Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 2 of 3

Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 2 of 3

With China finished most of the forces will now focus on conquering the Western civs. Persia is next, but this can be one of the most annoying problems in the game if they happen to have a golden age when you attack them When this happens Persian units get one extra movement and makes it very difficult to handle, my advise is to reload the game to a earlier point and keep trying until there is no Persian golden age. Japan one of the toughest civs to conquer, I cannot repeat this enough, Japan must be tackled ASAP I will need to annex Korea to build units for the Japan conquest The invasion of Japan begins When Persia is overwhelmed they often will offer you two cities for peace, take them they will save you time, you can easily finish off the remaining Persian city later on Next go straight for Arabia, making allies with the Abbasids will give you horse and a useful ally right next to Arabia In Hindsight having 4 Keshiks as opposed to 3 to conquer India would have been easier, but 3 fully promoted Keshiks are enough to take down India The first Japanese city taken, the next one will be much MUCH harder ! Sacrificing the extra general on purpose, so that my Keshik is not attacked Most of the Arabian cities are easy to capture because of all the flat land around their cities, except for Cairo which is a bit harder to take. This is why Japan is so hard to conquer lots of hills, no space to move, and an endless production of units that you have to deal with when trying to take Kyoto Taking Cairo will be hard, as there a narrow stip of land to cross, and it is usually full of Arab units guarding it Ok clearly this is a mistake losing a Keshik here, but I wanted to take Cairo as fast as I can, and there enough super Keshiks to easily take Greece And another Keshik lost, very scrappy, but at leat Cairp will now fall Arabia is always a tough one to take last, taking on Greece and Russia last is recommended
There are still 5 civs to conquer and only 41 turns, don’t panic you have much stronger units now Greece is only two cities but it is hilly and will take a bit longer than you think to conquer, so don’t leave for too late With India defeated this army will now finish off Persia Building up for Russia, but will wait until the more promoted units are there as well The Mongol hordes have entered Europe, can anything stop them ?

9 thoughts on “Civilization 5 Mongol Scenario on Deity 2 of 3

  1. Got tired of this game, so i uninstalled it. After the uninstallment, i began to watch civ5 on youtube. That got to be 50% epic fail and 100% epic win 😀

    This is the only campain i havent managed to complete on deity. The only difference between our playstyles is that i keep the countered towns while you destroy them. Because of this i got higher pop+towns (lower happiness) that you, but also higher income. Why do you do this? Any strategic reason im missing?

  2. I honestly didn't struggle that much with japan. I just teched up to caravels and got 1 keshink with range, double attack and the leaf ability (where you can attack things that are scouted by another unit) Fortifications from generals would perhaps be a good idea, to remove Japanese units/grant vision but haven't tried that.

  3. I just realised what I have been doing wrong. All your Kenshins have double attack. None of mine have it, even though I've managed to keep up until turn 57 doing more or less the same  thing as you, having the same cities and the same number of units more or less.

    Of course that if the option would have appeared I would have chosen it. What do you need to do to have double attack promotion appearing?

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