Civilization 5 Vox Populi #10 – Inca Gameplay

Civilization 5 Vox Populi #10 – Inca Gameplay

Hi everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 5 So let’s maybe focus on our religion a little bit because we are just a few % away from being able to build the Apostolic Palace. We need 4% more global followers. That shouldn’t be too hard first of all we need a couple of Inquisitors How much will that cost us? 255. All right. Yeah, we need one, so we’ll grab that guy We are also about to finish Civil Service, and then we’re going for Metallurgy to unlock some new units and then I might consider declaring war on someone Probably on Portugal because they don’t exactly like us But while we wait for that we’ll focus on our religion a little bit Hopefully we’ll be able to build the Apostolic Palace It will generate more Golden Age points for us, so I definitely want it ASAP You want our gold But he doesn’t have anything I would want so no, sorry, not interested Portugal is sending a lot of Missionaries But they aren’t sending any Inquisitors orProphets so they cannot convert cities that already have our religion They would need to send Prophets or Inquisitors for that. They are probably trying to convert cities that don’t have a religion Like Malacca for example Anyway, inquisitors First we’ll use this guy on Tiwanaku like so So that gives us How many? 15 followers and no other religion. Nice. And we’ll send the other guy South to Agra and we probably need another one to Bangalore We could also remove Portuguese religion from their cities if we want to be aggressive about it Which I think we should be? Also we could convert Malacca It only has 8 followers total right now. We could send an Inquisitor. What about Bratislava? Yeah, we can send an Inquisitor to Bratislava. That is not a bad idea. We need how much? 250, right. That will be a lumber mill Alright Let’s move a little bit more north with these units That will do I just want to be ready for any potential war As for the workers We don’t really need anything specific over here anymore. We can buy a tile But we’ll need gold for unit upgrades once we finish Metallurgy So I’ll pass One more farm? Yep, that will definitely be a farm +1 population and 23 in our capital, very nice This looks fine to me It’s still growing pretty quickly which is exactly what we want What do you want? Open borders? No, I’m not interested in your open borders Portugal denounced us. Ask me if I care No, not really. And silly Missionaries. They are getting attrition News from Bangalore: gained 150 science. Thanks. I won’t say no to science As for the Worker yeah, we got all the improvements around Machu already. At least on the tiles that we already own You can go south or something. And new Caravan Let’s have a look We could use this one for an internal trade route It wouldn’t be a bad idea We could send some food to Agra To make it grow faster or we could trade with Carthage or whatever That’s a pretty good trade route right there, actually. A very good trade route Do they have a religion? Where’s Carthage exactly? Over here. They do have a religion, right, it says right here What else can we do we can trade with Gandhi if we want to I think I’m going to use an internal trade route Make Agra grow a little bit more Or one of our other cities perhaps? Which would be a good candidate? We could send some food to Machu, actually. It’s our top production city and it has quite a few unworked tiles with decent yields All right, let’s send food to Machu Works for me And that should be a Village, I suppose, because there’s not much else we can do there We’ll keep the Cannons in the mountains That should be the safest option here And Inquisitor. We could send him to Bratislava actually. Well, one to Bratislava and one to Agra that works We’ll see if that’s going to be enough Probably not yet I’m pretty sure we’ll need more than that But one step at a time And we got a new policy, which one do we want All positive happiness is added to your empire-wide culture rate. Yeah, I like that. We’ve got 26 happiness Let’s go for that one then 349 culture per turn. Not bad at all! Carry on Grand Temple is almost done And another Great Scientist. How much more do we need? 3% more, alright then We’ve got 379 faith right now We should get at least 1% more after we use both of these Inquisitors So you go south and we’ll use them on the next turn. What about this Scientist, maybe we should just pop him for science. We got several Academies already How much science would that be?
1600. That is actually quite tempting Especially if we want to attack Portugal So what will we research after Metallurgy? I’m thinking Banking This will unlock the Constabulary also +2 gold from towns, which we do have 1. It will unlock Banks and +1 production for Pastures with fresh water. We do have a few What else can we do Do we need Guilds for any reason right now? Not really. Well, for the Artists’ Guild I suppose we do And then we could get Printing Press to improve Villages +3 culture for Writers, okay, let’s get Guilds to unlock Writers’ Guild because we definitely need that And then we’ll see. Either Banking or Printing Press And we’ll pop the Scientist So we’ll get Metallurgy on the next turn as for you Let’s see, another Farm down here perhaps Fortify All right good enough And continue the road, let’s use both these Workers to work on that road I’d like to finish it a little bit faster, and yes, I’m aware that we need to repair the marble one step at a time We’ve got some more units incoming How’s our cap? 18 out of 22 So Missionary or Inquisitor we are going to need both A pair, Missionary plus Inquisitor, and then we could remove religion from one of the Portuguese cities it would be quite aggressive, but hey it would work I mean we should buy inquisitors regardless because Portugal might try to convert our cities sooner or later. They probably will So having Inquisitors stationed in our cities, especially close to borders, is definitely a good idea Regardless of how many global followers we have And there’s Metallurgy. Now we can upgrade units Assuming we can actually afford it in the first place How expensive is that going to be? 390 gold. Holy crap! Yeah, that is expensive, but that will make these guys really damn good with logistics Which are the most experienced ones? Let’s see, we’ll probably want to upgrade all of them ASAP This guy is level 4 Ok this guy is level 4, so we’ll upgrade him first Level 4 again, yep Upgrade We can afford two more I think All of these are level 3, but this guy is almost level 4 438 gold. One more! So.. Well one of these, doesn’t really make a big difference Okay looks good. 13 population in Machu And yes, let’s continue the road We’ll repair marble on the way. Remove heresy There we go, and remove heresy. Oh no, we can’t remove heresy from Bratislava We can only do it in our own cities Right, we’ll send that guy to Bangalore Works for me. One thing we could do is save up for a Prophet and then use the Prophet to spread our religion How’s our percentage now? We need 3% more. Yeah, I think it will be best to use a Prophet or something Otherwise we probably won’t be able to do it anytime soon. All of the Ottoman cities already have our religion. Oh Sweden declared war Okay, and Gandhi wants to be friends Do we really want to be friends with him? He doesn’t seem to hold a grudge Okay He’s at war with Carthage, Rome, Portugal, yeah, he’s at war with everyone. I’ll pass But Sweden of all people declared war? All right What exactly are they going to do? probably nothing Because they can’t do anything All right, whatever floats their boat. We got a new unit! Okay, nice Flank bonus So, how long do we want to wait? We should just go to war right away Yes, Sweden declared war, but that’s kind of irrelevant. I mean. What are they going to do? They can’t do anything? +10% versus wounded units or +10% versus cities or Cover 2 Let’s get Cover 2 And maybe move him to Huamanga Yep Actually, it doesn’t really make a big difference, but fine Can we get anyone to declare war on Portugal with us Probably not, but we can try How about we declare war? Oh no, it’s not even an option here. Okay, how about Byzantium? Or are they already at war No option to declare war on Portugal. Who is Portugal at war with? Carthage, the Ottomans, India, Byzantium, oh, so like literally everyone Okay Yeah, everyone seems to be at war with everyone with only a few exceptions right now Let’s do it then They do control one of the city-states nearby, but I’m not too worried about that part. We’ll just defend ourselves 355 gold to upgrade. Yeah, that’s expensive All right Shock 1 and let me move him to the front of the city into this choke point. Works for me Let’s move towards Evora It should be pretty damn easy to take that city, I don’t think we’ll have any problems with that Probably not, no, and I still want Goa because it has Machu Picchu. That would be a nice wonder to take A very appropriate wonder for us to have So there’s the Inquisitor, I think we’ll keep this one in Tiwanaku Yep, seems reasonable He will stay there then Oh, now the Ottomans declared war. All right, I expected them to do it at some point. We could just attack the Ottomans instead That’s not a bad idea. Oh, he killed our Cannon Yeah, because we didn’t get a chance to react. Okay, that’s fine. He’ll pay for it Let’s go to war with the Ottomans instead then seeing how he declared war first No problem. We’ll send a few units west But we will keep a few close to the frontline with Portugal Because, you know, Portugal might try to take advantage of this and declare war on us. That is definitely a possibility Unfortunately this probably means we won’t be getting 20% global followers anytime soon Because we would need to take some Portuguese cities to make that happen And we just can’t do it right now if we focus on the war with the Ottomans All valid units gain the morale promotion. +5 happiness for 30 turns, okay +3 production in all cities for 30 turns I think I prefer the first one This will also give us some culture Because all excess happiness gets converted to culture so let’s do some damage, shall we. Oh, I bet he declared war because he just got access to his unique units recently And AIs love their unique units That’s probably what happened Okay So you guys will stay here And we should probably back up a little bit with our workers, that sounds like a good idea He’s going to pillage some of our improvements, but oh well, it’s not really a big deal There is no possible way he can take the city with all these mountains surrounding it. It’s pretty much impossible As long as we’re actively defending it, which obviously we are going to do We do have a Castle queued up in here it will take 5 turns. All right, I would consider rushing it but I don’t think it’s worth it right now. Right. How about upgrades? 390 gold, yup You know what we could use? We could use a road from Cusco to Machu or something like that Like directly west instead of having to go through here All right, we’ll follow the road, that’s going to be much quicker. Let’s go people, the Ottomans are waiting #removekebab.
As for our next research What do we want? Good question We don’t have any Holy Sites just yet. We do have plantations +2 production from Merchants, yeah, that is nice, but we’d need all 3 of these techs We could go for Architecture Let’s get Banking first. We do have a few pastures with fresh water access so that will give us a little bit of extra production All right, works for me. Because literally 4 gold. All right Tiwanaku needs a University by now and let’s keep that Cannon in Cusco, maybe Okay So Bangalore.. Remove heresy and We should probably buy some religious buildings to increase our pressure Let’s check Agra. Yep, let’s buy a Mosque in here and in Tiwanaku Again, mostly to increase religious pressure from these cities There! How’s our percentage now? We need 2% more it’s so close and yet so far, because there aren’t many more cities that we can easily convert at the moment and since we are at war We’ll get a few units. Let’s get a Lancer. These guys are actually good in Vox Populi, and we need one more Caravan Okay, no problem. We can also get a Cargo Ship That won’t be amazingly useful, however. Nope, it will not be Never mind then Are we there yet? Oh yeah, Worker. Yeah, hide him inside the city and fortify on the stone Okay looks good. Oh. Yeah, we will get a Great Engineer in 12 turns That will be quite useful. There are a few nice wonders coming up in the near future Should we take Istanbul seeing how we are already at war? With all that iron around it, I think we should consider it But first we really need all these units to move faster Let’s go everyone, war is waiting We’ve got 20 out of 23 units right now, all right So city bombardment Yeah, it won’t do a whole lot of damage We need our actual units to take care of this No more improvements to build. Not in that area at least You will stay on the road And same with you So how’s the road coming along? We are working on it. Just a few more sections, and it will be done You know what we need? We need more gold for all these unit upgrades But that will have to wait More population. Can we get Agra to grow a little bit faster than this? Yeah, we can Quite easily in fact 15 turns Hold on, can we? Yeah, if we remove some of these specialists Okay right now. I want a more population in here. We’ll work specialists later Shame we don’t have that copper. It belongs to a city state. Oh well. There, 8 turns. That’s much better No, I’m not giving you open borders Gandhi We should probably raze some of these crappy cities to the north They are getting on my nerves. If we raze Izmir we would get the gems And we might also remove the monopoly from the Ottomans, because they do have gems monopoly Right, first of all, kill that Knight Should be easy enough Yep, he’s going down Goodbye, you are the weakest link and let’s maybe first go to Huamanga to kill all these units around there And I think we’ll go directly for Istanbul after that Yep, I see no reason not to take Istanbul with all that iron around it And let’s maybe grab a few more units. We are about to finish an Armory I’m thinking another Cannon or 2, we’ve only got 2 Cannons total right now, which is obviously not amazing And how about we get that trade route with Carthage after all? Not sure just how safe it’s going to be, but we need some extra gold so Works for me. That’s the best one we’ve got Nothing we can attack with this guy anymore And yeah, more road sections. Maybe on this tile instead Slightly further away from Konya All right then And we can still use city bombardment. Not that it will do a whole lot, it will certainly not How’s our army strength anyway, we are 6th. The Ottomans are number 1 apparently, okay? I guess that’s one of the reasons why they decided to declare war We might have to kill quite a few units before we are able to capture Istanbul We’ll see So back to business First of all, we need a Musketman in Huamanga And we need more upgrades. Not on this turn! Okay, what about Machu? We do need Artists’ Guild somewhere This is a bad moment to build it because we’re kind of busy with this war Yeah, it’s a really bad moment to build it. Let’s grab an Armory, and then we can recruit another unit or 2 I’m thinking some melee units wouldn’t hurt Or mobile ranged units like these guys Let’s get another Lancer. We only got one so far, which is not amazing These mountains are going to help a lot Let’s just be careful in here. How much money do we need for the Skirmisher upgrade? 415. Holy crap. That’s expensive Yep, upgrades are expensive Next upgrade will be the Crossbowmen. We lost our Spy. That’s annoying. Wait! No, we didn’t It’s just our capital being vulnerable or whatever alright We’ll worry about that later Let’s maybe grab a Castle in here You know, in case Portugal gets any silly ideas And next up How’s population in here? 15 We could get Artists’ Guild in this city Okay sure, let’s do that. We’ll need several Artists’ Guilds after all, might as well get started on that Fortify Okay, we are getting closer now, you can stay inside the city Good enough. Next! This war will take a while, I can already tell you that Which is fine However I would really like to get 20% global followers We need 2% more. Where can we get that 2%? The only way I see to get that 2% would be to get a Great Prophet and use the Great Prophet to spread our religion That’s the only way I see to get 2% more quickly Might have to consider that, honestly We’ll see. Oh, that was a little bit close. Time to back up Let him move towards us And move into the city Now we can do much better damage. There’s the other Musketman Move him into the mountains maybe and attack with the Heavy Skirmisher, like so Maybe we can lure some of his units south We can just try to attack Istanbul from the east. That will force him to defend it and move away from our city Upgrade What’s the event? Receive a Great Person of your choice. Oh, that’s nice +1 happiness in all cities Wait, permanently? All right All aqueducts +1 culture. I think I prefer a Great Person, but who would we get? We could get a Great Prophet for free. How much faith would that save us? We need at least 1700 Yeah, I think we should grab a Great Prophet and then use that guy to spread religion and then build the Apostolic Palace Sounds perfect. I assume that’s going to be an option. Yep. That is an option We are getting a Great Engineer soon, so there’s no point wasting it for that. We had quite a few Great Scientists already So Great Prophet. That just makes the most sense There he is Okay, and we’ll use this guy to spread our religion. Doesn’t really matter where. We just need 2% more probably to Portugal because they are the closest I assume Delhi is a holy city, or is it? Way too much information on this tool tip. I don’t think it is a holy city, is it? Oh no, it is Alright, we’ll spread it to Portugal. It’s fine There’s the University. What’s next, maybe some Workshops I think so What are the other options? Oh yeah, Artists’ Guild. Tiwanaku is up to 18 population And there aren’t that many more good tiles to work And it’s still growing at a pretty good pace, so I’m thinking one Artists’ Guild should go here Sounds reasonable And the Prophet could probably use some escort I’m a little bit worried Portugal might declare war while we have our Great Prophet over there. That would be pretty bad So let’s be careful with him And start killing some units maybe. That’s what, 1 health, really? Yes really Are we done? We are So what do we spend our faith for? Probably religious buildings at this point How about Bangalore? Oh no, it’s not annexed. We should annex Bangalore by now I think although if we are going for capture Istanbul It might be better to keep Bangalore puppeted We already got all the religious buildings in here, so never mind We’ll grab city walls because we definitely need those Tiwanaku already has all the religious buildings, as does Cusco And none of these other cities are pressured too much So it doesn’t really matter Let’s get a few Monasteries Works for me. More wars? No these are just city-states I’m not interested in your defensive pact. Sorry There are way too many wars going on for us to even remotely consider a defensive pact of any sort So let’s kill a few guys, shall we. I don’t think we can get that Tercio in the back No, he’s too far away now, unfortunately Alright then Well, no problem. We’ll kill the Knight With a Lancer perhaps, and then attack the Janissary. Like this We have a lot of damage with all these logistics Musketmen. These are going to be amazing I can’t finish him off unfortunately. All right, that’s fine We could try to pillage that Caravan Let’s play it safe and stay in the mountains Right now the focus is killing all these units. Oh, hold on, he’s moving towards our other city as well. Alright. Sneaky No problem. We’ll send some help there Let’s grab that Cannon as well just in case And maybe send the Heavy Skirmisher because that’s one of the fastest units we’ve got All right looks good. Next! Maybe we should pressure Istanbul a little bit more The most annoying part of this war is that he will pillage a lot of our improvements so we’ll lose a lot of yields Until we peace out and repair them There’s Banking Printing Press next So Musketman into the city first I’m glad we got these Musketmen. These are going to be amazing defensive units And the Cannon. Keep it in the mountains for now Just to be safe, and we’ll get another unit in our capital. Maybe a fast unit so that we can reinforce the city that needs it the most What about Huamanga? Artists’ Guild? Yeah, might also build a Guild in there It sounds reasonable Now let’s kill a few more dudes. Oh yeah, the Cannon needs to go down, that’s for sure That’s a no-brainer right there Down it goes. How about we pillage some of these strategic resources near Istanbul? Sounds good to me That might actually hurt his military There is a chance. Another one down. All right, and we’ll send a Musketman towards Ollantaytambo As well as the Cannon. We need to defend first Then we can consider attacking So, Great Prophet Well Hold on, let’s move into this tile first The road is almost done. We need one last section and let’s repair that marble already Heal up and heal up, maybe move away first to avoid any nasty surprises Promotion. That’s going to be Barrage 3. All right, next! Are we still to 2% away, yep still 2% away, but the Prophet should fix that I’m just slightly paranoid about Portugal declaring war While our Prophet is standing next to their city All right, let’s convert the first one. They definitely won’t like it, but I don’t care Here, that’s my religion now. I can’t enter with my military unit since I don’t have open borders Still 2% away. All right. I hope one Prophet will be enough. I guess we’ll find out You need to heal first But we can use the Cannon, like so. I think we can kill the Cuirassier. Yep, he’s down What’s our war score? -1 How is it -1? We killed several units, he didn’t… Well, he killed 1 We’re about to kill yet another one. Yep, down it goes and that’s a promotion. Accuracy 3. Time to pillage some more crap. Let’s pillage the amber as well, because why not We could also pillage all of this iron around his city Because we can. Let’s just pillage as much as possible And we can try to pressure Istanbul a little bit. We can start doing some damage with our Musketmen He seems to be focusing on Ollantaytambo right now So perhaps we can make him move his units away from our city by pressuring his capital. That should work And let’s use the scout to pillage the trade route. There here we go, 100 gold And that’s that. Oh yeah, we are still at war with Sweden, by the way. Not that it really matters, because Sweden is on the other side of the continent But technically we are still at war with them Well, he’s trying, I’ll give him credit for that, but he’s not trying hard enough clearly One down and the Cannon needs to go down on the next turn All right then Well at least things are getting exciting, that’s a good thing Now, Istanbul. Let’s do a little bit of damage here. You just need to move 1 tile closer If he doesn’t send units to defend his capital, we might even be able to take it Would be nice to get a Cannon in this area I’m kind of using them defensively right now However, this episode is getting a little bit long now, so I’m going to make a cut and continue in the next part Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time

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