100 thoughts on “Civilization 6 🌟 All Leaders Defeat Cutscenes

  1. Cleopatra has got to be the animator's favorite ;] her facial expressions are the best!
    Also there may or may not be a tiny easter egg in the vid

    My leader reactions playlist: http://bit.ly/Civ6Reactions

  2. Catherine : J'ai vécu assez longtemps pour savoir reconnaître ma défaite. Poursuivez votre chemin.
    Good translation, actually.

  3. Cleo: "if I cannot embrace my love, I will embrace the asps."

    Me: (throws a stick in the air and it becomes a snake)(grabs snake and hands it to her) "here ya go bitch"😂

  4. It's kind of sad, it's like defeat of their nation is basically death to them. Some nations accept their bitter end, others have hope that more will come out of their defeat, and some are as bitter about it.

  5. Ghandi what he really said

    Ghandi: you may have taken us over but oh watch out nukes your empire sorry wrong button

  6. 0:00–0:07

    me: no, you shall embrace your subjects in Hell.*kills her*


    me: peaceful? what did peace ever do for anyone? what did it ever to for you? other than doom you and your people?*kills him*


    me: not until I put an end to this life of yours.*kills her*


    me: this is no evil, but a purge of your filth. On behalf of God.*kills him*


    me: grabs him by the throat and picks him up just watch me. throws him in the dungeon


    me: as is it's bitch.*kills her*


    me: and you are but a pathetic little worm. Good for nothing but being crushed.*kills him*


    me: no. I think I'll bring more dishonour and humiliation to your family and country.*knocks him out with butt of my sword and throws him in the dungeeon*


    your false religion shall only bring you deeper into Hell, filth.*kills him*


    me: if God had loved you filthy Brazilians at all, he would not have created me.*kills him*


    me: the only field you'll be crossing is the eternal fiery fields of Hell.*kills him*


    me: oh silence, you fool.*kills him*


    me: then I shall kill them too and ensure that every last trace of your culture and history vanish in the wind.*kills him*


    me: but it has happened. Farewell, Eastern scum.*kills him*


    me: and democracy, along with all other delusional left-wing ideologies, will be completely wiped away.*kills him*


    me: longer than you. That much I will see to myself.*kills her*


    me: under a king. Not a queen or a providence.*kills her*


    me: because you Spanish are not the true children of God. But we English are.*kills him*


    me: and thus The World shall praise a new empire. An empire that has crushed The Romans once and for all.*kills him*

  7. Why can't they put an older Indian leader in the game? There's like thousands of years of history and they go with Gandhi from the 1940s. Can you imagine hearing Ashoka speaking ancient Pali? and his in-game attitude can shift in the opposite way from Gandhi early game he's a warlord but if he finds religion he becomes peaceful and diplomatic, which is exactly what happened in real life.

  8. Nuestros estados… ¿Por que Señor? ¿Por qué nos has abandonado?

    isn't that way more like: Our lands (states)… Why, Lord? Why have you forsaken us?

  9. its kinda sad to japan you know where in other country losing a country or kingdom is just a lost of your most biggest treasure but for japan lose in war is like losing honor to his family and clan

  10. Why is Cleopatra so worried about losing Egypt, she isn't even Egyptian, only Egyptians should rule Egypt (no Greeks or Romans)

  11. Cleopatra is such a Thot. She's a powerful leader but will sleep with any guys to keep her country alive. I bet she's slept with 3 powerful leaders. Look at her she said, "Love". Fckin Thot intruder. Jk

  12. Gandhi's was the best in terms of dying with honor, Gilgamesh's was short, but most anguish-filled, and Nzginga's was the best comeback lol

  13. Very interesting that they actually had Pedro II recite his historical last words on defeat.

    This game gets me so historically engaged.

  14. Civs :
    0:00 Egitp – Cleopatra
    0:09 Germany – Frederick Barbardossa
    0:24 France – Catherine de Medici
    0:32 Sumer – Gilgamesh
    0:41 India – Gandhi
    0:52 Greece (Sparta) – Gorgo
    0:59 Kongo – Mvemba a Nzinga
    1:05 Japan – Hojo Tokinume
    1:14 Norway – Harald Hardrada
    1:24 Brazil – Pedro II
    1:33 Russia – Peter
    1:42 Arabia – Saladin
    1:52 Greece (Athens) – Pericles
    2:03 China – Qin Shi Huang
    2:11 America – Teddy Roosevelt
    2:22 Scyths – Tomyris
    2:32 England – Victoria
    2:44 Spain – Philip II
    2:52 Rome – Trajan

  15. Every time I start a game, Gandhi allies with me then proceeds to nuke every other nation so it’s just me and Gandhi at the end of the game.
    Then I conquer Gandhi’s land and win the game.

  16. Frederick is awesome, he is humble and plain out savage. When you declare war on him, he says in the end if his quote, “May god have mercy on your soul, for I will not” which I find totally awesome, oh, and the Easter egg is the nuclear sign in the back of the Gandhi cutscene

  17. If these cutscenes are any indication whatsoever, I wouldn't break my friendship with really any of these folks

  18. I appreciate that Germany hands his Zepter over. Like-
    Dude! N o-
    That's yours! You were crowned with it, and you will keep it! It's like the Reichapfel! Peeps needed it for crowning the next Keiser.

  19. English captions for Barbarossa are the best: This flake from a kite on zelda stuff a guess at us… see every face asses on the straightest. XD

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