Civilization 5 – How To Win On Deity In 1 Turn – Brave New World Bug

Civilization 5 – How To Win On Deity In 1 Turn – Brave New World Bug

Yo there guys, what is up, my name’s Stiflex and this time I’m bringing you a bug that I’ve found actually is quite long time ago but I
didn’t think too much of it basically show you how to win the dating game on
turn one and if you want to achievement you can get to just wait to play and Ed
is actually really hard to do but I’m not sure yet to get that sexy
achievement in no time so basically doesn’t matter what you choose ran the
map you can go for a huge or dual fuel for the sake of loading design faster
court is dat Nguyen on any other game mode but I mean everything up the
immortal is pretty pretty standard pretty easy only date it’s kind of
impossible at least for me so well for Advanced Setup everything if you want actually the most
important thing here is time an external basically mccormack’s terms one and put
on the time victory now doesn’t happen is you gonna get enough points and after
you and your turn your gonna win so be sure to select the information here on
fewer yes the game and see what they get Alexander of the gods be upon you
mention it on my list begin our journey so we want to do is you want to build
your city technology doesn’t matter just like anything you want you can go and
explore with your people marines doesn’t really matter dials with you would be busy let’s let’s
elect right so what you want to do is a little bit of money when you want to do
is want to buy the cheaper styles available so these elephants offense I’m
sorry that I R E and in jams now we want to do you want to go to options select
single player or list except as you can see now I have more points but that’s
because he hasn’t said yet he also has more technologies with a problem is that
while he’s gonna be crier in points scored nice so the day the I will win on
or difficult to do the same problem I mean we have more points so when senior
turn you basically one now you can also choose America to buy even more tiles in
having more chance of winning but I believe desire percent when great just a
few times to test out and i won now the trick is as you can see I have
257 and yes but he hasn’t yet settled his city now you have to do is you want
to adopt aesthetics and now get agreed she thought doctors right so now you have just 69 you want
to create agreed work don’t lose sleep over four points so now this shouldn’t
be enough I believe you’ll get one more point in me to want to do is unlock
rationalism anyone I have 281 points now just like term hopefully we’ll win yeah I’m basically one yeah just i mean
it’s alright so basically just 15 minutes right map he was already
overfishing gandy so I got my achievement I got my victory and that’s
pretty much as there’s actually a pretty massive bug it doesn’t do anything is
just for single player if you want to get an achievement and select anything
else doesn’t really matter if you do not want to work for the achievement like I
i really like to work for the day because I’ve tried blink they did so
many times and they’re just too overpowered if they have that many
advantages like second settler like worker than the one I will likely beat
them they basically house the first four texts given to them so you basically get
your game and you’ll never catch them a message it somehow and is not a way to
cheat and get your Chi Minh di got the man who would be king so she may let me
see the game on D-day difficulty now I’m not using any cheats I have no mods
enable I have nothing installed this all of this is inside game this is a game
design flaw basically what you need to do is to give the eight points at the
start so did you win win every time now you would do to turn you would like to
build their see the annual civ 5 deity strategy civ 5 how to win on deity Civilization 5 how to win on deity in 1 turn on brave new world I’ll see you next time

32 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – How To Win On Deity In 1 Turn – Brave New World Bug

  1. Or just get in a team with multiple Civs, against 1 single civ. Start, don't even do anything just press end turn, and you win.

  2. Can this even be called a bug? It's just beating the ai in a game that would be unfair through bonuses in a scaled down amount of time. It may just be me who thinks difficulty shouldn't give the ai cheaty bonuses.

  3. +Smite Gaming Very cool video. The only minor issue is that you called this a bug, when in reality this is an exploit. I realize to many people the difference seems irrelevant, but I'll try to explain. A bug/glitch occurs when some event triggers an unforeseen outcome to occur. Common examples of bugs include wall clips, cutscene skips, or item duplication. An exploit is when a way exists within the game mechanics to greatly improve your own performance using some unconventional method. In this case you're creating a scenario that allows yourself to win on the first turn by setting the max turn length to 1. This doesn't break the rules of the game, it's simply a very unconventional and unintuitive way to ensure victory. Sorry if this rambled on for a while, but I try to provide insight to others when it comes to topics like this as I am on my own path to a career in computer programming. Thanks again for the cool exploit 😉

  4. This is a massive great cheese, but you can't run from Deity for long in the achievement hunt. Suck it up and start playing Deity. You'll lose before you win. Accept that and move on. There is a way of getting all achievements by hacking, but not by cheesing everything.

    But you can cheese in other ways: some people say you can win the Samurai invasion scenario on Deity without doing a thing (the reason for that would be that China (actually it is probably Ming, historically…) alone can win the scenario for you). When I was about to test that I opened the game and said "Fuck this "doing nothing" shit, I'm gonna play the best I can; I will hold Seoul".

    The basic strategy relies on roads around Seoul, citadels, Hwach'as, some meele and one Knight. Accumulate enough Turtle Ships, and start attacking. Of course it helped that I could build both wonders in that game (which is kinda amazing to be honest, but it is probably related to how I locked my tiles and chopped my forests in the adequate cities, using my low numbers efficiently).

    I actually never needed China (there wasn't enough time for them to help me anyway – I won the game much earlier than I'd think; I was thinking that China would carry me an we would win in the last turn, but China had basically sent just three units that bothered me instead of helping, in all honesty). They just held their cities and the Manchu never really did anything with that giant Chinease army near him.

    It is really easy to hold Seoul. I even made two mistakes in that game.

    That's how I won my first Deity game. But that is easier than Deity and down the line there are achievements that can only be acquired if you can play Deity well (Praise the Victories), as far as I'm informed.

  5. the max number of turns was not an option for me. there was no where for me to type a number of turns in

  6. I beat it with zulu vs england, then i produced a big army, and at one point she moved her whole army to kill a barbarian camp and then i engaged since the troops were away. and i sieged her capital

  7. You can also select a bigger map and put everyone on your team except for 1 person, even if he's shoshone, your team will have 10x more points, even if you do nothing.

  8. I won on deity with continents, Venedig. Shoshone was dominating the game. I was pretty lonely on my continent until they found it (couldn't settle myshelf). I took the citys of Poland and byzantine as they were weak with units from a city state I bought, leaving only Shoshone cities. But he wouldn't attack me because all my trade routes were too him (Venedig gets double the trade routes). So I just stashed money and bought out enough city states in the end to win diplomacy (had enough city states in the game)

  9. Deity was not that hard to beat though if you know how the game mechanics work. He cheats a lot yes but is extremely stupid. Was hoping for a harder AI in civ VI instead we got a complete pushover as deity.

  10. it is not working with all civs and all maps been trying some civ and it wont work i end up egual score(so losing) or event lower then some other civ


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