Civilization 5: Avatar The Last Airbender – Mod Showcase

Civilization 5: Avatar The Last Airbender – Mod Showcase

in hello everyone my name is it looks in
welcome there might showcase but solution by brave new world service or and will be looking and the added last Airbender tualatin lead at is
also sp scenario not scripted by to actually
get to play on the actual map that took place during the show said to activate this mod just got additional
maps and slept after world would have to be no AF below the market first so just let us know real you can see
difficulty whatever I guess I game base again whatever methods can change it its
large which yet isn’t it is the map oh the top says it should be an well turn around I
guess but one-fifth it was turnaround so yeah for solutions at the moment the
Atwater tribe a romance that hurting them and the Fire
Nation so all these have up another special ability and I justice
but he also every single unit up each nation gets a bush now I’m not
really sure or mmm what every single ones is bud five-nation get was one attack strength on every single
unit and urging them get spots when the fence never single unit and a romance get -1 attack but plus one moment on every single year you can see it
everyone has a warrior and soldier soldier is I believe a swordsman replacement but I
did not required to see them and elements models haven’t
changed but is the prequel to play with his guy so
these guys spawn on ice basically it’s not ideal so deceased are placed automatically
everyone starts to do cities and all just by the enemy I’m they have
the Indonesia um attributes these guys have the heard cartage one buddy in the damage he had the year a some Gandhi to bed buddy and second one just isn’t there a way you can spam
cities everywhere um yes its base it basically like can get
some only dat it’s against also so city-states and nazis some numbers
starting off with furnish always a that starts nariño stuff gifted there’s no one speaking over this um
bind right ICC 25 percent on this change course in
cities to kiss his little map here so you miss
it either air our oil capital and black cliffs should be somewhere here if the
mountains missing to load but is going to the malls and change but the
icon hats so he really is the buff fired and that
was when on the straight know that that’s what’s
thats what’s it’s basically it once a month ok to
explore fire fun city in YES on their side know every bill the palace is gonna be
our capital so I’m guessing this place is XQ justices the bank later I so horrible Alyssia in build a monument to me there’s nothing much happened to your so is basically exactly like from is that like in the TV show a this TV cartoon series everything is we normally are let’s go
for some mining Anderson forcing right let you off this a also and she joins are always in the same location here and he’s born
at latest ones by phoning dating then she joins in the
exact same spot right here unseated a second city is not
very good by the clinton do you think that the
everyone gets the city’s from me if you wish you were but then
guessing DM wire in a Water Tribes added in the most difficult time to play
strongest ones are I’m guessing Fire Nation in their kingdom now is
because the Water Tribe spawns on snow a on the Arctic on dockside in
on the bottom side $28.00 production easier for the torture jay is actually pretty bad so unit extremely grateful that you play in
your though XD so well nevertheless did you have fun me the Indonesian Bosch where they can actually signal a new
city anywhere in and bought immediately when she is always would
think skit Scout explore decided me the Fire Island English ok it’s all
there but many options cities here now let’s go or Marie memorizing wasn’t sure
about science but and equipping them with group B up the proponent because if it’s
attribute up yet other other K marigold yep missing give would it here because again are
asking them is extremely powerful nothing at the
Vernon fire soldiers now didn’t you look the
same like you look at the show when the show began at the outlet still
helmets force that those are old our nation
uniforms right engine with nails legal for a work for
up submission all single the sheep want to explore this whole island and
yet seen it which there’s no other resources here I
think a lot of cities but again there nation get half less
population unhappiness due to global warming %um yeah depopulation which is extinguishing of the condition and the
like expand extremely was there on the
continent so I can’t touch them you sure where did that endowments are but if you want to actually try these
more than for yourself and check out every single nation on can
you do that I’ll put a link in a description the scheme from
single-shot League a guest up want said what I’ll put the link Dallas markets automatically just click
on it and installs already alright so it’s stagnating water around athletic white long time all are rising barbarians a but purchase the unit but they do not have the
requisite Richard Goldberg turned to maintain and website wasn’t all that such an ordeal on stage but it found the holy shit look
at all those barbarians the I did start off with the El Dorado
so that’s good plus a getting that tackle for archery
these barbarians it’s good for a Grammy from into gold again K on Martin is here dole okay mostly show led their capital missing yes represents the capital like
inside this greater it would be a massive
mountain and inside edition be a method City this
whole coast place um should be like a defensive plays I military square like and surrounding issued by far stuff and
inside edition been messin Palace and messaging yeah guessing it’s impossible to yet 75 so years old map right by its soldiers here fire warrior him firewall for that but as I can
prosecute barbarians this cube are being answered by I just order I think so yet can be a problem much old what they were archery just more this post me for a
buzzing kings but seem to have avoided on brave new world not sure that will 0 is actually on Island ok if that’s cool
that’s cool this are the whole ng looks should be more islands like this he led
can be here and daring yeah is pimping right so um that’s all I guess what s if you want to check out all the other
up or the other actions or still the nation’s you can
use the deadly owning this mod arm these natural watching my macho case and
I’ll see you next time,
Civilization 5: Avatar The Last Airbender – Mod Showcase

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  1. So how do you not instantly lose as the water tribe? Seems like they should get unique tile improvements for ice sheets so their cities can do anything at all.

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