Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 1 of 3

Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 1 of 3

Welcome to the Mongol scenario walkthrough on deity level The key to winning is properly utilising the mongol Keshik units and doing so in a rapid manner One wants to build up the experience levels of the Keshiks as fast as possible, so the first civ to attack will be the Chinese civs Diplomacy is only there to get gold and then declare war, one needs plenty of gold With this quick gold one can updgrade to some keshiks The first to conquer will be the Western Xia city state, doing so will give you two free units. The workers are there to connect roads to Beijing and improve Karakorom a bit Karakorum is there to simply produce units, and produce them ASAP First turn done ! Note at the beginning everything must be organised almost perfectly. Getting of to even a slightly slow start will make it impossible to win. The social policy picked will obviously the one that hastens experience points. For the technology tree the entire focus is to obtain Riflemen at the end of the game. The hit and run tactics with the Keshiks will used throughout the game, attack and move back, this it what will the game. You also want your generals close by to maximise the attack For promotions you want to aim for the double attack promotion for every Keshik ASAP Building this to keep happiness up as long as possible, at a certain point however it will get too high and penalise your attack points. Most cities you will take will be with the horsemen unit, since they are fast enough to keep up with the Keshiks as they move through the world Taking Beijing will take away that enoying Great Wall of China wonder that slows down ones units Save often ! There will be lot of mistakes made and a lot of reloading ! Will only declare war once the Northen Chinese civ is defeated I keep all the cities that supply horses and raze the rest, you want to get as many strategic horse resources as possible One needs to start working on the conquest of Japan ASAP, thus I need to take Korea first I have found that taking Japan is one of the hardest civs to conquer Besides getting Rifelmen on the tech tree, I obviously will need to get the techs to cross the waters to Japan There is a lot of saving or reloading to be done to complete this, I removed most of the saving and reloading parts (but clearly not all) Eliminating a civ will give a nice gold boost and and tech, you will need a good bit of gold right at the end to finish Japan so save some of it ! Always remember to get their gold before declaring war Getting the double attack a turn, makes the Keshik extra deadly ! Sorry, I did a reload here and did not fully edit out this part, I placed my horseman at wrong position and lost it ! Especially at the beginning stages, one cannot afford to lose any units. You can either finish off China with all your units or you can start sending you armies towards Persia and finish off the remaing cities with a smaller force, I chose the latter, you should finish off China or be heading to Persia more or less around turn 30. The silk road, the ancient highway from east to west ! Don’t declare war on Persia yet, you want to attack from the other side where it is easier to move I am a big liar, I will attack you soon enough Barbarian are normally not a problem, but when they threaten your strategic horse resources, they must be dealt with China has been dealt with, ideally they should have finished them off 2 or 3 turns earlier, but this is good enough

15 thoughts on “Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 1 of 3

  1. im verry happy to find this vid, cause most walkthroughs are over 1.5y old. I have two questions:

    Does this unlock the lower achievements?
    – Are you gonna do other scenarios? like vikings for example

  2. Great video, thanks for uploading it. Just one question here, it seems that you are splitting your troops fairly evenly between rough terrain combat bonus and non-rough. When I tried a play-through of this scenario it appeared that the vast majority of cities were built on non-rough terrain. Looking back, do you think speccing heavier into non-rough would be a better option?

    Also, I find that indirect fire before additional range is the better upgrade, as I'm blocked more than I am out of range

  3. How come the catapults and the cho-ko-nu and such don't bother to shoot you when you leave yourself in range?? That doesn't even happen on my king games, much less deity!

  4. Hey I used your over all strategy and have passed this scenario on deity. I manage to finish it within 90t, so there are a few improvement I do to your strategy. First at the last city of Arabia, I conquered the CS at the right of it first because it is extremely annoying and it don't consume very much time. So unlike you, I didn't lost any promoted Keshik there, and it accelerate the conquer very much. Secondly, I didn't raze those city with horses, so I can keep buying keshik, and the new keshiks can make the later game easier. Thirdly I invest some army at home so the rebel wouldn't ruin the horses at home, at least not for too long. Finally, I conquered Japan  mush faster than you, I don't know why is that but somehow I take Japan down within 80T. So Japan isn't that hard, I think, because the tough terrain influence not only you but also the AI, and apparently they are not good at dealing with it.

  5. I don't know why but your units do way more damage than mine. Take the start for example. That very first unit you attack with keshik when attacking Western Xia, it dies in one hit. My keshik only does 4 damage, even after using a 2nd Keshik, it's still alive. I'm not sure why your units do way more damage than mine, considering i did exactly as you did.

  6. Hahahaha you made him buy your luxury trade route, then you declared war. Why have i never thought of this.
    So deviously simple.

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