100 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Let’s Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire – Part 1 [Modded Civ 5 Gameplay]

  1. Unless Firaxis decides to patch the hell out of civ 6, I consider that game to be vastly inferior to civ 5. I'm so excited for this let's play Marbs! Good luck!

  2. I do miss Civ V's polish, but Civ VI is pretty fun too when play on certain settings. Seeing you play Civ V again is refreshing.

  3. So glad to see Civ 5 back! Civ 5 is classic Marbs. Maybe Civ 6 will be good eventually, but right now I don't care for it.

  4. I really missed CIV V from your channel. If you don't feel like playing CIV VI don't, no need to force yourself to play something you don't like, it will hurt the videos too.

  5. Glad to see you playing a Civ game again. EMPEROR LEVERL!!!. You are to good for this. You should always be playing on DEITY!

  6. Can Vox Populi Mod be used on a Mac? I only see an .exe as a downloadable. Anyone know if possible on a Mac? Thanks

  7. Yes and yes ! Now I can't wait for the next episodes of this series … I'm that eager that I even took the time to write subs in french (good lord, I need to find a job …). Keep it up Marbs !

  8. Why does everyone hate Civ 6? Its Artstyle, Animation, UI etc shits on everything in Civ 5! And isn't it just a better version of Civ 5, like with the politics mechanic and such?

  9. Guess I am in the minority here in saying that I enjoy and prefer Civ 6, although Civ 5 is an instant classic.

  10. Better to watch some V instead of that childish VI, i was hoping a lot to see your games again Marbozir, i'll watch everyone of them as always

  11. I'm currently into 10 minutes of this video, hoping to meet ramkhamhaeng somewhere, for old times' sake 🙂

  12. When you researched the wheel I was expecting antanabananarivo to appear on the map, I was dissapoited. Good to see you play civ 5 again!

  13. Anyone else notice how awesomely defensible that city state is? A peninsula with mountain gates and a lake moat 🙂

  14. Civ VI is broken(please fix it!) and no fun to watch or play. Civ V still has it. I am ecstatic that you decided to play it again. Especially with and interesting mod like Vox Populi.

  15. I just love seeing you back to CiV5 🙂 It is the kind of game that you get never bored of watching (and playing?)

  16. First Video I have watched that you produced in months. Sorry for the lack of views but I am here for Civ 5. Please Keep them coming :~)

  17. Thank you for your new series!!! Basically for all the reasons that people have given! Civ 6 is too cartoonish and AI is just silly. They will have helicopters and catapults, or barbarians can just wreck everything by constantly spawning infantry.

  18. Yea! Civ5! I, too, don't really like Civ6. Been playing BB, loads of fun but I think I'll start a Civ5 game. The Vox Populi mod looks good.

  19. Loving it Marbs, first got into your channel from Civ5. Vox Populi is a nice update to an old classic, keep it up!

  20. Yay! Civ 5!!! Thanks so much for playing this again. This is where I first saw you playing this awesome game in the past. Please make more after this one!

  21. Mabs please keep the Civ 5 games with the mods, it's always satisfying to see you playing this kind of game.

  22. Civ V or Civ VI doesn't matter to me. If there are new mods and interesting games to be had I'm always down.

  23. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I tried to like Civ 6 but i always got so bored with that game! Thanks Marb!

  24. i dont understand this how do you install this mod i have civ 5 on steam but i cant find this mod on steam someone plz help+

  25. this is great.althoughsome mechanics are really nice I find civ6 too slow and unwieldy. and somehow progress is less satisfying. thanks for doing this marbs.
    And about civ5 being old. it's not. and even when it will be, it will have aged well.

  26. Woohoo! More Civ5! I do enjoy Civ6 for many reasons, but it's hard to go wrong with Civ5. Regardless of age, I never get tired of watching you play it Marbs!

  27. Hopefully this isn't a one shot return, and that you start doing more civilization 5 again like you used to, this is great stuff

  28. So odd seeing you play non-deity lol. I keep on expecting the AIs to pop out 10 cities, pump out a bunch of shitty units and declare you weak and wage war on you XD

  29. semms like i wil have some time on my hands on second half of july i read the wiki of community balance patch and celts look a playable thing unlike their base leader wchat other mods you packed into that? i know some help with user interface but dont know names

  30. Was really excited for 1 second until I realized it was the old game… No thanks… Playing old games is weird.

  31. omg a miss this game so much, unfortunately my graphics card died and i can't play it, at least marbz is starting another series…

  32. the idea is perfect, it has been some time since I played Civ 5, good to see it in good hands and some nice moding going on

  33. I'm so happy that you are doing Civ V again! I found your channel through Civ V and have watched every single one of your Civ V playthroughs. Here's hoping to more Civ V content and some appearances of Ram Khamtrollface and Monty 🙂

  34. Which version is that? The 2.5.22 (downloaded as Vox Populi (5-22-1))? If yes, why do you start with Pathfinders instead of warriors?

  35. Whaaaaa? Welcome back Marbo! Thanks for posting these, I'll definitely be watching. Sadly i was on vacation when this was posted, happy to see them now though 🙂

  36. I 100% agree about the movement rules… I think the civ6 movement sucked a lot of the fun out of the game

  37. MARBS – Please make more of these – even vanilla etc…
    So much better viewing quality, and who doesn't love Civ V?! Stick with your roots my friend – you are killing it in this new series!

    Thanks for all your content – you and Quill are the best Civ YouTubers out there. Real talk.

  38. Vanilla Civ 5 was the most hated Civ game by far in the beginning of its release. Now it is the most treasured Civ. Civ 6 will definitely get there eventually with updates, expansions and mods. Be not afraid!

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