Civilization 5 – Top 5 Best Mods Of Brave New World

Civilization 5 – Top 5 Best Mods Of Brave New World

here guys and welcome to my stop by my
list of 25 brave new world I’m not be showing you the best ones in
my opinion the dollar from the skin workshop will be also
linking every single one of them is good Shin as well any information
that is necessary enjoy number five that are to last,
Civilization 5 – Top 5 Best Mods Of Brave New World Airbender some light on the leaves for
New passions it’s based up the wildly popular cartoon characters left
Airbender airs on Nickelodeon this month loans to
play with your the for new passions the Fire Nation
thirsting them the wardrobe working hours in like 20 the nation’s
but I like the color actions because well doesn’t listen
they’re called on the show on the on the unique rates and units you
have any Nick building sadly beat you want to learn more about them
me too much Okies keel just for this mod a check it out if
you’re interested I leave a link in description below as well as officials team page 42 smart are circling the ambition to just popped
up number four at number four we have more
lotions miss Maude is exactly what it sounds
like it adds 11 luxuries which dumped them are obtainable
normally and want them can only be acquired by fifty Alex a tad luxuries such as olive the perfume
lapis lazuli chocolate that corals Jade coffee amber and less accord bath
is like porcelain or jewelry which is available from cities only node behind this one so awesome is because it
doesn’t just banned the whole map or luxuries it Ashley replaces the vanilla ones not
entirely the three-member holding just basically
makes each luxury a bit more more rare it was gonna stick to
back for example iTunes is our most the anti-islam to
have them which opens up more trade and diplomacy possibilities also said there’s are more ok luxury for
it. you don’t have more happiness and even
better if you can use the Commerce 3 yarn this will allow it to build more cities
which doesn’t make the game easier in any way shape or form the AI also
receives as bonus and will spend City you more than it
does already well of course most difficult to be
shipped regardless but you get the point number three restore %um audit them less my dad’s
entire year and mas Hermosa risking you need that cash
look breaking it it’s like down a developers made themselves by the
actually are mostly risking scams cost and less or all the mod add something new
technologies which might sound quite a lot we know picking them by most im actually
just lock closures or sis arm in the wage would on our comp hired for example or any other strategic
resource on it also 125 into your israel’s adds a
few days the classical era for example ginger discount looks forward to advance
to a specific their crossed my mind that this new
buildings porn wonders and the on the cost I’ll implement but
also had evening minutes basically this your influences the early
game hike a lot because you look with mode: to my bill the wards during the past
cleaner didn’t your which is extremely random a
new again this is why this why is awesome number
to you several online it’s basically retro
night due to the war button sip is based on one game app it
adds for national teams from Rome to you it’s
actually quite a lot but most of them are it states that give lode gold we
actually pretty escort him it’s a big deal in the game on the much
changes quick look debt slaves as a strategic
resource it changes lectures towards icons it has
its own directory most of them are work in
progress like sixty percent to the tree is what a work
in progress but it’s quite massive quit messin almost
every fashion has 17 units on from the deck three and
daughter should mercenaries which I don’t think you can be booked
you can buy armies on for character specific armies
presentable on a Roman legions again by dem would
call you can only buy mercenaries you can’t even name and by building
speaker buildings bad loads have them improved old ones as
well and guns from when you are basically
it’s a complete overhaul bill its mind is quite early in
development but surely worth your time Civ 5 best mods, best mods of civ 5, civ 5 top mods, civ 5 top mod list, best civilization 5 mods, civ 5 modded extremely fun the IM declare war ended hope charger with massive arms like a
drug to you bad you can use it ever met with this
mindless fun i really suggest you at least try it
wants behind this is still number one number
two number one lets you what’s number one number one heighten the best mod my opinion it’s
called that year’s Mon its Monica bunch of mods
actually that essentially lockheed dispositive iraq for example like chill with medieval 1
it’s the most 11 busy with him you want to use a few
things like across oceans out accomplice do not get
caught up to them into an apt to get that what some call
it stormy because it’s on the Renaissance era are so difficult spies on classical your
eyes and your your Smith get used by double and they’re super
active and bill during the game plea get them
he stood at Knology is from people get off the bus science which
also has an interview for that morn it later on through the rate walls and makes it a
national wonder if they’re wanting have on it’s really an awesome on don’t you
love the person listens hella plane down what is happening units from
earlier us but the problem was always that I am before taking use them I have to freedom
for example likely withhold I get the region’s and next yr after
every insult well problems of your now of course
because the block Chris activists and Sciences generally
useless calm after you complete the victory and
there’s literally no point in education apart from the anger clocked on the most important things are holding
production culture is also useful but the antidote to complete every
single social policy 3 on I haven’t done it I have completed
the couple Ashland I was playing on on his game left a lot more I’ve
completely two-and-a-half three years and Dominic
while huge part to my island on of when you start and match there are
some restricted restricted the actives for
example America won the bet unless you are married they could make
the game more pearson’s Americans don’t have anything youthful
in the early game on apart from the exploration thing by I mean if you’re locked you mature the
mirror he can get done that be 21 or something like Mad Men so yeah
there were too many teams like Brazil Germany France and so under kinda useless actually slightly I does
not pick them and strong discussions are China
Byzantine Empire zulu and events now China because there’s gonna sitcom
Byzantine because the Dr get the practice extremely powerful
units can they believe what it’s called drama in like a a boat also
disillusioned about that because it there in peace end their combat bonuses and
that the venues because weld made it has a lot of trade routes and
they can actually buy lunch napkins I eat the Commerce which it was
definitely will latch locks are useful and be don’t
really go out of style basically I am you can buy kemper very cheap they’re
cheap especially to go on her as well on basically a room at the unique with
you earlier this good courses like /url ASCII agrees are also
very good but I mean the region’s actually go out of style you have read them you
along was min is that such a massive gap by that if you so done standard mold or above
standard being it will be like a bit longer and
you will be able to use your arm insecure units handbook if the lighting on the medieval Europe
on anything that has a unique units on or before the deal here will
pass would be super power now this is just a minute let you know as I said you can lock any are you want
like the classical Europe ancient era that on it here anything
keen golfer in her ear of course if your gonna go for reminder
here again I mean I would go for it that would lock with
the less you want liked block of nukes body rash remarks that
the CBO nukes and all I felt like this Mizer the best the
numbers 1 there many markets actually by my
personal favorite is in the earlier Mon I like it I’ve played our analyzed and
then the my top my list let me know what are your favorite lies
in the comment section below also don’t forget to like and share the video or on bills linking a lot of stuff such a
good description as well and police thanks for watching Alice the next

45 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Top 5 Best Mods Of Brave New World

  1. Can someone for the love of god upload the CivRome to media fire or something the guy has stopped working on the mod and provides no direct download for mac users because of some bs policy to try to fight piracy even though it's a free mod and no does it and the only mod i wanted badly decided to do it lol.

  2. what about halfgars industrial warfare mods? 😮 it makes the games late era awesome, from industrial and on. makes the other eras better as well, and improves many historical inaccuracies in the naval progression

  3. i think the best mod I have played by now is the super power mod. It is not a 100% creative mod. It combines some interface from other mods(such as more luxury mod) and make it looks like a awesome one. However, the creater indeed did a lot of hard work on the changing of the technology line and policy line. Also they have added some new things in it(some are from other creaters but some are from their work) By now for the newest super power mod 4.8, they add some new epic buildings(The Potala Palace and the Three Gorges Dam for example). Some new unit(the german's railway artillery, T50 fighter and yamato battleship). And they also add lot of new things in the religion. In this mod, you can use faith to buy some special unit such as Knights Templars or Terriost(use to sucide attack).

    There are too many things in this mod. They already add mod 4.2 on steam but I think that one has too many problems and it is lagging so badlly. The updated one is still under test by now. I guess if they think the mod is good enough they will put it  on the steam as super power mod 5.0. Hope it won't be too long. I can't wait to play mod 5.0.

    If you are interested you can have a try. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂

  4. Try The Ancient World mod! 
    You can recreate your very own Egyptian/Babylonian/Greek/etc empire with historically accurate cities!

  5. best of the best of the best is communitas overhoul I wish they put all of the best mods above every subjective in a single one 🙁

  6. Haha you har cheating with those  mods.. avartar mod looks cool enought.. på mods 4 i cheating, 3 also.. more Wonders to make the game easy. Mod 2 is direct Cheating, more Money…. and ur first and best mod i super boring and can be done if u do the marathon games… Then u not cheating….

    By the way ur are really hard to understand (drink some cacao) or some subtitles….

  7. Oh my gosh I have been looking for a mod that locks you into an era!!!! Thanks. Great vid, they were all pretty interesting.

  8. How do you show the resources with a little circle icon on the tiles ? i've been looking all arround internet and in game and can't find how to do it. Is it a mod or just a setting ?

  9. Hey, This is a great video. It was funny 😉 Feel free to check out my channel and I hope I give back the same entertainment value Have a great day!


  10. With the prehistoric mod, you should be forced to play as barbarians and nomads because humans didn't learn to civilize until discovering agriculture

  11. these are not the best mods. if u take Anno domino for example a complete overhaul mod with its own tech tree, units, and buildings etc. thats what i think when u talk about mods. not simple things like a small adjustment like more luxeries.

  12. As an non-native English teacher i can recommend you polish your accent a little bit, quite hard to understand words/word groups. Other than that cool vid. Thanks!

  13. steam link to luxuries mod … you have to subscribe to download the mod … but then you cant download the mod? Unsubscribed.

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