Civ 6 Exploits: Duplicate Districts – The Most Absurd Exploit Yet?

Civ 6 Exploits: Duplicate Districts – The Most Absurd Exploit Yet?

Hey everyone, I’m Marbozir – and today, I’m going to showcase an exploit that has been brought to my attention by PotatoMcWhiskey if you don’t know him, you should check him out he has some good potatoes… I mean videos So, in order to take maximum advantage of this exploit, we are going to play as Shaka because I think about the leads though the most
interesting effect but this can be used in many different
ways we are also going to start in industrial era because that’s an
advanced setting that you can use so, let’s get straight into it alright so
starting in industrial era will allow us alright, so starting in industrial era will allow us to speed things up a little bit because when we settle our city it will already have seven population so again, that will speed things up and before I show you what exactly we are going to do let’s actually take a look around a little bit and maybe improve a few
tiles because I’m going to need a little bit of production we can also choose our
pantheon alright, we can actually pick up +1 production from fishing boats because I got two turtles in range that will give me a little bit of extra
production and again, we will need production to take advantage of this as
quickly as we possibly can I’m also going to pick up veterancy policy because that will give me +30% production towards encampment
districts which will also work with Ikanda and Ikanda is the reason why I’m playing Shaka in case that’s not obvious yet we’ll start a second city right here that will have 4 population right away and it will also give us a builder right away this city isn’t as important though –
what’s important is our capital I will finish the water mill and then we can
get started on what we’ll be doing I’m also picking up Black Marketeer,
because that will help us out as well as you’ll see very, very soon alright so, what we are going to do is build multiple copies of the same district in
one city and it doesn’t even matter what population that city has you can go over
the district limit no problem you just need to do something very specific and you can pick any district you want the reason I picked Ikanda will become pretty obvious in just a moment so first of all, you need something in
the front of your construction queue it can be anything, it doesn’t matter what
it is – in this case I got a settler then you need to switch to queue – not stay on
production, which is the default but switch to queue – and queue up the district you want multiple copies of so that will be Ikanda then queue up some more so that’s the second then we’ll get the third then we’ll get the fourth and the fifth and now you need to place them in front of the queue one by one however, you need to do it in a fairly specific order because order matters – if
you use the wrong order, the city will not allow you to build multiples so the short version is take the last one from the queue, place it in the front then take the second last one, place it in the front and so on and go down one by one that way the first district you placed will be in the front of the queue, so now
all we need to do is actually build the districts and that’s exactly what we’re
going to do I might as well just remove the settler now we do not need him and then we need to find some kind of neighbors I do not see one at the moment, but I’m sure there’s someone out there this is a pangaea map alright, here’s our first neighbor, that would be Kongo where is he? right here he’s not too far away, I think that will do So, the first Ikanda is almost done, and as you will see the other four will stay in the queue we also have some niter, which is
definitely going to help that’s from the city state I got allied with there’s the first Ikanda, and the others are still under construction you can also fire with all five of them
at once, as long as you have city walls it’s pretty amazing actually – but firing
with Ikandas is not the reason I’m building them I’m building them for their bonus so there’s the second one – and we still
got the other 3 in the queue and we will exceed our district cap, which – like I said – doesn’t matter at all right now we have five districts constructed
out of three possible because they are already counted as constructed here – even though we haven’t actually finished building them yet so now I could do exactly the same thing with my other city I could even build five campuses if I really wanted I could build five industrial zones you can build five of any district in the game it doesn’t matter what district it is you can build five of it, or even six of it, it
doesn’t matter how many – you can build as many as you like and here’s another neighbor that would be Georgia hopefully they won’t be too far away… she’s over here alright and here it is – we got all five Ikandas right now – and here’s the best part you know the bonus from Ikanda, which
allows you to recruit corps and armies for less production? they stack! so with that bonus… I can recruit any unit I want as corps or an army once I finish Nationalism in one turn! in one single turn! and with the discount, I can do it for one niter so let’s spam some musketmen, and we can send them towards Kongo I can also get bombard armies and corps – again in 1 turn I can do the same thing in my other city and then just keep these cities on
military production permanently and get one unit per turn isn’t that amazing? now, that’s definitely not the only use
of this exploit but I find this to be one of the more powerful uses, that’s for sure like, you can get any unit in the game as a corps or an army in one single turn I gave myself combustion when I was testing this to get AT Crew armies and a regular AT Crew took 36 turns to build, but an AT Crew army took 1 turn Modern AT Crew army even – one turn, when a regular one took 36 just think about that that that’s pretty amazing alright, so let’s do the same in this city, because why the heck not because we can I don’t need any other reason So again, we got something in the front of
the queue, and then we can queue up 5 Ikandas I probably don’t need 5, but it
doesn’t take very long to build them so what the heck, we can get 5 – and then move them to the front of the queue starting with the last one here we go – and I can remove the walls only 2 turns to build one Ikanda so no problem – no problem whatsoever and then I can spam units in both cities and flood everyone else and here it is, first corps once we get nationalism, we’ll be
able to spam armies but corps will do for now like, this is seriously super
powerful as Shaka, it’s actually amazing especially if you start in industrial
era – you don’t have to, I mostly started in industrial era to speed things up here, I got a combination of musketmen corps and bombard corps one turn each like, seriously, I can’t get over how broken this is you know, at this point, the only issue I will likely have is being able to pay maintenance for all
these units, because I’m already down to 1.5 per turn – we can sell them some stuff
before we declare war on them I can sell something to Georgia, like my turtles… take my turtles, Georgia you don’t want my turtles? Maybe Kongo
will take my Turtles… no, they will not pay me 100 damn it… ok, I can get a 99 for my turtles… there you go it’s likely not going to be quite enough, but that’s
alright, it doesn’t matter and there’s nationalism, so now I can get
armies instead of corps and probably go bankrupt faster, but there it is – an army in one turn as I said, I could get any unit as an army in one turn right now with this many Ikandas it’s actually a little bit ridiculous this exploit is actually more hilarious than the pantheon exploit, like seriously, it really is and I’m sure there are other creative ways you can use it – but this is definitely my favorite so now we are going to spam some armies – and I don’t even have to care about losing a bunch of units I can just declare war and throw everything I got at him like, blindly – I can replace them in
one turn so it’s not like it matters I can also pick up zoning commissioner on Liang to get +20% production towards constructing districts in the city to make things faster in new cities I start because if you’re playing a serious game, you probably want to get at least a little bit of culture and science, you
know so you could have a city with like five campuses because why the heck not…
you can have as many campuses as you like alright, so since Kongo gave me a
very convenient excuse in the form of protectorate war CB, let’s just use that that’s 0 grievances to use and we are certainly going to take advantage of this opportunity let’s see how quickly we can take this city I just need to get into position I don’t even have to care about losing
my bombards, it literally doesn’t matter but let’s try to not throw too many of
them away since, you know, I still need to do damage with something and once I take this city, I could also spam some districts in here probably a commercial hub
or something because I do not actually want to go bankrupt… it would be nice to avoid that alright, let’s see I’ll probably have to actually attack the
units that are moving towards me that will be good, yes there you go that’s one down and more dudes are coming we will have one more city somewhere
around here – probably dedicate that one to gold because I’m getting -43 gold per turn right now this is too many units like, way too many units but look at all these Ikandas – this is actually hilarious oh no, I took some damage on my musketman, what are we going to do? 78 gold… -42 per turn alright then this city is definitely going down pretty soon just move in with everything we got I don’t really care about the city state even if he manages to take it,
we can take it back easily enough you know, with our one unit per turn powerhouse oh no, he killed a unit, what are we
going to do? probably throw more at him, that’s
what I think I might actually be able to take this city right now maybe not right now, but definitely on the next turn so that didn’t take long I mean, that was very hard that was definitely very hard alright then – and now we can take the city this would make it pretty easy to win a very quick domination victory, regardless of the difficulty and the city is mine… there we go that wasn’t very hard and that’s basically it, that’s the exploit in a nutshell I’m sure there are many creative ways to use it, other than with Ikandas, but I do
think this is one of the more powerful ways to use it I tested some of the other bonuses but most of them did not stack unfortunately but this one does, as you can clearly see so anyway, thanks for watching – I hope you enjoyed this video! Leave a like if you did or a dislike if you didn’t – and let me
know in the comments how you would use this! I’ll see you next time… bye bye!

93 thoughts on “Civ 6 Exploits: Duplicate Districts – The Most Absurd Exploit Yet?

  1. well, you may as well make a nother city to build 5 ports or somwthing ot generate gold. also good lord that's broken as hell.

  2. Could you get 1 turn settlers with the cothon and this exploit? Does the marae add 1 culture and faith for each copy? Or does this not work with buildings?

  3. Can you build multiple copies of the same government buildings across 5 government plazas, and do the effects stack? (For example, five builders every time you found a city)

  4. YESSSSS! Just tested and this exploit works on the switch version and without any dlc. Almost all the exploits require dlc or they just don't work because you can't hit escape when you click to make them work (*cough* faith exploit).

    Totes gonna have fun with this. If nothing else; can use it to set up all the districts in every city just cuz.

  5. That's a cool one. Potato gives some need stuff. I subscribed and have been watching him. He is very knowledgeable:)
    7:20 Ya who the hell needs walls when u have 5 encampments around the city lol

  6. surely the Lavra is one of the more overpowered ones? combine that with Pingala's 100% great people point promotion and you're laughing your way to a culture victory.

  7. I am tempted to use the pantheon exploit and this new one with Russia. I wonder what kind of faith generation one could get from that.

  8. It seems to work really well with Mali. I made 5 Suguba in one city and can purchase units for almost nothing. Then with a Monumental golden age you can purchase builders and settlers for 0 gold or faith.

  9. Bombard Corps costing negative 140 production. What. Now I'm curious, if you queue up something normal, any building or whatever after one of these free corps, do you get a boost of production to that? For example if your city has 50 production a turn, the bombard corps costs -140, would you automatically get 190 production into that building after the corps finishes?

  10. so I have a question, can you build 5 copies of each building? or do you just build it once? and if you just build it once, does it give you 5 copies with that single build?

  11. This is just ridiculous…OMG, DOES THIS WORK WITH GOVERNMENT PLAZAS!?!? Edit, other thoughts: Magnus with vertical integration, +10 or so industrial zones (are we there yet?), Pingala maxxed out with 10 or so Campus/Theater Squares (heck, why not both, cant go wrong with more science/culture), Ikandas+maxxed out Victor (yeah, cant kill this city, come at me bro), Mohksha with holy cities (11 apostles per turn anyone?), Reyna with Harbor/Commercial Hub (Never gonna need gold again…) 2nd Edit: wonder how multiple districts work in relation to city projects…(Instaflip with bread and circuses??) 3rd Edit: Does this exploit also work with wonders? (The posiblities are endless…)

  12. I tried this tonight. It's not as great as I thought it would be. Only lets you build the buildings for one of the multiple districts.

  13. Another super cheap way to use this that comes to mind : Gold discount from Mali's Suguba might stack as well, and that would mean everything would be 0 gold to purchase !

    I might try it for funsies.

  14. Tried this with Zulu. If encampment gets pillaged (by unit or disaster) can't repair it. Districts take slots so cannot build others due to pop limits. Also, got respawned in the middle of 4 others civs and got murdered quickly after ancient era when they joint warred me:/

  15. As I see it, pantheon exploit is still currently the unmatched exploit. It will take some patience to unleash the beast. But, holy shit, once done, that shit is crazy.

    The faster to get the pantheon, the better.

    Click about 5 (~20?) extra settlers, 10+ builders, and hundreds of (+1 production & +1 faith to strategic resource improvement) pantheon.

    I tried exploit as such:
    +20 settler;
    +20 builder;
    +400 production & faith on strategic resource improvement;
    [MUST get settlers/builders 1st BEFORE craftsman pantheon, or all hundreds craftsman pantheon clicks are gone]
    Choose "might use faith to buy civilian units" golden age special feature.
    Focusing entirely on science culture & money.

    In normal speed, the game always ends with culture victory in 100 turn or so. (huge map, prefer not to "just go and kill everyone else" while still trying to secure as much land as possible by forward settling, culture bombs etc.)

    In a city with improved strategic resource, it takes:
    1 turn to build ANY district and ANY building in districts, even later in the game;
    1 turn to build ANY military unit;
    1 turn to build ANY early wonder, 2~4 turn to build later wonders;
    Expand really really fast, just buy settlers using faith;
    Just buy any great people you want using faith and get their boost.

    And if unlucky, one might lost several wonders and struggle a bit before crashing the entire party.

    In ideal scenarios, one might crushed the entire game with ease, wonder, science, culture, money, production, faith, cities, great people, military power, you name it, you get it all, all wonders, yes.

    This exploit/cheat is crazy.

  16. It's a nice trick, but it's limited because you can construct the buildings in only one of the districts you copied. This limitation is fair I think, because it would be insane if you could do shit like have 5 libraries in a city. The real benefit of this exploit is the raw adjacency bonuses of the unimproved copy districts.

  17. Basically a cheat which boosts science, domination, religion and even in some cases culture victories. Ahh we love civ developers

  18. Thank you very much about your introducing new bugs… what amazing… can i introduce this one to Korean for my viewers? I will remain original source(this video URL) for my videos..

  19. It seems though that you can only improve one. I built a few commercial zones (yes, you have the adjacency bonus for all of them), but I can't build a market on each of them, which is a shame!

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