Civ 5 in 7 Mins: Whoa, Warhammer 40K – a Mod – Civilization V: Brave New World LP Summary

Civ 5 in 7 Mins: Whoa, Warhammer 40K – a Mod – Civilization V: Brave New World LP Summary

O Canada, it’s a Warhammer mod on a true,
north, strong, and free map The Imperium of Man – we get Faith from Walls,
Castles, etc – that is neat Also space Marines – a ranged XCOM-replacement And the Factory is no-more – it “Adepted” Move over to the mountain – gotta see space
later Our Scout goes on a journey of self-exploration Slash is forced to run around for Ruins Gotta settle for that wonder later-on – that
won’t anger anyone Now must settle before all the land is gobbled-up Sorry Hiawatha – those Elephants are ours Blah blah blah – again, much apology More Natural Wonders and uh-oh, Babylonians And the French! The French might be mad we took Quebec Should be investing in more settling Two turns remain until the keen eyes behold
Macchu Piccu under construction And once upon a time it was a Golden Age A Golden Age of being attacked by other religions,
actually Made Luna the Holy City – better broadcast
tower for our religion Mars starves while a Worker takes down trees But don’t worry, hardship lead to a Renaissance! And we’re the fourth busiest – we just look
busy Shoshone territory is HUGE and Titan exists
in our empire up north Maybe impress everyone with a Great Scientist
– Babylon’s probably had like 10 by now Napoleon has Crabs War with Poke? Never! He’d trample us right
now like Sentinals in the Matrix – very scary No one’s really afraid of the Imperium Happiness is monitored by faithful buildings Defensive structures fuel faith generation
– there is no Shrine, just Walls Economics will be dealt with next turn, until
then, mismanage the money! I’m in denial about Pocatello’s overwhelming
society Also the French are willing to part with 6
gold for 26 turns – it’s a deal! But we aren’t friends! We’re actually going to war – the trade
was a ruse I wonder if anyone else would take Titan so
the French can’t Thanks Hiawatha! Things make more sense with four cities Just gotta zip through a few more techs before
Nanotech Nanotechnology will save the day! One of the odder trades offered by the AI
– sounds good? All Antiquity Sites are guarded in case of
enemy Archaeologists Got good grades in “literating” Got good tirades to scream out during the
congress, then things… …Got good – stayed out of battle for a bit Go back to France, dude Ahh Hiawatha thinks he can sneak through,
eh The wall of units says otherwise The electoral system in Canada is often equally
divided Hudson’s Bay is occupied – a bit concerning Still no Nanotech but Satellites are within
reach Did I mention the International Games is being
trained-for? The athletes came home quite angry Enemy lands are full of Uranium An elite score is encountered while Research
Labs, the Pentagon, and a Stock Exchange are constructed Suddenly switch focus to Space Marines The plan: take all of this with Space Marines Maybe ignite some conflict before our own I wonder if Hiawatha is happy to be the first
target Dude you can’t say “Hell” or you’ll
go to Hell – I think that’s how it works This Space Marine brings Hell to you! Regrets! Regrets! It seems the Iroquois aren’t keen on being
destroyed Good thing there’s a land buffer in between,
those boats look serious Arabia and Babylon are not glad – sucks to
be them Looks like someone’s been slacking on Tourism France is built for Culture Wins Hiawatha seems to have his stuff under control Our Tourism is similar to the desolate wasteland
that is North of Babylon Still 54 turns of not-losing-the-Culture-war Just enough time to hit ‘em where it hurts …the farms! Gotta take out the farms. Expected and noted, so sorry The land is ours! Ha – Victory is nigh I never said victory for us There was a misunderstanding that led to an
invitation to decimate and crush… our people It’s almost as if they had an army waiting
quietly in the shadows And wading quietly in the shallows – that’s
some cold water too Armageddon was lost but Terra remains – and
Mars, can’t forget about Mars These Marines can only handle so much at any
given time Those choppers are resilient Mr. Kodak takes pictures while the city goes
under Ya, ya, ya – I suck How bad is it? Bad. Let’s do this again properly… Blame Canada – RESTART on a Fractal It’s Warhammer again – with more Space Marines
and Adeptus Mechanicus’s It will be good to not lose Is this not the most beautiful start ever Gotta get to Nanotechnology – starting with
Pottery A Scout turned out to be worthless Never been so isolated on a Fractal map Settle more or Artemis, Artemis or settle
more We gotta settle more Artemis is back in the pipeline Tradition is so close to being done with We go on to be Classical And suddenly a lady in blue Her borders are blue, too, and she has the
Australian Tiles o’ Awesome and Lake Too-Many-Calories I’m taking her worker Swim away new labourer He made it to the continent, now head to the
elephants No more fighting? Sounds good lady Need a Great Wall? Yes Got Walls already but whatever – lose out
on the free-ness of the Great Wall’s Walls Quarry the Marble and wonder how long it’ll
be before someone settles the north That’ll be followed by a war declaration Instant Colossal thingy-dingy – for trade Carrying calories can occur through Caravans Need internal trade to grow – money won’t
be an issue We got Machu Piccu The war will occur once we’ve scienced our
way through to the late-game Otherwise trying to be an underestimated butterfly No one suspects the butterfly A Golden Age dawns and a man exploded into
a purple cloud – it was kinda cool Now it’s the 1600’s and everyone is getting
down the chart-topping hits from the opera written for Henry the Fourth’s marriage
to some chick from Florence Steamboat Willy it’s a new era Luck favours the prepared, so bank on a Bank Stupid World’s Fair inconveniencing all
the Citizens Didn’t even get best booth Also chose Freedom because I didn’t want
to join the Maya I’d rather attack the Maya Science, money, science And a wonderful Wonder gets Happiness up In Honour of the Hubble we’ll destroy all
those who aren’t us It’s what Edwin would’ve have wanted Hey look – a continent to invade – note the
military of XCOM-equivalents She looks so serious I’m gonna seriously take out all the cities
one by one How many Space Marines does it take to ensure
victory? I don’t know but more than I thought Move everyone over So slowly… Okay – do the crushing of the foreigners Light ‘em on fire Make it a marionette Ya’ll better realize the smokescreen hides
all sorts of terror They land and fire appears Sorry Porto – you have to Departo She’s like – stop it – and I said alright Moving onto the other guy His lands are within reach of the Marines And that soil is just as flammable as Maria’s
– must be the Fertilizer I try to remember to sell something in each
town as it burns to the ground This is more-or-less exactly how an alien
invasion would go down Humans why are you trying? These folks knew not to mess with the soldiers Enrico won’t let ‘em enter peacefully
– a mistake Consequences will never be the same! It’s a Citadelly Circus Oh yeah – this guy may have been removed from
existence I’ve made a terrible mistake? You can’t
even see what’s going on Get ready for your own blinding light Victory is the Imperium’s! Best is the best That took a long time

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  1. "Gotta get to Nano-technology starting with pottery."? That's a long way to go! But I love that part! I'll even include those words in my FANFICTION!

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