Civilization 5 Mod Showcase – More Luxuries

Civilization 5 Mod Showcase – More Luxuries

hello there 21 and welcome its initial
by, Civilization 5 Mod Showcase – More Luxuries, civilization 5 mods, civilization mod Marchex this episode I’ll be doing at
the shelby’s up a little more than that found call
more elections it’s a basic mind it just adds more on
you luxuries um it’s actually really amazing when the show you but geez add I’m where
is this Lamont hero more luxuries optimize the source
distribution ads 8 more luxuries like glass I guess coffee Kyle from cocaine hes really know but yet city does it um just loaded up and I have to say they
have it did export dis Mon a just started that that
they should make E week watch okay so red rights that the big game its select someone was a big expansionist arm guy shimada or soon as often happens yes and guys another school again small nap school foreign want to look at him he won’t be do me
any fighting here from BKS and watch about these luxuries naps I stand there in the the stance from had seen classical Iran I billion years and more more MORE ceiling lolol resources a strategic balance city of aging are very saddened aging body and its history shaman but
really doing this again let what analysts to start a game from bad yet Sam as you can see you can already hear some began ready city parks mall X municipal near the coast um miss explore those ruins gotti’s p.m. inmate knowing me 30-goal I’m look death there its CE its cool for editing activity or optics
or whatever from a typical I’ll start getting these all its um it said treated me like I guess I’m yes more or less explore to snap a
little bit numb get East cattle doesn’t want to explore
display some that policy what people just Goldcorp artists right years worst or up getting all perfect is by
Thailand’s connect these all this team isolation
some more supports the barbarians um yeah I don’t think they will be able to
show you all of them pearls or are more luxury so I’ll you go of it and I’m guessing if
the task of the it also has to know you can see the ad unique models now i cant compared to you
all okay a cat as you can see I’m in the Polish aiding at never well I guess they do look a little bit
like in since lead record but yet did not seek to
offer a from in I’m is actually the a really nice game to get very nice mod playing skinhead moment they can’t
really speak as Billy Graham Greene socialist x4 and quite small one chase at Argentina from yet again find all watchers in chile all I’m
guessing the anti-tobacco active really needed some some you what juries more coffee really easy luxuries because and guessing they had like 15 luxuries alongside for slain and jewels and stuff like that the wrong I’m on the SEC’s in action I you exit is more than mean the acid string8 I suggest everyone wants to play to look at at the
m-class on it’s just everyone who place seven
months to what have new experiences I suggest and
getting this more its amazing well i sat there 8 you luxuries didn’t just letting
crappy risking lives easier actually yes you
look like d developers added that into the game in seanangs noticing all the young luxury and resource from the community editing in the net and being here yet exchange lace source skills but there is actually a
tad too run through this St again might get out
some some parts like a small population spines more resources arms we already
found tree and then coffee olives and less it pretty awesome what is on the line here today should turn out to be a very nice
game yeah some school for trying want to
explore the world is much as possible right objects song musician all ski schools for and working year excuse what a shed this is a very strange
situation this happened to me a lot and once a.m.
took a year must mean they get a guess musket
man on dealer when and it’s found a gym to
weapons it a Peyton do riflemen as should be the case but they got a lot of
shit like that every since its empire in ways scales should buy some more steps to
explore the space is left on girl data by and conscious the kept up apps don’t in exploring lumber but they also have coffee well to go
this village it’s inspired connected right from call it can work out workout should be added
in EC resources for example being really cool dude add
see the source that they’re only and available oceans example like white
whales something like that units this more meeting here ok let’s go
Disney session ahead another scoreless Council place
perm yes again this mod is amazing just freaking amazing like
adding something dad being but de smallest history ya succeed really makes you want
to play this game like over and over again sometimes I get
bored at this game and I just woke up tomorrow I might
instantly late again always on and Oxmoor instruments disappointed not to see but not the waters army in 2008 did shootings have lets the kids good about it let’s me something bites ball shorts guess nothing line Muslim Nicholas by anyways arm there might be not all the
grease more not all the resources might exist in
this match its current match so much a part find
all of them on mean the opening well arm this is
already taking longer than expected but your enemies that’s my area will find one more unique what Jesus and on said misleading short shouldn’t excellent the more spotlight um which reminds me if you find anything interesting on
Steam Workshop let me know being comments tell me the
name and I will find it I will do she gets on it a in what’s
most mods myself 0 fungal unseen engines while on this is very nice all you statues this morons needs well think well and mr. Gary in Stickney people with a pointy sticks I already
have the all G yes another one jury resources Jane I’ll pretty awesome and yes it didn’t know did was needed to be on this but again 8 luxuries allotted well used one is all yell olives up working send barbarian fighting action going on warm arrest me get no and sailing from so your own sports here should on a here Burberry in Tampa and this guy
some yes I said they’ll find more lectures or
snow and that’s okay um thank you so much for watching again
they said the justin’s in the comments below and CNX

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  1. I got this mod to work the first time, but hasn't worked since. Now every time I load a map, there are no luxuries. I've deleted the cache, deleted the mod and reinstalled and nothing works.

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