Civilization 6 Red Death Battle Royale is a Thing That Exists Now

Civilization 6 Red Death Battle Royale is a Thing That Exists Now

Hey everyone, and as you might or might not know, the new Civilization 6 update went live just yesterday and along with it the new game mode – Red Death which I don’t think literally anyone expected, and if you haven’t seen it we are going to watch the trailer together. It’s certainly something But why… for what reason?? just…. why? Okay, so that was basically my initial reaction but I tried Red Death earlier today, and it wasn’t bad, and I think it actually filled a pretty important gap that existed in Civilization, because if you want to play some form of multiplayer then you either have to play it in multiple sessions to finish an actual full game or you have to commit to playing multiple hours in one go, which a lot of people cannot do But now you can play Red Death for an hour or two, because that’s roughly how long it takes to complete one Red Deah game Obviously, it won’t be anything like a traditional Civ game, but if you want to play some form of multiplayer Then this is actually perfect, and it was quite fun The way it works is that you basically start with two military units and a civilian You can get more units, and more civilians as you play You lose when your civilians die or get captured. If you have no civilians left then you get eliminated – and your objective is to eliminate everyone else and as in every, or at least most battle royale games you have a safe zone and an increasing red zone you take damage when you stay inside the red zone too long and if you stay way too long, then you get killed obviously – and the safe zone gets progressively smaller and smaller and smaller so even if you avoid fighting and go around collecting things on the map, you will eventually get forced to fight and that’s basically it – it’s not like, super complicated as you might expect, but it’s quite fun to play for an hour or two I’m actually quite curious what modders could potentially do with this, because I assume it’s moddable I don’t see why it wouldn’t be So that might be an interesting direction to take it in With how creative some people in the modding community are, this could lead to some really interesting things So I’m also looking forward to that. And I might actually play it on the channel in some form or another I can’t confirm or deny I might have something planned – just can’t promise how that’s going to work out just yet But hey, I think it’s quite fun. What do you think? What was your initial reaction and the later reaction or maybe some of you guys already played it? Let me know But for now that’s going to be the end of this video this was just like, a short reaction video and my thoughts about Red Death, because quite a few people asked me how I feel about this So, this is how I feel at least so far So, thanks for watching – I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

86 thoughts on “Civilization 6 Red Death Battle Royale is a Thing That Exists Now

  1. It's an interesting idea I just don't think the marketing choice they made was a great way to get civ fans interested.

    I guess they figured civ fans already own civ so let's try to get a different more HIP AND COOL crowd to give civ a chance. It just seems a tad silly is all lol but, if it's fun it's fun!

  2. This looks super fun, I'd look forward to seeing you play it. I wonder if you'd play the Black Death scenario which was released with Gathering Storm too?

  3. the units are i guess sooner or later modders will make some mods with those units 🙂 and i was like….wuuuuuut?????? 😛

  4. Personally do NOT like multiplayer and would like the traditional plays of 5/6 on the channel.
    As for the trailer, it reminded me of TF2 "meet the soldier" .

  5. Wow the artist spentlike 30 seconds drawing those characters. Also isn't the whole game basically Battle Royale when you disable all winning conditions but the one where you literally have to destroy everyone?

  6. I echo your sentiments exactly, Marbozir. There are those out there with some very polarized views out there and it's nice to see someone with a bit of cautious optimism. I'm not big on pvp, but I decided to give this game mode a try. It's fun. It's silly. It's free.

  7. I honestly went "Wait, it's not April 1st… Oh. they're serious."

    Seems a waste of time for them to make. Plenty of PvP FFA games out there. I'd rather they worked on the AI and made it not so terrible.

    The units and factions look neat. It would probably have been better as a scenario.

    That's just me though, I'm not a fan of mixing genres.

  8. The same reaction I had when CSGO got a f2p Battle Royale update. Except x10 more so, since this is…Civ? Well, gotta expand that playbase somehow, I guess…

  9. This was literally an April Fools joke a Dev made on his free time that the team at the office enjoyed so much they decided to polish it up and make it a free patch. The whole reason it exists is because they were mocking battle royal and it ended up being fun. When a Dev team makes something just because they think its fun is when you get some really special things. I'm frankly really pleased to see the team spend a little time working on something just for the fun of it along side all the massive bug fixes balance adjustments, and standard content additions they have added. I don't see why people are complaining about this if they are seeing the whole picture. It's almost as if they just see the battle royal concept and go off to make all sorts of unfounded wild assumptions about the entire direction of the dev team.

  10. The trailer is just ridiculous, but watching the actual gameplay they released was much, much better. It actually looks really fun to play but also really fun to watch others play.

  11. First of all nice video! and yeah I don't know is so…..not serious XD civ games are always serious games and this is a complete new approach I hope is good and of course I would love to see you playing it xD I think you don't have any online video in the channel

  12. I have allways felt that Civ 5 No Quiters Rules was the best multi version of Civ. I will wait and see on this one, after that totally corny trailer.

  13. So are we getting a culture victory game coming up since now you can release your warmongering nuking spree desires into red death when you feel like it?

  14. Seems like fortnite in civ 6… might be interesting once or twice but after that.. idk. I myself wouldn't want this taking the place of normal civ 6/5 games.

  15. Lmao wtf. I bet upper management was like "we need another battle royale, stat!!" and the staff are just taking the piss at this point

  16. Um… ok… I guess an extra free game mode is rarely a bad thing. On the subject of multiplayer, does Civ 6 include a hot seat option?

  17. So this seems like a deliberately tounge-in-cheek scenario aimed at multi-player. If Firaxis are putting time into expanding the multi-player side of things (a bit like the mirror map in the latest patch) then fair enough.

  18. instead of having your head in the center all the time, you could do a full view and when you start the outtro, the "gate" could start closing and closes as the outtro ends, in case that's possible.

  19. I do not really understand what this "product" Red Death is supposed to accomplish. People who like that kind of gameplay have tons of other possibilities to virtually blow up each other. I am going to continue playing and enjoying "my" Civilization 6 where it is necessary to combine science, culture and military.

  20. I honestly do not know what to think. I have not played it yet and don't know if I will in any foreseeable future, but my first thought was more or less the same as your reaction @Marbozir…. WHY? For me only from watching this it seems against the principles of the Civilization games, you know, building up your civilization, with real civilizations and such.
    But who knows, maybe you can make it interesting when you play it on the channel, although I have never been too much into multiplayer LPs, except perhaps the ones you made with Quill18. These were fun. 🙂

  21. I’m calling it now. Marbs is going to do a multiplayer collar with another YouTuber. Honestly this is so ironic, because he was talking about channel growth and experimentation and asking for ideas. Everybody wanted a multiplayer collab! Now we have one, but because it’s Battle Royal, y’all wanna complain? I just hope it’s Quil18 or Filthyrobot.

  22. Honestly my initial thought was Hey! Marbs has a face cam. Then I thought, how is he keeping a straight face during this demo? Seems like a joke

  23. That tank at the end just neighed like a horse! LMAO!! 2:19
    Yes, I know it's considered a cavalry division. I just didn't expect it to neigh.

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