Civ 5 in 6 Mins: Enhanced England on Deity – Sid Meier’s Civilization V LP Summary

Civ 5 in 6 Mins: Enhanced England on Deity – Sid Meier’s Civilization V LP Summary

Call me Elizabeth and set sail to destruction,
and beware that OP mod might be in play – but it’s the hardest difficulty Gold ’n Marble and fields of Wheat Sweet. Must enhance early England Turn 19 – nothing out of the ordinary Suddenly London’s not alone Couldn’t let Morocco have Krakatoa Head to the Sheep hill to get a great view Volcanos are great photography subjects Warwick will be at war before we know it This lady is agitated She’ll be even more upset if more Iron is
claimed Composing the bows – they aren’t long yet But still provide protection Gotta keep England safe! Gotta keep England learned! Gotta… attack the French! France looks to claim Canterbury but fails Japan also has a beef – I wonder if it’s
Kobe beef The homeland is secure – and the French aren’t
fighting Well, they are fighting the Japanese The naval warfare is necessary It’s one of the best ways to experience
Japan Oxford is left defenceless while Canterbury
is armed and dangerous Did I mention this lady convinced me to attack
China? Something about taking Beijing! Beijing fell – if only they had a Great Wall
or somethin’ Beijing looks great in a different colour The coasts aren’t safe And there’s still at least 5 turns left
of battle 5 turns later – she gives up the goods! So we move on to the purple people Ships of the Line and Caravels work together
too well Not sure if we should continue to ravage or
move on to another colour Just clearing the way for more war London is safe from the violence – it’s
building a Stock Exchange! The Austrian cities are formidable foes You wouldn’t guess that looking at their
navy Better denounce the lady before moving-in Operation Northern Lights Out commences Need a melee unit to capture Salzburg – bad
planning Gotta give up the grudge for a few turns Focus our attention on that purple desert
paradise OMG lady quit calling it’s over Kinda attacking Byzantium while the French
take notes Bonjour more war! Destroy the desert town Light it on fire and boil water for tea! Don’t mess with Elizabeth Peace with one, war with another! Sure glad China isn’t angry at the moment Seems everyone wants to be Queen of England Part of the peace-deal involved a trading
of hats Things were getting a little tense around
Lyon Then China snapped The last thing England needs is losing a city
to China – goodbye wonders Also Oxford was lost – we will avenge the
Rhodes Scholars Use these things for Culture – no Tourists
wanted Brave men battle for Beijing, the rest of
the world watches The ruins of a once-great city are lost in
the sand A Ship of the Line floats past what-once-was
Nanjing Wreak havoc on Morocco for they stole Oxford England would prefer Beijing remain colonized Seems we must fear the French – that’s unexpected Old Nanjing and New Nanjing now have something
in common Both were razed to the ground by the English! It seems our intimidation levels remain high The sails are set for south But Wu is willing to give-up! Make a Great Wall of Ships o’ the Line to
further annoy the neighbours Actually the neighbours are all alright Might as well shake things up! The line-up heads to Austria But war manifests in other areas Like, lots of war – ugh Defend the homeland and then figure out an
offensive strategy These Gatling Guns have ultra-range Newcastle is base of operations for the fight
against the French But Beijing is lost – Wu re-claimed her tiles Well not all her tiles Whoa, whoa, whoa, again, gifts from China Newcastle is now Bluecastle and everyone’s
speaking French Introducing New Newcastle! It’ll be upgraded
with a Citadel Leaving China alone might be the best bet Just factoring Factories while fighting isn’t
fierce Block the throughway when possible China thrives with a third Nanjing Gotta gear-up for the games Game on with Austria again Seems secure but no one can predict the future Especially when there’s more war A lot more war May have let Byzantium have New Newcastle
rather than lose it to France Morocco’s armada drifts by A lone Submarine waits to attack while the
actual war goes on At the end of the day, this crazy lady gave-up
Uranium Time to figure-out Nukes Well, after the Hermitage is built Long-lost Uranium might not need to be re-claimed
anymore So – there are two A-Bombs ready in London Rocket Artillery keep our colony in check Not really sure where to go except for space There’s a lot of enemy army nearby ready
to strike Also no wonders have been built (except the
Hubble) So maybe a Kremlin is in order Everybody stay back! Ignore the technological breakthroughs It’s 1964 – just a model spaceship, nothing
more Must ensure the others can’t into space! Rumour has it the aliens speak English I wonder how many dialects Hurry, there’s no time to spare World relations are tense! Need Particle Physics to finish the part Wait, this thing still needs an engine! Launching from London in 3, 2, 1 The craft didn’t explode! Victory! Go *beep* yourself, Morocco! I’m Lincoln!

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  1. Hahah is it that you're quite good or deity isn't that hard on higher time settings? Not calling you bad im just curious cause i suck at higher difficulties rip

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