Civilization 5 – Vox Populi – Let’s Play Songhai #8

Civilization 5 – Vox Populi – Let’s Play Songhai #8

Hi everyone it welcome back to some more Civilization 5, so let’s continue where we left off and Assur should be ours pretty soon. Hopefully We’ll see how it goes We should be able to take it we got five trebuchets in the area six trebuchets actually, and I think we can attack with three at once or Maybe even four at once Yeah, I think we can attack from this tile over here Let’s give that a shot And let’s continue then There is a small risk that we’ll lose this one if Assyria decides to attack with the pikemen inside Assur but that’s fine we Have a replacement, so I’m not really worried about that as for the emissary, we can get allied with Sofia so let’s maybe do that first and Great scientist where do we want him? Probably down here. I suppose. That’s fine All right sounds good Yes improve the truffles And let’s see oh yeah one more trebuchet still, this is definitely going to be enough We still need a road To our newest city so that’s what we’ll do pillage the lumber mill and move out of range We don’t want to loss units if we don’t have to Now anything else? I think that’s pretty much it Yep, let’s just stay where we are next Drama and poetry will be done soon, and we’ll need writers guild in a few cities especially Since we went artistry So it makes sense to build guilds as soon as we can Alright Siege two And let’s keep doing damage. We only need a few more turns We should be able to attack with four trebuchets now. Yep four very nice So back up some more And block the way with full health units Anything else yep move into Nimrod and grab the other guy how about we attack the crossbowmen? Sure we can send the horseman I wouldn’t mind actually losing the horseman Because it’s not a super useful unit I’d rather get my actual unique unit instead of just a regular horseman So Sofia it should be ours on the next turn There’s the Academy just make sure we are working it. the city is about to grow As for the worker Let’s have a look a few more farms wouldn’t hurt Maybe a village well not on this tile a farm is fine, and a road just to connect our newest city And be done with it Looks like that’s it plus one population Let’s check our Specialist real quick. Yeah, we could use a few more. We actually have an unemployed person over here Off you go And here we can work the market. That’s fine Can we get faster growth in this city? Let’s have a look. Well, we could grab the farm from the other city if we really want to 18 turns. That’s a little bit slow for my taste We’ll just need another farm or two All right just leave it be for now another unemployed person, but there are not enough tiles in range The rest looks fine What about that Forge yeah, let’s work the forge and we’ll leave the market alone All right back to war anything else we can do we can maybe kill the composite bowmen yes, we can Okay, good job next Few more turns should do . Sweden wants us to declare war on Arabia. No sorry Sweden, we have bigger problems You go do it yourself. And I’m not interested in your peace treaty We can have a peace treaty after we take Assur, how about that? So pillage and backup one tile like so, and let’s keep doing damage It should be down to red on the next turn One more There. very nice Convert Sofia should be ours now Yep, it’s ours They are specialized in minutemen that will actually be useful We could certainly use a few So how about the pikemen we can’t kill him Just hold our positions then That sounds like a better idea That should be a mine and I guess that’s it 13 population Yeah, one unemployed person, but we simply don’t have enough tiles. I suppose we could buy the marble by now And going improve it actually yeah, alright, let’s go get the marble we can always use more happiness And I guess we’ll work it and we need a mine on the hill Next maybe we should get another worker Possibly we have like eight workers Even more than that no that’s eight Should be enough More population oh nice in our capital Let’s have a look. Yeah, that tile is fine. I think Yep, production and one culture or maybe the farm or we can grab the farm with the other city Yeah, how about that? There that’s better That’s much better and we can also buy the fish here Looks good, and we should probably get a work boat right away That looks much better now So back toAssur we can reduce it to red on this turn and We should be able to take it in one maybe two turns maybe even on the next turn I think we can take it on the next turn I Could even attack with the longswordsman, but that seems a little bit too risky for my taste let’s maybe not do that Alright So go get the marble thanks As for the emissary, we’ll send him west to Hanoi. I think I wouldn’t mind taking Hanoi Yeah, let’s get one more. We can definitely convert Hanoi. Nobody is actually allied with it right now So we can get allied with it as for the workers What do we need the most right now a few more improvements in this area? And that’s that. next.. Education will be done soon, and we’ll have to focus on universities everywhere Because our science is not looking great right now at least compared to Russia We are doing fine compared to everyone else, but not compared to Russia and we got a diplomat Where do we send him? We could get Bucharest back Russia stole it with a great diplomat We could maybe get Geneva Poland wouldn’t like it or Ormus No, that’s not a bad idea if we end up fighting Russia this might be quite helpful Or we could always use it on Hanoi Tough call Bucharest is a cultured city-state Geneva is religious a cultured city-state would be much more useful Let’s go convert Bucharest again or we can get a vote for the World Congress Now that’s a better idea I think Yeah, let’s get the vote for the World Congress and that will be much more useful in the long run, right Caravan will send it to Russia to get the science So Vladivostok. actually no. What’s the best gold we can get? 10 gold per turn and 14 science for culture, yes sounds good. I’m sure Now Assur. can we take us all right now, or do we need one more turn ? I think we need one more turn just to be safe I think so let’s wait one more turn it’s fine It will be ours one way or the other and Where’s the road? Yeah? We should build a road section here and here Sounds fine, okay, give me Assur already. It took long enough to conquer that city But now we’ll have Machu Picchu and the Great Wall. both will be quite helpful Let’s do this it’s definitely ours now Here that’s already enough there we go that finishes education and annex right away Now I don’t think he will peace out right away. We’ll probably have to wait a turn or two but we got 100 war score So yeah. It’s not like he really stands a chance No, he does not Let’s see let’s do some damage Okay looks good. Oh and we aren’t over our cap anymore 30 out of 31 Very nice. We’ll start from a courthouse obviously Maybe focus on production for now Yep and cue up a few things so courthouse monument Council our unique building water mill barracks aqueduct city walls that’s enough And there’s the work boat Looks good now the guilds. Where do we build the guilds? in the coastal city probably. and also universities, let’s maybe spend some gold for that. We’ll rush the guild to start working it right away And I think aqueduct will have to wait. I really want that University ASAP too We can get one guild in our capital probably I think that’s acceptable So Writers Guild and University again aqueduct we’ll have to wait I think Maybe rush the guild a bit And one more guild in a high production city. I mean high population city Tombuktu, maybe Seems reasonable Alright, that will be the third guild And that will do for now and then universities everywhere that should be the number one priority after guilds oh Yeah, library is still under construction That’s fine University and University Okay looks good you finish the library and then we’ll queue up university In fact let’s remove the market We’ll start university as soon as the library is done. Maybe even buy it or rush it Oh yeah barbarians, where do you think you’re going? let’s see We should probably upgrade that archer Sounds like a plan Well I can’t actually attack on this turn will have to wait He’s probably going to pillage the quarry so I suppose we’ll have a worker standing by waiting to repair it Yep Meanwhile we’ll build the farm or actually hold on and that shouldn’t be a farm that should be a village We’ll change that on the next turn Next How’s our spy doing four turns to steal something okay? What be nice to steal chemistry That will be great Not sure if it’s going to happen, but I guess we’ll see You will go to Hanoi Will he peace out yet? Yes, he will all right before we do that let’s get some more experience for our units, shall we? There is no reason not to Let’s have a look We can’t attack with that many, but Every little bit helps I guess this will do, oh nice, we got a great general see that was definitely useful That’s all we can do, perfect Now What can we get from him? Wait what’s liberation? It’s not an option I can’t click it. interesting. Let’s just get all his gold I don’t want his other cities, maybe the coastal one Yeah this one he won’t give it to us At least I don’t think so No not this one that’s the crappy City Yeah, he won’t give us this one. I don’t want the tundra city does just really bad I would accept this city because it has a natural wonder But it doesn’t look like he’s willing To give it to us Nope. He will not do here alright Just get the gold at the pearls It’s good enough 50 Make peace no, okay, I guess that’s it then Accept. So Assyria should be pretty much irrelevant in this game now I mean he still a few techs ahead, but he just lost his capital. I don’t think he will be able to come back from that We can focus on something else like Russia Russia is going to be a problem First let’s take care of the barbarians and right an embassy to get a vote from Geneva like so And to kill the barbarians yeah Like I said they pillage did the tile which it fine will repair is right away, and this should be a village not a farm We don’t have a lot of opportunities to build good villages. Not as Songhai Also we can upgrade our Mandekalu cavalry now. that will cost us 235 gold per unit a little bit expensive, but I suppose we should do it There’s the other emissary so he will go west to Hanoi That’s the plan I want to get allied with Hanoi What is Hanoi specialized in? Oh a Mohawk warrior. not super useful, but having the city-state is useful Another promotion, and I guess we should upgrade the archer too Might as well do that There’s the new general. We’ll send him east Towards Russia is this already improved? the truffles? Yes Okay, then oh, yeah, this one isn’t Now it is. We should be able to sell truffles to someone Let’s have a look do we have best relations with? that would be Polynesia Would you trade yeah? He actually would let’s give him one gold per turn or maybe a little bit of flat gold Let’s see seventy Acceptable okay go for it Thanks Still minus one happiness, but only temporarily in fact can we get a garrison No every single city we own has a garrison Alright then So there’s no point staying here anymore. We will leave some basic defenses around Assur In case Assyria tries to reconquer it at some point but we don’t need too many I Think our next target will have to be Russia Otherwise she will just run away with this game. She is already kind of running away Wait what Seriously he ended our declaration of friendship all right, whatever… I helped you! He’s complaining about our Warmongering, and he had both a Syria and Russia declared war on him, so I’m technically helping him by attacking Assyria Logic isn’t his strong suit is it oh he now has a defensive pact with Assyria even though Assyria declared war on him earlier All right, whatever Logic Let’s get out of here And upgrades we have just under 2,000 gold How much Mandekalu cavalry do we have anyway? Where are they we got five? Okay, that’s not too bad. I assume they are going to keep their special promotions? Like raider. yeah, they will. okay Let’s just upgrade all of them to knights, definitely a good idea, and we’ll need knights against Russia Okay upgrade everything This guy is wounded I think that’s all of them except the wounded guy Where’s Mandekalu cavalry? Right here. Yep. That’s the last one now. What’s next What can we still upgrade Oh yeah, this guy to a heavy skirmisher the Spearman Is that it and composite bowmen to crossbowmen and I think that’s all of it basically How’s our military strength now we are fourth that’s not too bad At least our ranking improved So more improvements that should be a lumber mill and yep you keep going west The writers guilds will be done soon . We’ll start working them ASAP Now question is is this army good enough to take on Russia? I’m not entirely convinced. It might be a good idea to get another military tech or two. it might be necessary They got how many techs? 34. we are about to steal something Hopefully. would be great to get chemistry But I’m not sure if they have it. I know they have gunpowder But we cannot still gunpowder yet We can research gunpowder next We definitely shouldn’t be waiting too long because every unit we kill gives us science On the other hand however we are currently getting plus 32 science per turn from the two trade routes to Russia and We can send a third one to get even more science So I don’t know about this We do have alternatives we could always declare war on Arabia for example Not entirely convinced. That’s a good idea, but we could take his capital if we want to Does he have any interesting wonders? No he does not He doesn’t have any wonders at all Okay never mind So what’s next over here probably a mine to get some production, and we’ll move general all the way east So one more promotion There you go And Hanoi, let’s work on that one more guy should do it and we’ll be allied with it Oh, Successful robbery in Moscow wait what we didn’t actually steal anything? no, one more turn Oh yeah, and upgrade the horsemen clearly Repair the luxury and then we’ll finish the road to Assur Oh also writers guild is done. Let’s work it right away and check the tile assignments Yeah, this looks good Three turns for the city to grow I could make it grow a little bit faster But I think I’d rather get the production Okay next the other one was our capital. Let’s see Three turns. we can change these assignments a little bit This looks mostly fine, I don’t think I can bring it down to two turns No, okay keep working production in that case this looks fine Yeah, it looks fine just making sure And one more turn to finish the third writers guild So let’s move most of our army towards Russia Now question is what exactly do we attack because San Petersburg is kind of hard to attack mostly because it has mountains to the north and We cannot attack it from two tiles away because of the hill and the jungle It might be easier to attack something like Vladivostok and then Yaroslav Yaroslav still wouldn’t be that easy because of all this jungle, but at least there are no mountains around it and Also, we should convert Ormus before we go to war with Russia. It shouldn’t be too hard We just need another emissary or two It’s not really a problem Let’s work on that it will definitely be helpful to be allied with that city We need two maybe three emissaries to do that How’s our tech count anyway? 27. yeah, Russia has 35 It might not be a bad idea to work the trade routes with them for a while because 16 science per turn per trade route is a lot I Don’t want to give that up just yet It’s quite possible Russia will declare war on us I Could definitely see that happening. What do you want? Oh? Yeah? She doesn’t like our spy? Now I could say my spies go were they please Which I suppose we should Then again, I don’t really care about breaking my word to her You know what… let’s not break our word Will say that our agents go where they please. If she declares war on us that’s fine. I don’t mind. defensive pact with Arabia You know that might not be a terrible idea He’s just one tech behind us, so he’s doing okay, and he has a direct border with Russia However I don’t want to end up fighting anyone other than Russia like Sweden so I’ll pass What can we steal? chemistry. Well, that’s a no-brainer that’s the most expensive tech we can steal Obviously we’ll go for that that will make it easier to get metallurgy Thanks Can we actually try to build the leaning tower? What’s our top production city anyway? That would be our capital? Well it’s technically available we need two more policies I might try to build it actually it’s not a terrible idea I’ll consider it once we get two more policies Can anyone else build it who has the most policies other than us? Let’s see Russia has seven Plus the openers Poland has eight So that will be Poland five authority and three statecraft So he’s two policies ahead of us, and he could build the Leaning Tower right now except He probably doesn’t have the techs for it He might, he has twenty eight So there might be competition But with 28 there are a lot of other combinations possible No, one said it has to be chemistry that he has is he even in Renaissance era? Yeah, he is Still we don’t know if he entered Renaissance through chemistry or something else Let’s check our specialists real quick. Assur we’ll work the forge. wait. Why can we not work the forge? Oh, It’s still in resistance right that’s fine I’m just checking for universities oh yeah, and Writers Guild In the coastal city, that’s fine. Well, maybe not entirely two turns for the city to grow Yep, looks good Unemployed, but we just need more tiles to work Or more specialist slots Let’s speed up that university. Oh no we don’t have enough gold We do not have enough gold The rest looks fine. Anyway, I’m going to make a cut here and continue into next episode. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it, leave a like if you did, and I’ll see you next time, bye bye.

12 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Vox Populi – Let’s Play Songhai #8

  1. You should build the alhambra, especialy if you plan a war with russia. It will give you 10% combat str and 25% str when attacking cities, also its an policy unique so if no other than you have full authority, you will have 15 turns cakewalk building it.

  2. also i wonder why you imediatelly annex cities. do you like unhappiness? i mean wouldn't be better first puppet it, repair everything arround it and than do that? or is that jusr Marbozir unique logic? 😀 😀

  3. Yeah , crappy tundra cities. They tend to have 1 or more of coal, oil, aluminium or uranium. If it's got a lighthouse, just buy another in a coastal city. Take, puppet and forget. Otherwise it's the cost of a road. Until the late game resources are revealed, at any rate.

    I don't see a war with Russia before turn 200. The Alhambra is necessary for that war. I believe that Moscow can be accessed via Honolulu. Russia's getting allied with all the city states around. That will have to be broken before war can start.

    Nineveh looks to have all the requirements for a silk monopoly. The defensive pact between Polynesia and Assyria provides the opportunity to go back to war with Assyria via a declaration on Polynesia. Polynesia did declare on Russia. Half the army to Nineveh and the north and half towards Raiatea. That's a city that could do with being raised. Buying the banana and stone prevents another city from a hostile civ getting founded there. Honolulu should fall to 6 trebs. Next tech gunpowder. I'd give serious consideration to opening progress for the science boost as the next policy. Just my two cents worth.

  4. You should really try to use the diplomacy things VP adds to the game, capitulation with Assyria would have been amazing!!
    They then become your vassal, and vassals
    -provide you with a gamechanging 20% of their total science
    -adopt your ideology
    -can be taxed, meaning you can get up to 25% of his GPT
    -always declare war with you (If you declare war on Russia, Assyria also declares war on Russia)
    It's really useful!!

  5. i know this is an old LP, but if you uncheck "auto unit cycle" in the settings, the game will stop the camera from sling-shotting across the map. makes managing wars a lot easier when you're trying to manage several units in one area. and doesn't make the viewer dizzy.

    you just also have to make sure you've selected the correct unit before giving it orders, otherwise you might tell the wrong unit to go on a pilgrimage to the opposite coast.

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