Civilization 5 Deity Strategy Guides – Civilization Choice

Civilization 5 Deity Strategy Guides – Civilization Choice

Hello this is Marbozir and welcome to civilisation 5 deity guides So, this is going to be a series of sort of standalone guides to how to beat civilisation 5 on deity this is something I get asked a lot, pretty much constantly so I decided to turn that into actual videos now, the plan for this series is that I will be talking about a different concept in each episode so I might talk about defending yourself against early aggression from the AI I might talk about civilization and map choice I might talk about early expansion about the first 100 turns about diplomacy about all kinds of things and concepts that affect deity difficulty and that might be different in some way from lower difficulty levels so, before we go any further let me talk real quick about what this series is NOT: so this series is not a tutorial about the basics of Civ V which means that if you don’t actually play Civ V and you’re looking to learn the basics that’s not what this series is. This series is for you if you are already playing Civ V on single-player So, the second thing that this series is not it’s not anything for multiplayer. Multiplayer and single-player Civ V is almost a completely different game So this series will not talk about multiplayer at all. This is specifically for single-player deity. So This series is for you if you are already playing single-player on lower difficulty levels on anything below immortal perhaps even on immortal itself seeing as the change from immortal to deity is quite significant and there are quite a few things that you need to do differently if you move up from immortal to deity. Having said that, even if you play- let’s say on warlord- then this is the series for you. So, in other words if you are looking to move up to higher difficulty levels in single-player Civ V this is exactly the series for you. And, last but not least, this series is not about the only proper way to play Civ V or whatever there are a lot of different ways to play Civ V (that’s what makes the game awesome) I will be talking about my personal experiences after at least thirty games won on deity in the last year or two and I will be talking about and I will be talking about things that work for me. Other people who also play deity might have different ways of doing things so this will be based on my own personal experiences and not necessarily the quote-on-quote the “only proper way to play Civ V” because there is no “only proper way to play Civ V.” So, I will be focusing on one specific topic in each episode because there are a lot of things to talk about and it will be pretty much impossible to cover everything at once. So I will be focusing on one very specific area in each episode. which also means these episodes will likely be shorter than my average videos but that’s exactly what they are supposed to be. I’m not going to throw half hour of all kinds of information at you that you won’t possibly be able to memorize In this video I’m going to talk about civilization choice. because civilization choice can effect difficulty quite a lot it can make your life quite significantly easier or a lot harder depending on which civilization you pick on deity so I will be talking about my recommended civilizations to start playing deity with I will be talking about some of the categories I will divide them into and about what makes them good I won’t be talking in detail about every single unique ability unique building and unique unit though because that information is quite easy to find instead, I will be focusing on why they are good and how they can help you win deity. Now before we start talking about game setup let’s talk a little bit about deity difficulty itself because this is very important for the overall strategy in pretty much any deity game what’s the biggest difference between deity difficulty and most other difficulty levels including immortal to some extent the biggest difference is that you start quite significantly behind by design. and your goal unlike on most other difficulty levels is not to not fall behind (at least, one of your goals) your goal is to catch up because you are already behind by design on turn zero. that’s the single biggest difference that will affect your overall strategy on deity. on deity difficulty the AI gets four (4) technologies for free on turn zero that’s pottery, animal husbandry, mining and the wheel. It also starts with an additional settler. That means the AI gets two settlers on turn zero on deity. which means it can start two cities right away As soon as it gets into every location for a city and it starts with two workers and with three units one unit for exploration and two units for defense the scout for exploration, obviously there are also many many other bonuses that the AIs get if you are interested in a complete list of all the bonuses that the AI gets there will be a link in the description below. Now, do also keep in mind that not only does the AI get all these bonuses on deity the AI also plays the actual game on chieftain difficulty that means that when you are playing on deity yourself you get effected by additional modifiers such as base happiness or extra happiness per luxury and you get deity level modifiers for that However, the AI on top of all the bonuses that it gets as part of deity difficulty the AI always plays the game on chieftain. which for example means that the AI always gets one extra happiness per luxury it always gets twelve base happiness and there are quite a few other modifiers that affect it as I said again, there will be a link in the description below if you are interested in full list. So having said all that, let’s talk about the main topic of this video civilization choice. there is obviously more to the pregame setup than just civilization choice but I will be focusing on civilization choice specifically in this video. Now, I will not be talking in depth about every single civilization and about their unique buildings, abilities, and units because I’d just be repeating all the information that’s easily available anyway I will, however talk about which civilizations are good for what and which are actually good picks for your first deity games. because it’s pretty important to pick a good leader for your first deity games it’s generally possible to win with any leader on deity you could even make or download a modded civilization that has no unique unit no unique ability, no unique anything and still win. so we can generally win with anything but obviously some of these civilizations will be harder to win with than the others. now there are a few main categories that I would divide recommended civilizations into so first of all we got civilizations that are always good no matter what victory type you go for no matter what map you play on no matter what your playstyle is they are always good they are good at everything However there are also civilizations that are highly specialized and are very good in what they are specialized in sometimes better than the first category in their narrow specialization so these are civilizations that are good at a specific victory condition and then we also got civilizations that are good on a specific map because they can take advantage of that map very well and again on a specific map that plays to that civilization’s strength they can be better than any other category so these are generally the three big groups that I will divide civilizations into that I will divide my recommended civilizations for your first deity games into so let’s talk about civilizations that are good for pretty much everything there aren’t that many but there are a few and since I said earlier that one of the biggest parts of deity is catching up to the AI because you start four technologies behind on turn zero and the AI can start two cities right away The two civilizations that are generally always a good choice for deity are the two that are highly specialized in science and they are not just good for a scientific victory they are good for pretty much anything because you need science for everything some victory conditions are not as strict when it comes to science as the others you can win from behind but that would be a more advanced strategy so I won’t be talking about that but anyway the first civilization is Korea or the first two civilizations are Korea and Babylon these are the two civilizations that are highly specialized in science Korea receives extra science for all specialists and all great person tile improvements the extra science for specialists is very important because it starts with secularism which is a policy in rationalism I won’t be talking about that a lot right now but this is actually one of the reasons why Korea is so strong they do also receive a tech boost each time they build a scientific building or wonder but you will not be building a lot of wonders on deity it’s mostly the two science for all specialists part it might not seem that strong but it’s actually really damn good Korea is also pretty decent at defending themselves because they have two really good unique units they have a turtle ship which has 36 combat strength that’s actually a lot of combat strength considering it replaces the caravel if we check the caravel then the caravel only has twenty combat strength and the turtle ship has thirty-six so that’s a massive difference right there it also cannot enter deep ocean unlike the caravel but if you use this for defense then it’s amazing you can also obviously use it for offense but its usability will be limited to attacking cities which you won’t be doing a whole lot with a melee unit but this is an amazing unit for defense if you are playing on something like archipelago map. then their siege, their unique siege unit now this is an amazing unit for defense it’s pretty decent for offense too actually it’s pretty damn good for offense too but it’s amazing for defense because it has 26 ranged combat strength and it replaces the trebuchet which normally has 14 combat strength if you check the cannon the cannon has 20 combat strength which is less than the Korean unique unit that replaces the trebuchet it has 26 combat strength if we go all the way to artillery that the artillery has 28 combat strength that’s only two combat strength more than the Korean unique unit now there is a downside because this unit would be incredibly overpowered if there was no downside the downside is that you do not get extra bonuses against cities so if you check the abilities here you will see that it has the “may not melee attack” promotion it has no “defensive terrain bonuses” promotion and it must set up to ranged attack and the one thing it’s missing compared to other siege units is the 200 bonus versus cities it does not have that so that’s the number one downside of that unit however it’s an amazing unit against pretty much anything other than cities it’s also pretty damn good against cities because it has all that extra combat strength and you can pick up Volley which is extra combat strength against cities but if you focus on defense which can be a problem on the early game depending on your start or your start it’s just amazing for defense on top of your science being really good that makes Korea a very strong choice then we got Babylon which is also a civilization that focuses a lot on science so Babylon receives a free great scientist when they discover writing and this is actually a really big deal because that means you can use that great scientist which you get very very early into the game earlier than it would otherwise ever be possible you can use that scientist to build an academy right next to your city which is what you should do with that scientist to not use him for a science pop use him for an academy and that will give you a lot of extra science over the course of the entire game not to mention it will give you a lot of extra science in the early game which is incredibly important on deity so Babylon also earns great scientists 50% faster which is again huge for science because that means you will get more academies early on and more great scientists for science pops later on and they get a replacement for city walls which help early defense against AI aggression it helps any defense against AI aggression because they give your city plus 100 hit points as opposed to plus 50 from regular walls and slightly more combat strength that can be quite important as well the unique unit Babylon gets can be pretty much disregarded it’s not a good unique unit it only gets slightly higher combat strength melee combat strength than the regular archer the ranged combat strength is exactly the same so basically is just an archer that’s slightly harder to kill in melee so Babylon and Korea, the two top civilizations for science and not falling behind in science is one of the biggest challenges of deity difficulty overall so you can’t go wrong with these two they will help you not fall behind too much and they will help you catch up to the AI Next up we got another civilization which doesn’t really get any science bonuses but it’s generally considered to be one of the strongest civilizations in the game and is good for pretty much any victory condition on any map no matter what you do, is always amazing and that civilization is Poland the biggest thing about Poland is that they receive a free social policy every time they advance to the next era this is massive this is like getting an Oracle for free every time you enter a new era this is just huge and you can use this very flexibly this will be incredibly useful regardless of how you play the game and it will help you with science to some extent because you will be able to get policies in Rationalism slightly faster obviously it’s nowhere near as good for science as Babylon and Korea but this is one of the most powerful and most flexible unique abilities in the game. and this is definitely one of the top picks for first games on deity on top of all that, Poland also gets a really damned good unique building but this is a less important part of playing Poland still, the Ducal Stable doesn’t cost any maintenance, unlike the regular stable and it gives you plus one gold for each pasture on top of the regular plus one production that the stable normally gives you and it also provides plus fifteen experience for mounted units but again this is a less important part of playing Poland however, it is nice to have a really damn good unique building on top of the amazing unique ability so these are the top three civilizations that I would personally recommend starting deity with Poland Korea and Babylon they are by far some of the strongest civilizations in the game they are amazing for pretty much any victory condition there are some other civilizations that are really well-rounded for almost everything you do but they can be slightly more specialized in some areas so we got Arabia and Arabia is actually bit of a special case Arabia is one of the most well-rounded civilizations in the game Arabia is one of the rare cases of a civilization that gets a really good unique building the bazaar which gives you extra copies of luxury resources which is amazing for trade they get an amazing unique unit this is easily one of the best unique units in the game so this also puts them in one of the other categories I was going to talk about civilizations good for specific victory conditions Arabia can be amazing for domination victory as a direct result of the camel archers and they also get a pretty damned good unique ability which extends their caravan range by 50% and it makes their trade routes spread your home city’s religion twice as effectively and it doubles their oil resources now you won’t always be able to take advantage of this because religion can be a tricky thing on deity but I won’t really be talking about that right now in any case Arabia usually gets a very strong economy as a result of the bazaar as well as 50% longer caravan range and they can be very strong for domination and the camel archers can be really really good for defense and that can be quite important speaking of defense there’s also one very special civilization that one of the best civilizations in the game for defense specifically and that’s Ethiopia Ethiopia is easily one of the toughest civilizations to conquer on deity and you might have a lot of problems with Ethiopia as the AI if you’re playing for domination victory on deity but I don’t want to be talking about that just yet in any case Ethiopia gets a combat bonus when they fight a civilization with more cities than Ethiopia which is almost always going to be the case on deity the AI will almost always have more cities than you so this combat bonus will be active pretty much constantly when you’re playing on deity and they also get a really amazing defensive unique unit which is a replacement for the rifleman and it gives them extra combat strength when it’s close to their capitol city up to 30% stronger and this also stacks with their unique ability so this guy is just insane once you get these guys you will have to try really hard to lose unless the AI is attacking you with something like, I don’t know, rocket artillery while you have these guys if the AI is massively ahead of you in tech, then maybe then but if it’s not, then you’ll be borderline impossible to conquer for the AI easily one of the best defensive civs so if you want to play defensively and bunker down then this is one of the best civilizations to do that with if not the best one so there are a few more civilizations that I would like to mention there are two civilizations specifically that specialize in diplomatic victory diplomatic victory is one of the easier victory types to get on deity if you go for diplomatic victory right from the start and one of the reasons why it’s one of the easiest ones to get is because technology doesn’t matter as much for diplomatic victory you can be way behind the AI in terms of technologies and still win diplomatic victory and keeping up with the AI in terms of techs is one of the areas you might have problems with when you first start playing on deity so the first civilization that specializes in diplomatic victory is Venice and Venice is one of the most unique civilizations in the game as you might be aware because they can only directly control one city their capitol they can claim city-states with Merchants of Venice but they can’t annex city-states in any case, the reason why Venice is so crazy is part of their unique ability double the normal number of trade routes this is insane doubling the number of trade routes will give you so much gold that you will quite possibly not know what to do with all of it it will give you so much gold to throw at city-states if you go for Patronage as Venice you will have to try really hard to not get allied with the majority of city-states on the map and getting allied with city-states is exactly what you have to do to get diplomatic victory then we go to the second civilization that is also really good at diplomatic victory and that’s also one of the most hated civilizations as the AI that’s Greece and the reason why Greece is so good at diplomatic victory is their unique ability which makes city-state influence degrade at half the normal rate and recover twice as fast this is just crazy it’s not as crazy as Venice, although I would say it’s on par in a different way if you are playing as Greece you also have to try really damn hard to not get allied with a lot of city-states it’s so easy to get allied and more importantly maintain these alliances, as Greece Greece will have a slightly harder time actually getting allied with city-states compared to Venice but once you’re actually allied you will have to try really hard to lose these alliances Alexander is just insane for diplomatic victory. so these are the two civs I would definitely recommend especially if diplomatic victory is something you already did on lower difficulty levels so let’s move on to the next category these are civilizations that are really strong on specific map types and the biggest one in this category are the Inca that’s because of their crazy tile improvement the terrace farm which gets plus one food for each adjacent mountain this is a bonus that stacks so if you get three mountains right next to a hill that hill will get a terrace farm with plus three food from it and that’s important for two different reasons the most obvious one is that if you get a lot of these kinds of tiles which you can on a map like Highlands the Highlands map is by far the best map to play on as the Inca so if you play on a Highlands map and get all these crazy locations for terrace farms you will get cities that will grow much quicker to decent population but once they actually grow to this population you will be able to get the same amount of food with fewer citizens than in a regular city with other civilizations and that’s very important because that will allow you to assign your other citizens, the leftover citizens, to other tasks. Such as high production tiles or specialist slots without having the city starve so that’s the second really important part about having high food tiles that applies to any situation where you have tiles with a lot of food so there are a lot more civilizations in this category but there are two that I wanted to mention specifically so next up we got the Aztecs Now, this might seem a little bit strange- why the Aztecs? because one of their things is that they get extra culture for each enemy killed, which is pretty good by the way but the reason why I am talking about the Aztecs specifically is their unique building so their unique building gives them plus two food on lakes which means that if you play on a lakes map you will get a lot of tiles very easy for food now, these tiles won’t have anything else so you won’t get any production, gold, or anything else from these but just having a lot of easy tiles with four food that you don’t have to improve that you don’t have to do really anything with in order to get four food from them, just build this one unique building is very strong for city growth but that’s not all of it the Floating Gardens also gives cities plus 50% food and this is a big deal because this modifier works differently than almost every other food modifier in the game because almost every other food modifier in the game effects surplus food not total food and the 50% bonus from Floating Gardens affects total food in the city that’s a significant difference the only other bonus that you can get that works the same way is the bonus from the Temple of Artemis which is one of the early game wonders it’s easily one of the best early game wonders because it gives you a total food bonus to all your cities but let’s not talk about that right now in any case the Floating Gardens is an amazing unique building which is just insane on a lakes map and on top of that the Aztecs also get a pretty sick unique unit now this is a very early unique unit because it replaces a warrior however if you build a lot of Jaguar Warriors they will keep their extra unique bonus which allows them to heal 25 damage when they kill a unit so you can upgrade Jaguar Warriors all the way to swordsmen and through musketmen, riflemen all the way to infantry or even make them as infantry and as long as they don’t die they will keep this special ability it’s not the best part of playing as the Aztecs but if you can manage to keep a core group of Jaguar Warriors alive they will be pretty damn tough, let’s just say so there are some other civilizations that I would put in this general category but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for first games on deity so for example we also got Carthage which gets a free Harbor in every single coastal city and this is really good because if you’re playing on, say, an archipelago map then every single coastal city you build will be immediately connected to your trade network which will be pretty good for your economy let’s just say but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Carthage for first games still, it’s an interesting setup that’s definitely worth a try we also got William, the Netherlands again, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend William for first games but he can be pretty strong because of the Polder improvement so if you play on something like a Sandstorm map and restart if you don’t get enough floodplains nearby you will get quite a few locations for Polder cities. which will give you cities with huge food, really good cities in general their unique unit is also pretty decent it starts with Coastal Raider II so if you build this in a city with an Armory you will be able to pick two extra promotions right away and get Logistics very quickly on these guys but as I said, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend William for first games Still, playing William on a Sandstorm map is quite a fun setup to try. So we got a few civilizations that I will generally recommend for domination if you already have a lot of experience with domination games on lower difficulty levels they are definitely worth a shot so, first we got Arabia with the camel archer, that’s a civilization we already talked about the Camel Archer is one of the strongest unique units in the game. It’s insane. Arabia is an amazing civilization to play aggressively with. we also got the Mongols who have the Keshik the Keshik is one of the strongest unique units in the game considered to be the strongest on single player specifically by many and that’s not the only reason why the Mongols are really good they also get plus one movement which can make a pretty big difference because with plus one movement to the Keshik you can move into a tile that costs two movement points to get into like a hill, for example, or a forest or a jungle, or any tile that costs two movement points then you can take a shot, or two shots if you have Logistics and then you can move out of that tile which is something you cannot do with Camel Archers because the Camel Archers only have four movement points instead of five so if you move into a hill, that costs you two movement points then you shoot, or if you shoot twice, with Logistics that will cost you the remaining two points you can shoot once, and then back up from a hill if you’re fighting around tough terrain but with the Keshik you can shoot twice and then back up another reason why the Keshiks are so strong is the extra experience that they get they get 50% more experience or, in other words they get promotions 50% faster which can allow you to get Logistics significantly faster Logistics, as well as plus one range which makes them just crazy and then they also generate Great Generals faster which works really well with the Mongolian replacement for the Great General, the Khan the Khan is an amazing unit it can move much faster than a regular Great General but, more importantly, it can heal nearby units which makes it extremely good with a proper use of Khans the Keshiks can even attack some melee units the Khans are just amazing and you will generate Khans faster, because Keshiks generate Great General points so, that’s Mongolia then we also got China China is not as strong as Arabia and Mongolia I will say but they do have the Chu-ko-nus which are generally one of the better unique units they can attack twice which means you don’t have to wait for Logistics you can attack twice with Chu-ko-nus right away and then you can focus on getting plus one range and you can carry that over to Gatling Guns Machine Guns and Bazookas and they also get Great Generals faster and the Great General combat bonus is increased by 50% this part is pretty damn good too and their unique unit in general is really strong then we got Attila Attila is a bit of a special case for domination Attila specializes specifically in the very early game in fact, Attila is a borderline broken leader because the Battering ram can be upgraded from a Warrior through a ruin so if you move into a ruin with a Warrior you can upgrade that Warrior to a Battering Ram and as a result you can get a Battering Ram even on like turn three if you get lucky enough and if you get that Battering Ram really early you can just take a capital city nearby right away you can declare war on your closest neighbor if you have a neighbor nearby and just take their capitol city with a Battering Ram not to mention you can obviously just build more Battering Rams Battering Rams are extremely strong so Attila is great for early game domination he also gets the Horse Archers which aren’t as overpowered as the Keshiks and Camel Archers but any highly mobile early unit is generally really strong so the Horse Archers have their uses and then we got Assyria Assyria is slightly different because Assyria is kind of a mix of an aggressive civilization that’s also good at science because when you conquer a city you gain every technology that’s already discovered by that city’s owner which can really help to catch up on deity they also get a very strong siege unit which is a slightly later game unit than the Battering Ram that Attila gets but is still an early game unit is a replacement for the trebuchet and it can allow your other units to do much more damage to a city because it grants an attack bonus to nearby units when it’s next to an enemy city this is an extremely scary unit if you use the Siege Towers right you can conquer cities quite easily and get free technologies out of that so Assyria is a pretty good civ to play aggressively with it can definitely help you with the “catch up” part of deity and just to clarify just because these are civilizations good at domination doesn’t mean they are only good if you go for domination victory or that you have to go for domination victory if you play them and that’s because one of the best ways to secure a victory on deity is to take cities from the AI especially their capital cities and that’s simply because the AI cities will generally be much better than yours they will be more developed they will have more buildings and their capital cities will often have a lot of wonders so taking a capital city from the AI that built a lot of wonders is one of the best ways to secure a victory on deity which is what makes these civilizations good you can take some cities from the AIs you can take a capital city or two especially capital cities with a lot of wonders and secure your victory that way because that will give you a very strong base to build on and then you can pursue a different victory type Right, so that covers the recommended civilizations part these are mostly my experiences, and my recommendations there are a lot more civilizations that I could talk about there are a lot of other civilizations as well but that’s a different topic there are quite a few civilizations that are still strong on deity but these are the ones that I would recommend so there are other things to talk about when it comes to game setup but this will be the end of this video so I hope you’ve enjoyed this first pilot episode of my deity guides and found some useful information if you did, please consider leaving a like thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  24. The +1 movement for Mongolia doesn't apply to Keshiks or Chariot Archers. The units that count as mounted units are Horseman, Knight, Lancer and Cavalry.

  25. England seems insane to me. One extra spy usually means 3 or even more extra technologies and catching up with te IA is the most important part of the game. Ship of the line are stupidly broken having 2 extra movements and +5 combat power being able to wipe out a coastal capital which usually means game over for the IA. The longbow is pretty decent to defend yourself. I don't know but I think that England is tier 1 for sure.

  26. I'm gonna have to play a few random civ 1v1 Deity games on the basegame (19 civs with Mongols), but my Impressions on the best basegame civs are French (faster social policies and don't have to worry about getting city tiles) and Egyptians (build the Great Library faster, get even more satisfaction from their temple replacement). In my build order, I recommend:
    – Opening with Tradition and staying on 1 city
    – Building the Great Library before turn 50 (doesn't work against China, Germany, or Egypt, in that case you've got a pretty bad matchup)
    – Using the free technology to unlock Civil Service – this will unlock 1 extra Food from any Farm built near a River
    – Building the National High School, then starting to care about Settlers
    – Following up with Piety. While science is important, satisfaction is more critical for early expansion, and Piety unlocks 2 satisfaction per city if you build the culture Buildings
    So far this works for me on Immortal and got me healthy in the middle of a Deity 1v1 on Tiny. In the Deity game, I was lucky to get French.

  27. Ethiopia + Goddess of Protection + Defender of the Faith + Great Wall + Himeji Castle…

    EDIT: + Patriotic War

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