Civilization 5 – Warcraft mod – Brave New World Pt. 1

Civilization 5 – Warcraft mod – Brave New World Pt. 1

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play of the Warcraft mod for civilization 5 brave new world
and we’ll be playing As tyrande whisperwind and we’ll totaly kick ass, and these captions are broken as fuk. she gains quiting a nice little bonus
plus she’s religious so unbelievably her um nibbling on the
in the mmm maybe a front belt because it’s
completely random and only playing on the stand there Matt on the 4th difficult because normal I’d
go amber but I don’t feel like thinking too much
in chess you know is the reason why I chose this
more on another weekly and its something here and which first when they have to give them
all sitting still nation I don’t want televisions to be pretty good beating
themselves um storm way and and trolls right so I’ll is that all the solutions from
the mall as you can see bolger in Marion range Jerry and badly
skiing Lord small want Tamar here in carousel screen can
blue and me to write that was great on on of
them are going to be mission teams um mobile click on the personalities I’m not make NC State’s Nick emerging random and standard I guess probably start a
game in on the reason why I chose this moron is
because it is completely random and completely
new haven’t played it a lot they’ve checked
it out if it’s working correctly I’m basically re skins everything and like changes a lot stats for example the world wonders and you
would you can read this issue on our IP systems I actually the real the one
to rate this wielding too long in West so we have to
send email which will look required courses at
North Star mountain ranges who excel at deception and harassment yes and will be
harassing a lot yes though I believe in the religious and action because well I get the bones
religion believe religious belief like them on my forgot about the design Jim design
team Byzantine Empire and also getting them
well the moon well gimmicks extra culture on
tile which its it is built so this game also added
a lot of new bill doubles mean while improvements for example I
guess them well and also re skin and a lot of stuff now gems desired I S um there’ll be a lot of random new well I can see new but different on different them luxuries for example Black Lotus like the herb on the herb from Warcraft a model for what they read
because I want to goal for LG a crush the Elgin stuff I i don’t
really want to go for book warring I the only one being low
ranking them do I do want he the iron forge libraries
you can see it it said that the fortune I if forgot the name up there world when
they’re basically the changed a lot coach one there for
example the ridge fire chasm never really nice icons as well these
horses for example the only looked at well made but mean a very nice and
present we have the megastars I remember it D western food it was the
Hanging Gardens analogy giblets text would only and also
increases publishing a baller cities by one and the Beast years mission and his wife
three so your day amber Empire it is fairly this is a fairly
expensive wonder it ins helpful any salvation but special to
name yeah yeah basically did something you
really wanted expansions not only an expansionist on I’m gonna be
a religious personally yes on what’s the yet no I also noticed that well played with the trolls I am
required five ish from 5 culture to gain my next policy by
Les Paul cézanne changed at all on sadly but missus is still a work in
progress mod from its again really well-made I and I was really astonished by it
usually see maps and cheap re skins in this one looks pretty
good might be some faulty things here but so far everything
looks pretty self bananas more gems die is there even renamed me with that might she just called the
deadmines yes Riaz and jefferson’s little world Stacy air which shouldn’t be honestly what’s the I’m the bestest population
elation the Diversey yet from that’s a lot of gems actually US
government’s don’t see what’s miss out on me he races in barbarians its instruct a monument yes and gals some stones more gems getting off gems and actually starting what them all issues should I take that’s you some docking batons against
Rice yes actually quite ideal for me and increase
goal situation also grant me unreasonable
search for mission police no I’m gonna get that your way so doing it that the statics narrow rationalism models show rational
for commerce and maybe arm tradition in 10 calmer situation that’s the mean
one solution go and I’ve discovered early and you found user feels jewish or if it’s something that will
work yes or is it the all look at the following
delage king Trost more scarcity rival orkut it’s been nice a real nice alike on here reported without working yes some DoD is just a simple wallpaper I
believe what s love wallpapers also um mental or a rather than thing that these guys a white elephant thing is
that certain yet but yeah I’m icons were changing more things
through and sex for them about child of moslem
discovered and 13 that’s that’s pretty with a guest on a real nice and I DL are awaiting discovery it’s pretty good shop else about water ingestion so from it’ll be quite easier for me to go
for civil service wanna go for writing instantly s a real neier forms library and law it’s being built the Mongols for
gramm Cal as well and they need to work on my tax awesome acting goal
for all a DAT upper uppers also luxury a and we’ve got her what’s in their
original game Dennis codenamed artifact stone more cattles morsels the artifacts are marble sites yes thing sure where they have sugar cane it’s always
the instead of sugar from EE won’t work at all had sugar so much rain just need sugar I
have got written in stone he dies cones they’ll let’s be nice when is a barbarian village gambling here orchard chilled get them might be getting here in london but
their gold playing with similar fashions and when
we met one a and play on standard maps on in the
shore there yet wetzel click on officially
sure why aren’t on a meeting anymore because usually
play just get spammed with cancellations all around me literally
nothing I can do. small copper this little spring with Johnson and
metallicity right here next week we’re getting jammed or Coast because this is a fractal pushed
through first make sure this isn’t a message
Lake and the 12 is settle near dosing by yes get its shine going should get them with my work are then
warriors me and up allstate’s awesome now
adopting dis with Ashley a shrines whatever morals condition any growth as well government
issue not sure if my knee Council make its and
so on already found Pantera when they’re not
suspend 5.1 steady discovered by sheer all ships or sheer damon does Noah
Wasiir is a underwater cell that was added in katznelson extension was for I got some archer’s nobly didn’t take out the
encampment though I should explore a bit more first Gary Hassen workers say yes well should make workers my cell dolan need at the moment this I can see these guys are stocking year
and also that of a great library because from one turn left forests it’s like wall Washington West Amazon’s Emily getting some a state or zip code kills news cells yeah up mentions alright it or fate all shit my husband is the same as Persia so Mia
purple beach well stuck with the skin yes do in morn or is depressing me that for my library was over the counter i guess im gonna I get philosophy as mystery death holy shit 27
Terrence knin not getting ending all show on insurer
home and woman gonna get my work renders ruling no doing it through and discuss another
it it is barbarians a good captured care
worker election it is the most def I’m but the
United doing well at all and you want to buy it owned by a worker though the problem is
getting any money and their phone amateurs steding with find the public find more
if i block about me well shit 19 tears

9 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Warcraft mod – Brave New World Pt. 1

  1. liberty gives you a free worker, I always get it first. 聽a monument into liberty into a free worker is less turns then rushing a worker

  2. The mod seems interesting and i would play however what puts me off is units are not reskinned. for example you play garrosh and at the start you have a set of human warriors :S. Skins should be faction specific

  3. Hey, sweet video and mod. I was a bit disappointed with some of the World of Warcraft map mods so I went ahead and made my own "BetterAzeroth." Feel free to give it a play and even upload to YouTube. It's also compatible with all of these races mods too. Cheers!

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