Civilization 5 Standalone Civilizations – Mod Showcase

Civilization 5 Standalone Civilizations – Mod Showcase

well, Civilization 5 Standalone Civilizations – Mod Showcase hair guy is my next election welcomed on
our television five mA spotlight December zombie showcasing or brand new solutions that I found on Steam
Workshop and the bar so I’m just happened so to be Manito jeweler submits it’s basically
the mix colour public problem at 1867 eighty on soul sister to
them did quite a unique innovation walls gain freebie welcome our slot so basically
you can with the painting on the wall %uh spent much money rum in Austin Reed points towards which
artists in the capital is actually will be 10 you best culture yes if anyone chooses to play with their mom
normal and go for a culture victory after ride ideology up did basically is
Muslims for the children using the city start with an additional 15 XP so in especially in his drawer or Alice and
this special building is attend if like is I guess either a Griffin our
annual killing a sneak way a I actually don’t know what does that
stands for probably something something matches that of a sudden I
guess and ice alright so rallies are um are bracing for a rifleman basically
generous txt culture a and the Deathly station in the city also from yet common bonds this blog from the
territories now the special building is a what’s in
them which doesn’t bring any benefits at all unless ill up next
the city it gives some stats and also even more
stats by would made production want economics as they discover so there are color is
green which like doctor with doc rather yes means start of in their nice place um Mexico City on their color is like ASU ni there’s no 107 and normal game that has that lol up no which intention well obviously rifling 1s baseman evil cowboys or something where r in I guess built-in undergo Gilles see duction with a yeah basically the same stuff so that’s basically it some it’s not as
unique as you might think nothing nothing changed here very simple in pay raises more want the
nationalization exxon we have to worry bedding shielded the warrior king especially at
uni defense since turning the ball
citizenry’s by 20 percent and your capital stocked with balls
already in stock when you’re suggesting do I apply a heel want to stand HPA
return it regardless the previous action so why is the area of special
building and soon and efficient water is an insane man I
cannot pronounce these because I’m guessing African from by look at the map and their their flag alright by me is basically you guys do
right so peace in Meno me the medieval each
ingredient that excels at the king of Beatz so I’m guessing the yard Putnam and I A is so this a lot lace-up primary
defensive implemented provide standby percent I’ll
the tense and as a parking bans and you can build um basically a guess this is um instead save a fortress has a built the
eulogies and lanyards and Jenny territory list in its be every day
regardless of previous action so as I a dole you before I loading the game is basically he owes
you if bill did you think the citadel I will also provide Google+ production after
industrialization in the research eyelash in a traditional russian girl um it’s in the 40 the lie and Davis a
battered and damaged and pillage however even at the ligase writes a
large amount of gold attacker what Ilitch so it’s actually
something you might want to Ilitch me up bennett’s as you can hear they
have the arm their unique music or soundtrack the look a lot like Copenhagen from company Denmark the global a demo tomorrow because the
color was a bit more red ABS so duh special unit India it with the bike I’m guessing it’s the same same thing %uh and you can recycle I R or at at construction yes three simple can only been billed I’ll can be built
the other okay up and why is that it’s for dissociation that’s more than
expected alright tur til they shouldn’t be Lester B
Pearson of candid keepers apiece so this special issue
with is not using temporary clean neutral and edges but you happiness if tears won their invention can then
their friend gain bustling against the world now this again is be a reunion at you
you can claim Landen on units but they were aired at
the you can implement all I guess again but it might be and uses
unless you have a nonunion just claim all the land around any city in just work it’s and keep claiming it
until this is the actual space miss be detected mature on damn special unit yes agreed with your its and aid agent or a great artist or
something like that it air edit can um create the luxury resource for example average
first and their special unit is garrison artillery its missing like artillery but
the Canon by look at the image and what’s the
check them out alright so I love the back in your on I still soundtrack also as mexico the
cannons have life will voice-over I believe by
the marketing and sales i’ll settle a city
in noun yes special unit is it can basically what it does is being
built forts and it does extra damage from Ford’s so it’s
actually a very nice defense you now asked for de- agent them unsure um niece he basin with it you can do it can
the generate caravans if you’re a limit
exceeds it it basically just created is it
allows you to exceed your treatments we have like you can ever
unlimited trade routes a force in getting the some generate
like great artists or something and we were
to the right place that’s actually to go though still up in the air right specialists in
great people rate was your citizens during the Karen and also you can instantly arm morbid between you see these are slick
and discover new sources of first now hearty gained action CA Stevenage writer no skates for sure um which maximum you to so I have no clue how are you able to
generate these great issuers its and there and see if we
generate any well or on that song is actually pretty much the
it can get annoying a.m. right so I’m guessing it’s like random you get when it maybe each year
are something mothership it lets move on dude the next and last civilization up this showcase alright so the very last one is to bug
atari I’m are Doosan and the reciprocity message may
dudes generate more people within production increased worker work great and was for page we never did
empire has a new number sheets so thats and orange strange if you have any
number of things you get for K yes they believe numbers enemies worker
were great is improved um that means you can
improve dials a lot faster so there’s a.m. special
unit to the onshore oil rodeo or much a rodeo and a month ago marco ayala subject can’t pronounce the names I’m
changed it do you also do a lot faster um if like is continuously a rain red ring what’s actually
cheekbones rights elm and especially in 6.0 Joe I
basically are plenty porky a skit at the India British im workers
which and his extreme you need a greater is
said seek out that they mean EC is actually she lie you were made by developers know the the lackeys the
animation on the treaty it no mo is also quite an
interesting way it this will be the second on the good
afternoon cost movement and the not raincoats on D actually stay alive after Newtown
CT not too sure if you can find CD-eight
again I think it turns into a unit dat I’m guessing is like a sport unit dad
actually increases I know it decreases on the strength of JC enemy units
alright it’s actually very good when you finish and you can just have like the settler up standing in the air and
look at that but thats on the city an they did not get consumed now condition unnoticed do you need
model me should be cooled so it’s Geno write the editor mcmann Riaz night yes Marco now I don’t see the National said
Lemaire said oh nevermind EDS year if you need them but ert on so I guess just settle a CD and stay in
the air a Inc and it decreases like let the Barbarian comments during was
other useful but maybe just leased space is upbeat in his
guy some thank you so much for watching my name
brand new from mucho case there will be more about Benny visions
and if you want the to suggest me what else they showcase
feel free to leave it in the comments below and raised if
you’re watching and I’ll see in the next election five much showcase fine crime in

9 thoughts on “Civilization 5 Standalone Civilizations – Mod Showcase

  1. "Increased worker work rate and +4 Faith whenever the empire has an even number of citizens."

    Easily the absolute worst and nonsensical buffer I've ever heard.

  2. The symbol comes from the Mexican flag, and originates from ancient Aztec folklore. The story goes (simplified) is that a priest told the people to travel till they find a vulture on a cactus eating a snake and there they will build the city of Tenochtitlan and it will prosper and their empire will never fall and a bunch of other stuff that never came true, but they did find the vulture on a cactus eating a snake and it so happened to be on a decollete island on a lake so they built the city of Tenochtitlan on the lake, which was later colonized, pillaged and renamed Mexico City by Spain. But what is on the flag is an eagle because an eagle is more dignified and honorable in their eyes than a vulture. I just say stop glorifying birds.

    P.S. I grew up near the Mexican-American border, my father was enriched in this not so foreign culture also and spoke very fluent Spanish and knew many stories. Plus most my childhood friends were Mexican, a couple Hispanics. And we learnt this in school growing up too. That is how I know this story. And FYI I don't have any Mexican or anything of Spanish decent in my bloodline in fact, but I am part Mohican, like 1/8 or some crap, but idk ¯(ツ)

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