8 thoughts on “Civilization Beyond Earth – Contact Victory

  1. but does alien life not exist on this planet when you start the game?? That should answer "Are we alone"

  2. ..CIV could have at least made reference to the "Contract" movie based on Carl Sagan's book and made a multiple-gyroscope-kind of device/vehicle to make contact..but i know you're right..this one is much flashy and better looking..it wasn't anti-climactic at all…

  3. this contact victory is rare to get unless you get lucky to found a copy of another signal in proginetor ruins. Im telling you its pretty rare to find one

  4. so glad i watched this video instead of waiting 90 turns to get the victory .. i found it rather anti climatic and each tur on the game i was running toook about 30 seconds to run through a turn

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