Civilization 5: Prehistoric Era  – Mod Showcase

Civilization 5: Prehistoric Era – Mod Showcase

air guys -16 welcome tonight is this the
five watch it its this episode I may be
showing you the,
Civilization 5: Prehistoric Era – Mod Showcase restore you tomorrow which basically
adds a brand new era behind that ancient era which is
actually a really cool moesha chosen with a low nap India make this
quick make it Hammack start a game you rode
right so right you know we have more settler in
the research and we just finished simple building and
settler and other shit on which is this warrior I labor a lean-to shelter and here but
UK basically the same as a at drop while
except for its bonus um and production cost but it looks exactly like the better
like and little icons to get after building one they’re not models
small structures on the net so exactly better it silkwood as of me wonders to the game
rights missing Connie is found also get land so okay have to explore our own everywhere so if you’re gay there DT Terrance which is actually and
talked and then switched you you note 3 o’clock
a tall beautiful and triple tree around which a community
has been pounded indicates yet basically replaces the
palace um it doesn’t leave the palace but its instead a palace you will be able to
concerns about late in the game once you actually get
that in SD for it a lil literally a fucking game and in
the smart cell right now labor is like a worker only shitty its a basic get implementing an inference acting
slow but still a nice thing to have in stock again rightly shop there are when governor all that shit on in New animated it’s a stigma at the Deathly so right off the bat I can say that you can
Ashley make more wars like der more troops small soldiers and usually when you start of you like
just rushed through the ancient era and you
don’t start me doing wars like after getting get the
bolts on mathematics which is on the weslia miss this vicinity want ants as it is
their last more than thing explore it’s like a scout only
better mission I’ll or it straight and yeah it’s just that got should be
somewhere you know your while the best rather is stronger
discounts on that issue or arm and ice action for scouting because well basically this mod ruins the Shoshone
I’m my best friend there is completely
useless now the guys by the time I reached this I will already have explored everything
on cell yeah I should be nice language its with a beautiful my I constantly
looked at good while they do look good but they’re not
fit for them musicians style as you can see like wessel at different and isn’t just doing in but maybe they’ll be
it right so gathering shows you like bananas and stuff barry’s you can build
forging such as your labors yeah up look stills on walks went and seeded is like used to teach
resources 12 months teachers nurses elect don’t
they actually don’t you anything but I guess precautions don’t need them I the
National the I just play said Nazis and Jews resources like stone wendell ford together County plant up
city and arm now Shire Schiemann or shaman is bear our full range and it
needs by strength in this case 3 the basic the
donor torches at people its action fire bending or something I
am by their pre we get near combat but there’s
something strange don’t have one as you can see a range is 1 um so I came out pretty much wide shut them
arm embassies be good for messaging cities right warfare said each exceptionally big and strong human
specimen with a bad temper yeah basic letter best of cable archery you can see their
strengths and not much away from shaman as you can see if five i stank but still by far from 10 to watch right so
um estimates that there are to me wonder CR disorders are yet is one there yumm basing that on Mar all
the resources you can see them on the map I up she’ll part yet and all the mitigation it is
actually makes a lot more sense means standards in one on cell again played
some multiplayer really sad X its continuous planning of
Finance doing or an isolation cell this is how the guy
that’s um the amp different BIOS is that a unique
model like a little soldier with a stick and sandals like on brutes look like you buy beer and brats and shams look like the international
number what you look like what changed shamans said at these why I remember its while different geisha not get that it in Torrance yes like the
exit I’m just them on auto explore and just argue with their
arms against Yahoo com twenty gold perfect into the also have the little
settlement our national project I’ll get the all hero the Cayman in the libertarian boats I’ll spin that smile I guess right let’s
go for a for some happiness any at the old in and nothing else no let’s go for a labeled get second a
month ish if I can upgrade to Oracle XE unit but and I’ll be called Ethington
possible said on its or wrench into and there’s a Burbank and homes right this buckle up next turn it the more tense I can make my sham
marketplace im guessing production tomorrow worker to shun from all the strong actually become a bit and ok at this point the fasting transit as many as possible on the way my soul I’ve discovered is or weapon most likely killed his defense K single it’s going to clear out
encampments early on from yes later I could still as they
were right let’s go for any Shaw 16 there’s a slot like for production six-tenths while okay located at 610 lot actually I should Shyamal guessing guessing that’s it because just
so much to see in this mod I i really suggest you Dalit okay to
make the discussion below it’s an awesome on extends the gameplay if you’re playing on a redundant this
year asthmatic forever guys I think it’s like the
slowest era not progressing there fast it’s like
don’t fifty in gothic you almost three decks but engineer lot anything that useful Watson barest it best all I’ll unify a flint and shit right loss again missing paid negotiable religion against my religion
I’ll I can actually find and government see
if the add anything news thing I’m guessing you
don’t or religion is not implement this
terrible yes up the national hero sent right no school for in he with the washer there’s a little elicit their stay I can’t pronounce its like a lil on
wooden wall I’ll al again will propel them leadership admit give me a lot of signs
production goals so I’m gonna offers rights sleep sitting there now it’s pretty hard to determine where
your neck city should be in Miami when they get settler went in desist letter now but again you know we have to settle like
there’s nothing neck everywhere on your nothingness only and stuff like that but that won’t let
was in production for everything and it’s not very useful reitman and bird movie in utica and lots and lots more number bored by them are you’re going to
look at that I found I’m yes I should be nice here shall increased everything but yeah on wall for dissection right day
look very nice like explorers or something look at it the religious shamans but and what I know you know shall look like this guy looks like more of a shower in
a meeting we have a staff actually really awesome to see how many
more than potentially the tablet has a complex beast slide same thing although it does the
ass in close-up which is amazing right there is nice um thank you so much
for watching this episode I’m giving it a comment below what much
to look at next on not have to make yep first
impressions of mods but not explain with my ideas and tried to
it you interest into the lot seeking Dalit for yourself all the shit you UK
okay yeah I know they actually really showing
you use death each yet forty them just what game assaying I will check in it you in Jurmala second liked Dallas
yourself that’s why leading but yeah anyways um again this watching all see you on
the next solution by more chips

14 thoughts on “Civilization 5: Prehistoric Era – Mod Showcase

  1. I have played the Prehistoric Mod … and you have missed some basic points for the Mod … ad it shows in your 'analysis' … Especially true for the Shaman. Which is basically useless except for city defense in the early game.

  2. Don't you just hate it when mods are so great that you wish the original developers had thought of it? What I'd be interested in finding for a mod is one that nerfs nuclear missiles, making them intercept-able, and not by simply bringing back the SDI construct. The earth 2014 mod really made it all bullshit, if Gandhi's AI wasn't enough. Maybe a mod where the world Congress can vote to disarm the worlds nukes, fraction by fraction for the sake of realism. To make things more interesting, adding smuggling nuclear devices to opposing cities through espionage, which can only be buffered by counterintelligence, would be a nice new feature as well. Making the barbarians also capable of it, is something I'd also like to see. Please tell me I'm not the first one to think of this!

  3. I'm really curious to play this mod now! 😀 I've always felt the games started too late in history, haha.

    One suggestion: Do you think you could ever make it (or create a different mod) so you start out nomadic? Maybe for one example, start out with a tribe leader and hunters, do some basic tasks to gain science without a city (like hunting or defeating an encampment), and eventually discover basic tools so you can upgrade the leader to a settler? 😛

  4. This mod doesn't ruin the Pathfinder. It is the most powerful unit of its time (8 Combat Strength, while Autochton has 3, Caveman has 5, Warrior is later etc.)

  5. Invents permanent settlement without; Language, fire, cooking, *social gathering*, hunting and gathering are separate. This mod should just have you wandering till you invent all these, these are the very basic necessities you need to make even villages and some of these things were around before we humans evolved.

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