Civilization 5 Rushing Great Library tutorial

Civilization 5 Rushing Great Library tutorial

well welcome to,
Civilization 5 Rushing Great Library – Tutorial Series[Ep. 2], civilization 5 great library rush strategy, guide had a guy’s mysticism welcome to my brain utilization five
guys heres reserve a solo show you how to rush to great Larry indefinable brave new world slide is similar to the
vanilla rush or maybe guys in Kings won I’m has been much the
same for all the expansions that I’ll be focusing a little bit more into
brave new world tuna what you going to do first is fine
your city obviously but never move your settler
with only if you get bound City at the same turn a
single turn is crucial at the very start game I managed to get
them degrees Lavery every single game that’s
on your temper or Marshall I jazzy the same for diet he just might
that record id: most likely it’s impossible lamb well since
they I get workers early and it against we must possible
sitting in preventing earlier to New and he helped much more production now you first should prioritize a scout and
then work never go for a Grammy unless you have
the money to buy a worker and we have some time an Asian ever bill
that otherwise um than once writing is up you
should instantly switch art from whatever it is you’re bill at
two different library again wasting attorney is bad nap
speeded-up I’m you should look for rulings which
warriors slashed down on defined population from cultures fine
but only V Day tradition you must day tradition 421 their production
boost arced across a political theorist I’m now if you start next the marble its
even better you must improve it immediate marble is
the best luxury and probably the most overpowered an early game I’m because it grants 20
percent more production towards ancient and classical euro1 well which
is something you want Hadley on national writing them go
for mining do clear forests and radically as many
of them as you can clearing one here cleanup clearing of
forests gives you about Dom you prolly three turns off to rate Larry with
deflect 15 to 20 production might be a bit less but it’s still very
use now in my game I’ve chosen the
Babylonian Empire although he used up arm d great scientist you I’m great I’ll arm you don’t the real want to use it in any way %ah
Ashley started in a real application I haz a
marble which I didn’t actually improve all AST Aslam liked some I had some stones which is also
with production I start clearing of forests everywhere I and as you can see I got a
good library um there weren’t too many players there
were from what like 8 it’s just an app so yes about eight so the nation’s and I was
one of them and they got the clamor for example if
you’re playing on the large on the be huge world sorry for the huge
and they’re like well we’re more fact fashion
civilizations the and they’re going to have a hard
time especially if you’re playing on temper and the book solitude in the
rush library Russia Larry don’t waste your time with
anything else just rush it otherwise are not getting it now
after you get the library Andrew damn many choices do today their first one being the Act you quickly build the National College and
then you start pumping up science like crazy and the rush for education it to in this week at the station and philosopher Univeristy and go from there
the other team you can do which I found really useful is rush for the Hanging Gardens after
the library of course arm choosing a free other religions
something something that would help you get help
get the Hanging Gardens step met Matt is it is um well basically
just rush the and for hanging gardens if it’s not
built yet and once you build the Hanging Gardens well you just get food and food plus science is actually really good because
you get more science if you have I and more sits and was gone
and that’s it for this um episode I guess fordice guide I want to call it yeah it’s in the
fridge guy down see how to rush a great LaBrie I hope
you enjoyed and I’ll see you next time in fine I’m fine just rested good shit in

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  1. So, when is the best time to build the Great Library for free tech? Should I save it until later or build it asap?

  2. Wouldnt having the extra hill tile production from moving onto a hill with your settler not be worth more than a turn?

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