Civilization 5 – Co-op Let’s Play As Brazil w/Anhellius

Civilization 5 – Co-op Let’s Play As Brazil w/Anhellius

energizing welcome to our let’s play up
to listen five brave new world and joined by and Helios where trying on all ok we’re playing an
all around them and the let’s start again in a its Korean and get out da car parts where am
instead silence order loading screens yeah like now
isn’t a kit kat K I’ve got to washington cell I am not in my favorite pouch it’s pretty aggressive stay they
must say a mighty warning light there you might be a slight more Munger said
and looked over slept you how to play with it you just need them landlocked better cities yes a yeah yeah about so just like the life America just going to our we’ve
had here on MacBook yes not tests on Corey is to get the minuteman unique you’re in it and then obviously the Bombay society could yeah
I got Brazil I’ll so culture I’m Maya throughout the Gulf other culture
victory are well personally I’d prefer a domination
victory but okay fine and found that because you
need me america’s made for domination and made from cultured his sickly yeah I was thinking I was going to
protect about let us adjust girl for like science pass
and then Lucy Inc because CSIS anyway yeah and I just
noticed that we’re pretty near a generally good
ethical sit there that this city court I’d so what should we go first for first I’m in the search yeah I see you have a
lot of I’m I E requirements yeah I as well from mining okay fine
dining cuz they are marble alright at I have two salts and thagard so that would be really AM help for me as well I’m just going
quickly to just sounds because the game is hard to
beat two-out yet with sedition and do the
same ok so far can now it’s too quiet well you with her dad yeah and the money they’ll only 2.3 I’ll from tent game and the alkyl make straps on bush look as well because I my
test back your Mark A that’s fine I’m financial longer their small kilimanjaro gross to me is so I’m I settled my
second sit in there yet I comments it’s close the deal so how I next to
them out then yeah ok you’ll be happy like lots of
Science in the city on scared archer out today nice com policy I ago in Faribault theater
addition in I’m Daily Show rationing of tradition
just for the growth rate Namito because I can minus of on Venice alanis god that’s all is in the last in I am there’s one way I’m though today without yes especially since it is then yes at
columbia too much of a problem you in one single
communities well you want it any cities yeah Shanshan I’m going though take him out pretty quickly I think time
somebody asks well at hopefully the butt by asking go of
the Venice often no more allies I fewer title probably spigot with his
great match and only Africa at six yeah he’ll buy of
every single city state and in gaza surveilled diplomatic victory as
specially that close us want to him I’m Wichita KS got mine in you want to get my son they say or get
Joe my bar yaa okay on Scott further to are you gonna go for great pyramids cuz
it’s also and libertarian now and tradition alright but the you can have the what’s it called hun
got us if you aren’t on yet and there’s some
other city state up and then of some Venice just don’t
know what it is now as good as I although whatever its announced and a
dumb question we should have left their business alone but seeing as how many
city-states as around itself ummmm we should
probably destroy it I am it’s going to cost us in the World
Congress especially pence all shipments doria and my settles into the air just a
great the about there’s somewhat smart
city-states close to it so it wont be able well its like wanted other countries erotica it like click and hexes away from it so he shouldn’t be
mad they believe they should go for coastal city because a member and now yeah and I want to
trade what kind of map is that these donji our
yeah I’m quite as GM engine marketing as afraid of the big
confidence would like being different continents like usual yeah
yeah could because I end up being so on some up um honor my analyzed their AMLI at the hair I am you can’t conquer
them should yeah but are being warmongers
isn’t really good in this game especially picture now Narnaul mother holy shit well the barbarians Tunisia on I’m so what now shower goto tonight in now I’m in pottery and then
the way i can. from yeah I would be offered at of crack have a quite the mess barbarian problem
in the area g0 and care does get a couple of hrs and you should
be fine yeah are just the best libertarians yep on their apt upgrade nicely to cuz bomber later on you gonna rush really wonder by any
chance taiwan dunno not to think so I can take that mod kit in my child
though but its net nature wonder some on this mom I found but the guy and
Ursula months they’re right next to me all okay their hearts in resources here I might
settle city near the coast or maybe somewhere near Natanz now I am cost plenty have to stop on for the
production spice s in up here doctor barbarians finally and I S do you want to call for the great Labor
Day and build a tower just let some one
hundred you later or you have a worker and %uh I would
have Walker in to attack against saddam alright so
you can go to great care i cant I can give it a try I dunno if I
win at know I am having a very high chance of
winning it because workers yep gone that’s up to far as
down and that would help right government signature bicycle for the refinery pakrac track and spot also look at whether it’ll are a lost
sixteen artisan I’m gone for edition but the you can if you want on well I’m not sure
the shoe or um religion does so no effect culture but I guess not a
little for its are more do you want to Isis
Nile address get Scotland so yet on their pop fight filosofia with
great library it comes to the yeah I also need them the calendar for spices that their
entire army yep and after getting a single for
mathematics or hanging gardens let me rephrase siege
weapon said to kill menace yeah I got cut apart some
toast so can do it how to all not go all be able
to do with religion yeah and they built a single from
legionnaire bad that will be really hard for because you won’t have to be a tension
like shine South Campus together teason no I guess we’ll still
build them temples and shrines but at least they
will left bill less I’ll near show ash up really get down a bunt down looking a bondage to go for problem I ralph draft or eats our for the plantation while because have to
spice is close to your I and the other for a religious
settlements I am which one is it what does if it ever send border growth which is
actually quite nice hi at that’s nice can go further up and now friend lines very can get in
caravans in 10 and its for help yeah and trade with bennett’s tension the other the city-state’s just menaces out the French film mmm don’t have the Commons next to me at
least our I haven’t play against the months in
that ok then I’m is he going for one hour and no and yes I just wonder now just a special units into an S on
site %uh so on the heroine year to to very helpful immature fish that
live city here because there’s some there’s a hill and natural wonder lesson silken lot of stuff as well but
that dominant white right below it they’re here get angrier so the some benefits and but you have to be
prepared for the war John peseta mmm well by soldiers he does have the
most evil but there should be five defending you
have to %uh China’s and yeah an essential real estate the
checkpoint at of the mountains here what you got me out no yeah what cool going to discover now almost math
exam but thats how far to something that could lead to
it in yet on the issue might get actually yet rush hour you gonna go for philosophy in and get
Oracle I’m I called are just go for the National Library get sigh as boost and now I can go further
locker because no one would have it so I’ll be
sharing the mission yeah to me and I’ll get a lot of wonders
in my cup itself but that’s fine should actually went for the Stonehenge
the buttons moralist internets II nevermind yet a years early I bet the said it’s better that or cats yeah I d never bill they have improvements yeah
yeah because they don’t have stormed a cost far less this trust the stock for them at the beginning and she is
safe an Darbyshire did they want or starter edition que won turn alright yeah got that it %uh got them Commons got the library just
like a lot of class clear entries popped out in I’m final so she so now or chrome okay fit into this be the them it’s already have a second
sitting and it’s really close aide RK how we have mathematics you can take it
is Lee should just be too undertook other ports
and some mmm infantry unit ok and get to the cause
bike ride in and get com Haas months your so what you mean next I’m going for
choppy in bob alright I can change it yes what a
crappy Taipei ons cash tire getting happiness to my sauces by
the way are do I have to take it for sure and from
there what as a sauce s the luxuries like got on she didn’t mind the gym okay I have some spices with trade later on salt yeah I have to pass out some and I found a shower its she’s South from me my location start I so are you going for a horseback riding yeah mine up our they want to go off at
the docs walkin which national for bronze Orton it
should be in some iron maybe I intelsat and their me up that’s all to you well I might get a few worker you’re interested at all okay after the winger Nam ok do the workers tremendous clinicians
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One thought on “Civilization 5 – Co-op Let’s Play As Brazil w/Anhellius

  1. Culture victory is great, because culture is a versatile resource. It's used for expanding city borders, snagging land and resources, social policies and an ideology – which can help with everything, and tourism, buggering up seven ways from Sunday through unhappiness any civ with a different ideology and lower culture than your tourism. Always give culture the importance it deserves.

    That being said, military conquest is not a bad idea either, when it comes to acquiring stuff by force. The human player can often be better at war than the AI. It's a great solution for damn near anything, since violence has solved more problems than anything in human history. Want land? War. Poland can into space? War. Stop a diplomatic victory? War city states. Someone has the wonder you wanted? War.

    Culture and domination are big favorites of mine.

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