Civilization Is Going To Collapse in Decades

Civilization Is Going To Collapse in Decades

>>Joe: Here’s a fun way to start your day.
A scientific study funded by NASA predicts that our civilization is pretty much boned
and doomed to collapse within decades.>>Lee: Assuming we continue on the path that
we’re currently strolling along.>>Joe: Which we will, because everything is
cyclical and as much as we like to rattle off fun phrases like, “don’t let history”
repeat itself, we’re just too human to listen. Our sustainability is a fragile fabrige egg
getting crushed by the weight of our own consumption. The report states – “The fall of the Roman
Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as
so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated,
complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.”>>Lee: The team, made up of mathematicians,
and social and natural scientists utilized the Human and Nauture Dynamical, or HANDY
model to compare our industrialized civilization to the rise-and-collapse of previous super
powers and they predict we are on the precipice of our collapse.>>Joe: There are five important factors to
consider: population, climate, water, agriculture, and energy. When these are eff’d we’re
eff’d. And when these elements are stressed two very bad scenarios arise. ONE: We consume
more than the world can produce and TWO: society is busted into two classes, the Elites and
the Masses, or commoners.>>Lee: And when those two scenarios rear their
ugly heads, it’s bad news because they played, quote, “a central role in the character
or in the process of the collapse” in all such cases over “the last five thousand
years.”>>Joe: It basically breaks down to inequality
in wealth and consumption. The 1% consume a disproportionate amount of resources and
us common folk feast on despair and pain. The model forecasts a couple different collapse
scenarios.>>Lee: Collapse scenario #1, or, Type-L. The
Elites consume way too much and bone the commoners. The over-consumption by the Elites leads to
a commoner famine, they die, cue collapse. This is not a nature based collapse… this
is a rich people are dicks collapse.>>Joe: Collapse 2 – Resources deplete, and
then the commoners die, and the elites soon after. This is the nature is a dick collapse.
In both scenarios, elites are like, everything is fine, look at us swimming in our decadence.
Your studies and words are poor and common.>>Lee: And what those studies and words are
saying is that we can avoid collapse, but it’s up to the Elites to initiate culture
and policy change. We need to reduce consumption and population moving forward, starting like…
right now. The study says: “Collapse can be avoided and population can reach equilibrium
if the per capita rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if
resourced are distributed in a reasonably equitable fashion.”>>Joe: Which we won’t because Mr. 1% is
laughing at us as he sits on his gold throne taking long drags on his Cuban cigars. Those
are cigars made of actual Cubans. Yeah, but reduce, reuse, and recycle and stuff.>>Lee: Guys, where do you see civilization
in the next 50 years?

99 thoughts on “Civilization Is Going To Collapse in Decades

  1. I. HAve been saying this to all my friends but no one listens now science backs me up ha also
    I don't want to die!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't see a collapse ever happening. At least in Rome, it was due to bad government and unintelligent invaders. The Middle East and Africa are really the last areas of ignorance, and I don't see them causing a collapse of Civilization. I also think that our Civilization now is beginning to understand conservation, and will make pushes to provide an alternative to less food and clean water. We have gained more knowledge in the last 100 years than all of civilization ever, and I think that's what sets us apart.

  3. Every time I laugh at something I was laugh significantly Lauder and longer than everybody else. And everyone looks at me… It's quite embarrassing…

  4. I think in 50 years Jesus will return….If not sooner. The 7 year peace deal overseas is in the Bible. Ooooohweeee! Glad I'm saved and accepted Jesus as Lord.

  5. I personally cannot wait til we all start killing each other for resources and we end up with a significantly less amount of humans so that mother nature can finally rest from our parasitic actions.

  6. I wonder if NASA kept in mind the evolution of technology while conducting this studies. In my opinion, technology goes hand in hand with population growth. Imagine feeding billions in 1400's. 

  7. Food will be the first to go. Crops and cattle due to floods, and droughts, as the weather patterns change. Freshwater will be the war of the future. Canada will have to outsource more water to the world. What do you think?

  8. Isn't nice that us Americans have the second Bill of Rights implemented by the Mr.Franklin Roosevelt himself, which gave financial rights and power to the 99%. Wait what it didn't happen? That makes no sense? What rich people are rich and have money so they do what they like no matter what, No way! Then again I think the 3/5 are still waiting for their mules…

  9. makes no mention of technology we have now, we are begining to make more stuff on less land, doesnt talk about how efficient almost every thing we do is now
    its just some attack at the 1%
    and thats why it gets likes
    everyone pure loves to blame the mysterious 1% for everything that happens
    they dont consider the fact that in the global viewpoint, everyone in the west is in the "1%"

  10. Civilisations don't really collapse, the power normally shifts from one group to another, it tends to be dramatised but often its a slow process, and in this globalised world i'd guess there will always end up being a solution for a problem if it is big enough, and naturally there will be winners and losers of the problem and things may change to how we live now, but i don't think we'll end up living in caves again. If i'm wrong the internet won't exist so no one can say i told you so 🙂

  11. I picture it as kind of a zombie apocalypse, but instead of survivors fighting off zombies, they will be fighting off other intelligent cannibal survivors, religions will rise up and accentuate the barbarism of post modern mankind. or we just get better at life and avoid catastrophe?

  12. Yeah we are kinda boned cuz we own everyone money so that means so we will go bankrupt (even than now) and get concurred. 

  13. Based off of the different theories that I have read up on and observations I have made, I think the world as a whole will be thrown into anarchy. In fact, I think, if the rapture doesn't occur within the next 50 years, the third world countries will be the only ones truly left unchanged and, in some cases, better off than what were the more advanced civilizations.

  14. Who gives a hoot. We die. We kill each other. What's it matter? The Earth, hell, the Universe isn't going to give two shits.

    We're a speck people, in an endless ocean of time that we'll never experience because we live small fleeting lives. Attempting to grasp whats coming in the "next life" while keeping our bodies alive with sustenance and comfort until we accept the eventable. 

    But hey, least there's beer. I'ma slice my wrists now. Have a lovely day.

  15. I think source fed needs to shift their perspective. If you are on youtube then you are part of the elite…
    There are 780 million people that don't have access to clean water on a daily basis. The United States consumes a disproportional amount of global resources. The Western World are the elite and the developing countries are often the ones with over population pressures. We are making some positive changes, but this is a big ship and difficult to change the course we are on. 

  16. wait, if I drive a Toyota & Hilton has a rolls then what more waste can she make ecologically speaking, although she stinks?

  17. Umm, the west isnt overpopulated, we have more than enough food to feed ourselves, but we do consume more resourses than we should. But its the 3rd world countries with production and distribution issues that have a problem

  18. Meh. As long as we can achieve nuclear fusion or a space elevator, all's good. Or much less likely…nanobots.

  19. so basically we should stop using cars and electricity, move into elephant sh*t huts and stop watching BS like this.

  20. You know, in the beginning, America was designed to not be divided like that, everyone on the same playing field with equal rights and opportunity. However, this has clearly changed SOMEWHERE down the line.

  21. I feel like it's a lot more complicated than just rich verses poor. I feel like things such as morals, values, and societal standards go a long way too. Making it seem like it's a big battle of the rich verses the poor seems very simplified.

  22. Energy: Thorium, nuff said.
    Population: yeah we really need a plague(or a stop having 19 kids and counting type families 1-3 is plenty) I propose that the government will only provide assistance on your first two children, after that you are boned if you cant afford them yourself. This is unfortunate, but the problem lies largely with underprivileged areas anyway so sucks to be them (or my family a few years back)
    Water: not a problem, distribution is the issue. People for some reason think that water gets used up. 
    Agriculture:This is another issue we need to consider.
    Environment: unfortunately this is not an issue yet. We have a while before it kills us all so we should make the other stuff happen and work on this in the background. 

    Side note: all you prius drivers coming at me about Environment being most important… just shut up. Go back to your 5000 square foot home with no common walls, with your quarried marble and granite. I have a huge carbon footprint, but my hydroelectric setup offsets that and then some.

  23. Overpopulation is not a "new" problem. Historically it has always been dealt with by expanding. When the Europeans needed resources and new lands, they colonized in the Americas. When the United States was getting too cramped on the East Coast, they moved Westward. All we need to do is think about expanding. And where is there to go? Space.

  24. Well, we won't change course because the rich have too much power and they're too comfortable with their lives. The power has been taken away from the common folk and given to the ultra-rich elites of our civilization who only care about how much money they've made at the end of the day. And the sad thing is the common folk deserve just as much  blame because we allowed this to happen.

  25. Currently, a healthy economy is the only way for us to have a comfortable existence, and the healthier the economy, the greater the consumption and waste production.  Humanity is a dangerous parasite, busily consuming its host.  Probably our only hope is the technological singularity.

    If we succeed in creating ultra-intelligent life forms, they might decide that preserving us is important.  In this case they could easily design a sustainable civilization and force it upon us in such a way that we readily accept it.  I only wish I was intelligent or wealthy enough to contribute to the cause.  At least I can rest a little easier knowing that Google is trying to bring it about as fast as possible.

  26. please dont be mean to me here or anything but does this mean shits going to hit the fan in 50 years or does this just mean we will struggle alot?

  27. And my solutions are…

    Population: Stop having so many damn babies! That failing, interplanetary expansion.

    Climate: Airborne reflective nano-particles in the cloud layer.

    Water: Purification is become more advanced and efficient by the year.

    Agriculture: Look up Rob Rhinehart's Soylent© powdered medical food.

    Energy: Molten salt stored thorium generators with neutron/proton sinks (Also Tesla motors for transportation.)

  28. if we change social norms to involve couples of 4 with 2 of each gender and 1 child. We could solve gender hate and overpopulation

  29. I hope you all realize that they're exaggerating a few things right? I don't see society collapsing in the next 50 years or in our lifetimes.

  30. Corruption will bring down our society because greed is common in everyone but the people in power have an easier time satisfying their greed because they can make changes for the people who have great wealth

  31. I feel like these studies actually play a role in making the "commoners" afraid and upset. Helping an inevitable collapse even be possible.

    unless I can create the super human network and have everyone agree to a certain order and progress that a more evolutioned species like I am, can help you organize.

  33. The day of the fall of our civilization will be the day I put a gun to my mouth. So no pain for a post civilization world.

  34. The world will end by the country's resorting to blowing eachother up and killimg our own species because everyone is to stupid to realise that death is not an answer to our problems we can't just go this country is in a war just fucking nuke all of them one day we will look back at the flaming ashes of earth from the ether reality and think…we really fucked up didn't we please share your thoughts on my post because it will happen we will be the cause of our own death…

  35. well this is a load of bullcrap, the people wont tolerate this division in two "classes" and the "elites" wont feel good knowing that they swim in extreme luxury, while some people go hungry every day and being dirt poor in the same society, and we will not go in the same path, things are dynamic and will change, aswell as technology which makes people more equal too. this video implies that the  whole world are like america with big evil corporations and disgraceful super rich people that looks down on the rest of the population as peasants, typical american fearmongering this

  36. So does this mean we're going to follow the events of Clarke's Foundation series, but several billion years in advance and less interplanetary travel?

  37. You know… The funny thing is, I did the math, and I spent 3 hours researching this. 8 months ago. I started telling everyone. But they would have none of it. I predicted our end by 2060. It feels better to now have the research and source material of NASA to explain this to people. But it is STILL not going to change anything.

  38. It's less of the renewable energy (because those take more energy to make and maintain than they are worth) and more about our population and food resources… ie. Where will we plant more corn?!?!

  39. Not gonna lie, I'm a little intrigued. I want to see how what's gonna happen and how the people will react. Will the government do something before the worst happens, or will they throw us under the bus.

  40. If you're making YouTube videos, or even watching YouTube videos, you are a member of the rich group. If you're idea of hungry is going a few hours without food, you are part of the rich group. Don't kid yourself and pretend that the upper class mentioned in the study only includes people who drive Ferraris. There are more people in the world who are wondering where there next filling meal might come from than there are rich folks w a smart phone, laptop, and gaming console to keep them busy between runs to McDonald's and pizza hut. People who have to boil their water that they carried back to their house everyday in order to make sure they don't get sick and die. Hundreds of millions of poor people like that…. don't pretend this story is about Bill gates just because you feel guilty as we should

  41. If collapse comes soon enough, it could the greatest thing possible for the human race. The longer we drag things out the worse they'll get. We also have to keep in mind that if shit hits the fan war and conflict will break out, and it wont just be international wars, but also civil wars. Shit will be crazy. And a country facing impending collapse will probably be a lot less hesistant to use nukes, H-bombs, or even much more dangerous cobalt-60 bombs or biological weapons.

  42. I hope civilization does end, humanity has screwed this work and every other living thing. It's time for humans to be extinct, "intelligence" is just arrogance and ignorance wrapped in pride.

  43. would seem to be making a joke of a real and serious situation–fine, as long as you're not one of those suffering

  44. I don't think there's any way to predict where we're going in 50 years, but this video was hilarious! Thumbs up!

  45. Let's see… Okay. I'm going to take a wild guess.

    Over the course of the next 20 years, some teenager is going to post a bunch of stuff on the internet claiming to have made human-level AI possible with modern technology. Companies like Google and Microsoft give the teen a bunch of money which he spends on sending robots to the moon in giant space-zeppelins. They build a moon base and the teen opens up the doors to cheap travel to the moon. The moon society flourishes while society back on Earth collapses.

    Of course, that's just a guess.

  46. It's important to distinguish civilization from human society. Civilization is most likely going to collapse like all the past ones but human society is still going to remain. Civilization is just the type of society created when humans become sedentary and form complex cities. It's always a temporary unstable form of society. Only non-civilized societies are stable enough to actually exist from the beginning of time to today. The choice is either start dismantling civilization now or continue it until it destroys itself with drastic consequences.

  47. by then we will already be living on the moon mars and some other planets discovverd around earth so source fed you just got rekt

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