Civilization 5 – Let’s Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire – Part 2 [Modded Civ 5 Gameplay]

Civilization 5 – Let’s Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire – Part 2 [Modded Civ 5 Gameplay]

Hi, everyone, and welcome back to some more civilization five! So, let’s continue where we left off. …And the next thing we should do is get rid of this barbarian camp and then we’ll settle our third city. I’m not quite sure which tile exactly we’ll use for that, but we have some time to decide We are still recruiting in archer, so it will be some time before we actually get another settler Meanwhile Let’s get rid of that Barbarian first. We need to heal back to full Yep same goes for you, but we should move back into our territory first Eleven turns to Construct a plantation Alright, but first we need calendar. Let’s just wait over here or We could start the pasture. That works. Pasture first, and then plantation What’s China up to? did they start a third City? No not yet. I don’t think we can trade much not really we don’t have anything to trade We could buy copper if only we had something to buy it for but alas we do not Alright, so you guys will wait to get full health and then we’ll get rid of the Barbarian Camp Maybe we should just settle exactly where the camp is well, I Definitely want the horses, but I would also like to get the sugar… This one is out of range for example We can’t get everything Unless we settle on top of the horses Then we will actually get everything We’ll get the wheat to the west, we’ll get the sugar to the southwest We’ll get the horses to the east. We’ll get the wheat Maybe we should do that It’s actually not a bad idea I think we should Well, we’ll see first let’s actually get a settler to begin with oh, where are you going? Okay? We should probably kill him I can almost do it was the pathfinder, but not quite maybe on the next turn All right, let’s wait for that archer and We’ll kill the hand axe Also, we should probably explore beyond this island which means it would be nice to research sailing Do we have any fish? Yes, we actually do several even Okay, let’s grab sailing or we could get trade We should get trade routes going as soon as possible if only to take advantage of our unique ability So, yeah, how about we do that? Yep, sounds good to me. I assume we got trade Routes available. Oh, no, not yet. Oh That’s probably because we didn’t actually unlock trade yet. I have some beijing is in range it has to be in range Anyway, where are you going buddy? Not so fast get back here. We can try to block him with the Pathfinder I suppose We can also send our other warrior towards him Yep, sounds good next How many techs does China have? Seven we got six okay. That’s not too bad and We’ll pick up Liberty I think that will give us a worker and it will speed up improvements and It will also give us plus one movement for all civilian units On the other hand if we pick up organization We’ll get a little bit of extra science as soon as we send a trade route to beijing as Long as China has more techs than we do I think I’d rather get an extra worker first so there we go and We can improve the sugar We should probably be careful because some barbarian could spawn in this area I Could definitely see that happening. Oh another hand axe incoming Okay, then well that’s yet another reason to get rid of that stupid Barbarian camp We just need that archer faster okay, well we are about to get him and Edirne is about to grow of that pasture coming along We need two more turns all right then So attack and back up with the other guy And we should move in with the Pathfinder I guess although If he attacks with the spearmen that would be pretty bad oh Right it’s a jungle tile, and we don’t have iron working yet Which means we can’t improve this? Okay, never mind. Let’s go and do something else. We should probably just start building a road to Edirne Yeah, sounds good to me Especially since we’ll get some benefits for cities that are connected to our trade network oh, China settled the city Well, I should have seen that coming I suppose and we can’t buy the oasis just yet we don’t have enough gold All right, I mean at least we got the wonder that’s the important part Plus one population in both our cities. Yep, work that And the pasture is already done. I Don’t think we’ll be going to war with China because we need some trading partner we can always trade with City-States, but I’d rather trade with an actual AI You know to get the extra science from progress They just need to stay at least one tech ahead of us They probably will anyway That hand axe. Can we actually kill him? Possibly. It’s a little bit risky… No, we can’t kill him, although hold on. We can. There that was a little bit close. We go to the archer and Let’s get started on that road next up Let’s maybe grab a council first, and then a settler. I don’t want to fall behind so much Yeah, we should definitely get a council first We’ll just keep some military units in this area to block the way for any potential Chinese settlers If China sends a settler to settle right here, I will consider declaring war But we’ll see about that I’ll try to avoid a war with them for now and use them as a trading partner Okay, before we attack the camp. Let’s heal up a little bit looks like China might be attacking the spearmen They are already doing it Okay So since we don’t have iron working or bronze working, we can’t actually build plantations yet? That’s slightly unfortunate. But I still wanted to finish trade first That’s a bit more important of the moment. Maybe we should buy the tile with the marble I Think so. It’s nice production. Yeah, let’s grab it even unimproved that’s still four hammers So let’s get started on doing some damage here, but we still want to heal our warriors back to full Yep so you guys just stay here and chill and We can build a mine, or can we? Wait, we didn’t actually research mining yet, right? Probably best to just start the road from the other side The sooner We finish the road, the better. and plus 50 food in our capital. Nice! So that’s almost seven population now all right Road Let’s get started on that This guy should be going down right about now. We can kill him on the next turn Yep, just block the way for Chinese units Sounds good next You know what we also need more culture We aren’t generating a whole lot of culture right now to say the least Plus 20 gold. Okay, then so now you want to block the way for any chinese units that might be heading in this general Direction It probably won’t be very effective, but we will be getting started on the settler in the next few turns Heal back to full. Yep all right next Istanbul is about to grow and Someone built a Petra as well as Statue of Zeus. Alright. I guess it wasn’t China. …And we got trade. We’ll grab a caravan after the settler, and our next research should probably be mining, and then bronze working, and then iron working. As an alternative We could grab fishing and then sailing, or we could go for writing to unlock the library. We have a lot of options let’s grab mining first Because that will unlock the well as well as reveal stone on the map We might have some stone and it will allow us to build mines Which is obviously helpful as far as production goes More roads, oh Yeah, there’s another camp over here. We should probably attack that too. Yeah, I guess we should This looks mostly fine to me Yep, and the Council is done So settler is next can we speed that up. I don’t think so Yeah, I’m pretty sure eight turns is the best we can do here. All right. works for me Let’s keep an eye on this general area and we move towards the Barbarian Camp We can get a little bit of gold if nothing else So that’s always useful Second Council is almost done All right, then and we need to get the sugar As fast as possible, we’ll be able to trade one with China which means I think it’s best if we get bronze working next Because we’ll be able to chop the forest at least and then we can consider whether to research iron working or not I think it will depend on whether we have iron or not We’ll see. We can’t research everything all at once, as much as I would like to. Right, next. Also finishing this road would be nice. Then we’ll stop losing gold. How fast could we build a caravan in Edirne? 13 turns. That will actually be slightly faster, so let’s get one here. Works for me. Yep, and oh great a hand axe spawned. hold on accuracy or barage extra Combat strength versus units at or Below 50 health or Extra Combat strength versus units above 50 health. I think I prefer damage versus units above 50 health to weaken them from range Before we attack in Melee. Yep, sounds good to me Okay, then Two more road sections, and we’ll be done alright and The Road Will also help us connect our third City Faster as soon as we actually start it. So should we start working the wonder? I think so. Alright. The City will still grow technically. It won’t grow very quickly, but I want the faith and the culture We delayed it long enough as is. How’s China doing? Nine technologies, we got seven all right We don’t have a penalty For contested borders yet. In fact we have a bonus because we don’t have contested borders yet that will obviously change Once our border expands a little bit more in this area But for now, no penalty right let’s move in and start attacking Looks like China came to help as well. Well, thanks for your cooperation I suppose Fortify. How’s our growth? Yeah, there is none right now Minus six gold per turn. It will be better as soon as we finish the road Okay, don’t let China Destroy the Camp. I want the gold from it It won’t be a whole lot of gold, but hey, it’s better than nothing right? So, Bronze working… As much as I would like to rush sailing to get a trireme and explore, We need Bronze working to connect our luxuries. We really do Pyramids! China built that. In Beijing. All right? You know, the famous Chinese pyramids? Everyone heard of, obviously? Okay, so let me back up slightly away from that hand axe Yep sounds good and This will likely be our fourth city. So how about we found one on top of the horses and then one two three four and Then we could settle one right here on the coast next to the amber Not a bad idea now back to the worker. What should we do? Probably grab a mine for some extra production Yep, let’s do that And the connection is done Okay, then, what about this dude? You might have to wait Yeah, he will have to wait for our borders to expand a little bit Settler is almost done. New barbarian camp discovered. Okay. That’s not our problem. Let’s kill the hand axe first Before we do anything else, and then we can focus on the spearman again We are still losing more gold than I would like to but okay a mine Give me that Caravan Faster 13 turns. The settler is almost done. We actually kind of need the gold from the Barbarian Camp So there’s the settler last chance to change our mind about the city location I Don’t think I’m going to change my mind. We’ll settle on top of the horses We can’t really get the truffles unless we settle further to the north Well, how about right here? What if we settle right here? We get the copper and we’ll get the truffles. We’ll also get the horses, sugar, stone, other horses. Maybe this is actually better We could also settle on the river, but then we’ll miss out on the sugar and on this stone But the other city would get the sugar and the stone Yeah, now I’m seriously considering it so let’s say we settle right here where the pathfinder is and then on top of the wheat or… Right here. We will get the horses. So this city doesn’t need to be in range of that if we settle right here We’ll get everything else in the area I Think that’s the best City plan All right, I’m glad I reconsidered so let’s kill that Spearman Shall we? I want my gold. Give me my gold. Really you’re not dead yet. That’s like one health are you serious? All right monument market I kind of want more culture, but I Think market would be a better idea We don’t have to rush the shrine because we have the wonder let’s grab the market gold is clearly a problem on the moment Okay, sounds good to me next Seven turns to finish bronze working Edirne demands tobacco. Well you aren’t going to get it. Sorry. There’s none on this entire continent. Oh Great another hand axe. Well doesn’t matter I want to get rid of this stupid camp. before they spawn even more units So there we go and Escort the settler In case something funny happens. We can also keep the builder, or the worker, on the same tile Since the tile rules aren’t exactly the same as in vanilla Civ. Here you can actually have a military unit, a settler, and the builder all on one tile, and I quite like that so next How’s China doing? Ten technologies, we got eight all right. And we got an event we can get plus two culture from the palace or Plus on Faith from all shrines. I think we’ll go for the culture Yeah, let’s go for the culture. We are a little bit behind. ok oh Come on. The China started a city well looks like we need to change our plan that Was so unlucky we were one turn away from starting the city All right Where do we go? We could settle on top of the hill We can still get the copper I Kind of want a coastal city now, but it won’t be amazing Yeah, it will be kind of crappy If we settle right here that will definitely piss off the Chinese We can’t really afford to buy to many tiles either because we don’t have the gold for that This was so unfortunate. I wanted that location. Oh, we revealed some more tiles Yeah, what the heck do we do with this settler now? We could settle over here. Oh, and there’s also cotton further to the north You know, now I’m considering something like this. It’s a little bit risky if we end up at war with China Because this city will be a little bit far away from our capital Still if we want to maximize the benefit This is the best location to settle Because we’ll get the copper. We’ll get the cotton We’ll get fish to work immediately we’ll get copper, deer… we’ll get everything in the area and Then we can still settle right here on the Coast I Think that’s our best option at this point and it shouldn’t upset China too much because it’s how many tiles away from Nanjing it’s six tiles away from Nanjing and like 12 tiles away from their capital I Think that’s what we’ll do Let’s maybe reveal all these tiles before we decide– Oh! There’s a natural wonder in here?! Okay? Well, then this has been a rollercoaster in the past few turns. Now I’m definitely settling here That will be in range of the wonder Okay, then so right here And there’s the city state We can settle here right? Yes, it’s not too close to the City state Well, this was very unexpected all right settle right here Hopefully China won’t be too unhappy let’s get the hammer and What do we start from? That’s a good question probably well because extra production Yep And we’ll keep some basic defenses in this area. This is going to be our most exposed city although It would be nice to have some basic defenses in Edirne. “Your military deployment is threatening.” All right. [Wu Zetian says something in Chinese. What do you want? I’m not a genie.] Was their income fifteen gold per turn? This is going to be an interesting game. The problem is that we are the only neighbor they have So if they’ll want to attack someone we are the only one they can attack; they have no other options for war Just us So that makes me a little bit nervous Yeah, “territorial disputes strain your relationship.” I think we’ll have to focus on the military a little bit more I Hope we got some iron Yeah, I’m not happy about this, but we needed the city is just too good to ignore in my opinion. It definitely is. Bronze working is almost done. So then we’ll be able to chop the forest and improve the sugar All right, let’s meet the City-State…Kabul. And we’ll also have to work on our gold a little bit I Kind of hope they would stay friendly, but I don’t know about that It’s going to be a problem Fortunately, Edirne will be pretty easy to defend With the mountain right next to it on the north side. I’m not too worried about that But AI likes to spam a lot of units We’ll see we just need to get a few military Techs However, I think this is a good moment to make a cut, so I’m going to continue in the next episode Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time [Outro music]

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  1. if China gonna attack you, it will be with an army of settlers in the next few turns. that's how they play as an AI in Vox Populi

  2. you have the option where after you tell a unit to do something, the camera will switch to the next unit the game wants you to give orders to. You should turn it off. 🙂

  3. more civ V:p it's pitty that you didn't like CiV Vi for some reasons:p it will be nice if you will be making some videos of CiV Vi:p but still old good CiC rules:p

  4. So I tried out the mod and I gotta say: It's hard as sh…! Played on "Normal" because I am not that good at the game and I begin to get my ass handed to me. Literally every nation attacks me (some who even are on another continent!), and they can spam enemies so fast you can't even kill them in time. And of course your units get killed by enemy units of the same type in 3 attacks where you need 5+… I don't know if I am truly that bad or Vox Populi sets each difficulty about 3 difficulties higher… Oh yeah and barbarian camps spawn literally every 5 turns.
    It's really well made though and I would enjoy it but the AI just exploded and I don't stand a chance.

  5. China is authority. They're going to have a ton of units and want to go for you around turn 75-80 i'm guessing. Also civilian units can stack with other units, even military units from other civs, so you can't wall a civ out of settling a spot unless you war them.

    EDIT: Also AHAHAH already a 1 health are you serious <3
    Agreed a rollercoaster series of turns with that settler. I think your city there may end up denying China a copper monopoly, which is great because it would give them +10% prod.
    Really pumped to see Vox Populi here on the channel.

  6. Tried out Vox Populi with Jfd RtP and Cultural Diversity after having played the community patch with the same mods. Might have done something wrong because I went from winning easily on immortal to losing on prince. Turn 125 my last game on prince Greece was 45 techs ahead had rocket artillery ect, I stole gold 480k gold in one turn with a spy lmao. Ill probably try to get some help troubleshooting on civ forums xD

  7. i'm loving the civ 5. Honestly I never watched your civ 6 because the artwork looks so godawful (not your fault). I am ok with whatever mods you use for civ 5. Civ 5 is so much more fun to watch than civ 6.

  8. Marbs, perhaps 'getting a view on the rest of the continent might be good? Your two scouts get XP from revealing tiles, and they have been sitting next to barbarian camps for most of their lives 😛

  9. Watching you play Civ 5 makes me want to download it and play it again, but I can't help but feel a little guilty about turning my back on Civ 6… I always like to stay on the "latest and greatest," but CIv 5 just feels so much more developed than 6 at the moment

  10. Amazing that a simple notification which lets you zoom to the newly spawned/discovered barbarian camp would be so awful to lose. A simple sound effect and spending minutes looking around trying to find it sure is fun and interesting gameplay.

  11. wouldn't it have been faster if you used the road to go as far north as it allowed and then went west?

  12. Glad you're doing more Civ 5!
    And I'm glad you reconsidered settling on the horses when you were planning another city near the river+wheat. lol
    It's a bit further spread out and more greedy to settle on the river, but I'm sure you can handle defending yourself just fine. Would just be a bit awkward if China sneaks in a settler in the middle to grab the horses and sugar. lol
    Spoke too soon! China did indeed do something a bit awkward, just not exactly what I suggested. Oh, they might have done you a favor, that's a pretty good location.

  13. in this situation, i'd settle 2 cities most likely. One to the west between the amber and the wheat, and one to the north, 2 tiles above the wheat next to the camp, next to the river. There is one copy of sugar you wont be able to get right away, but everything else is covered. And your borders will spread there eventually.

  14. Aren't barrage and accuracy bonuses against units below/above 50 health mixed up ? For me it makes much more sense that a barrage would do more damage against a full unit because there's more people there, more chances to hit something, while accuracy would help sniping running, sparse units. Am I insane ??

    Also, how the hell do turk people in this play even know what tabacco is, when they never saw one ? What are they smoking ?

  15. Glad for the civ 5 content. Newish subscriber here, found you through Filthyrobot and your single player-multi player vid series.

  16. You shoud park pathfinders near the china's border. This way you will know in advance if they prepair to war whith you(Also you can figure out the target they will attack).

  17. Marbozir making Ottoman great again by attempting to build a human wall to keep out the illegal Chinese immigrants.

  18. It's so much easier on the eyes watching a let's play of Civ 5 compared to civ 6. Didn't think I missed it so much, but I apparently did.

  19. Love your city reconsideration, that horses city with the crammed one to the west would have been painful to look at with all those nice tiles out of range to the north :P- posted just before the Nanijing troll

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