easier to send jeans there anyway More music might just do the trick Upgraded the army – we scary now Looks like the victory is in the bag And such a fashionable bag One step above Churchill

5 thoughts on “Civ 5 in 5 Mins: The Sámi Solution – Immortal Difficulty Civilization V Mod Let’s Play Summary

  1. Yay! The Sámi!

    Can I have permission to link to this on the Steam Workshop? (I'm the mod creator in case you didn't know)

  2. Someone should point out the "Canada-Carthage conflict" can't occur as Carthage isn't in this game but I get my ladies mixed up

  3. Fun video. Had a good time playing the Sami yesterday. Question: what are the blue notification icons on the right that are there every single turn for the latter half of the video? They look like culture icons or something. Does that keep track of your progress to influential with each civ?

  4. My family are fishing samis witch means we fish instead of herd. And my uncle works in Karasjok on the sametinget. But over 8/9 samis live in cities. And half of those who live in cities live in oslo.

    Karasjok is norwegian for carasjoka. Sami laungauge has disepierd from most families including mine.

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