Civilization living around a Black Hole?

Civilization living around a Black Hole?

Hello mortals. Humanity, as a civilization has gotten pretty
far, and at the same time it was at the brink of extinction several times. Some studies even suggest that in the year
70000 BCE, the human population dipped to less than 1000 humans because of this scumbag. Also this dude, who stopped an almost full-out
nuclear war. Humanity is not very likely to survive the
next century according to the Fermi Paradox, but if it does succeed at avoiding all the
apocalyptic events, like nuclear war, anti-matter war, existential struggle, SkyNet, the death
of the Sun, it will still have to face the last obstacle – the death of the Universe. For what we know, everything started with
a bang, or more accurately – an omnipresent hyper-inflation powered expansion, 14 billion
years ago. To this day, the Universe continues to expand,
and it does so, even faster than before. All of that because you touch yourself at
night. In 5 billion years, our Sun will die, becoming
a red giant, and then collapsing to a white dwarf. In another 120 trillion years – all stars
will end up being either white dwarfs or black holes. A bit later, the Black Hole Era of the Universe
will begin. The entire cosmos will be pitch black, being
lightened only occasionally by black hole collisions. Now this period will last very, very long,
until all the black holes evaporate. If any civilization will somehow enter this
era, the only way for them to survive is to harness the power of the black holes. It comes without saying, whatever these civilizations
might look, they will certainly not be biological. Let’s assume they are digital and immaterial
beings, who live inside a simulated reality, because as I said, the outside reality is
kind of boring. In order for them to survive, they have to
collect and store as much energy as possible, so that they can run their simulation for
as long as possible. Also, the colder it is, the more efficient
your equipment will work. Half the temperature – double the number
of calculations per joule. That’s why it would be logical to collect
as much energy and store it until the universe gets really cold. Now back to black holes, how can we harness
their power? Mainly Hawking radiation. Black holes evaporate by emitting it. Bigger ones do it slower, smaller ones do
it faster. And that takes – a lot – of time. A billion ton black hole gives off the equivalent
power of a nuclear plant, and lives for around a trillion years, while a bigger one generates
enough power in a billion year to just power a light bulb for a second. That might seem an incredibly small amount
of power. But don’t forget, black holes live for a
LOT of time, and considering you are living inside a simulation, you can just slow down
your subjective time, so that 1 second for your perspective is actually 1 trillion years. You have nowhere to hurry anyways, the universe
is pretty much dead. Slowing down time would also make long distance
communication between civilizations almost instantaneous. At this rate of subjective time, a black hole
can host an entire galactic empire with trillions of simulated citizens which are powered by
an energy source equivalent of a light bulb. But there is one catch. You see, it’s really hard to create equipment
that can last for at least a decade. Now imagine trillions of years. A benefit of living in the void is that your
equipment will not be affected by outside forces, like erosion. However the true problem is something else,
something unavoidable. Matter decays. Some do it faster, some do it slower, but
you can’t stop it, probably. Iron is the most stable element, that means
all your matter will slowly turn into it. But no worries, it will happen very, very
far into the future. Long after the death of all the black holes. That is if protons don’t decay. If they do, it’s a completely different
story. It involves unicorns, positronium and white
holes. And I’m not sure about the white holes. Now I have a mission for you. Collect everything you can, don’t throw
anything away. We will need it in order to feed black holes
so that they can last longer. And no, it’s not too early to start, don’t
question my logic, mortals. Now go, I need to free my RAM.

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  1. This episode was both really interesting and hard to research. A big shout-out to Isaac Arthur's channel for making it easier for me! Make sure to check it out:

  2. What about the black hole bomb? It is possible to create something similar to a dyson sphere- via putting a sphere of mirrors around a black hole, and firing an electromagnetic ray into it, and letting it bounce around the sphere of mirrors, and take away so much rotational energy from the black hole {black holes have rotational energy because stars rotate, and if you know some important physics equations you are aware of the fact that things in this universe tend to not stop rotating. } Eventually, if you let the electromagnetic waves bounce around long enough, it will release an explosion the size of a supernova. That also leads me to talk about if you open it. If you open the mirror, an immeasurable amount of energy could be released. Seriously; google it.

  3. build a time machine and like teleport to when the universe has already died and came back to life because of quantum fluctuations or somethin i dont remember lol

  4. What if we discover alternate universes are a thing and just escape to a brand new one when our universe starts going to shit

  5. What if we discover alternate universes are a thing and just escape to a brand new one when our universe starts going to shit

  6. I'm sure this universe beginning and ending has happened over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

  7. What if the dispersion of atoms and recreation of black holes recondenses the universe back to its beginning state, what's to say we arent in an infinite cycle of expansion, decay, and recondesation

  8. Assuming that humanity survives for BILLIONS of years and becomes an ultra far developed civilization…what if we reach a point, where we create matter out of the vacuum of space? I mean it already happens. Virtual particles appear out of nowhere. What if we can at some point control this process to create matter out of nothing to keep the universe alive?

  9. Hmmmmmmmm…If we could travel faster than light maybe we could outrun the heat death of the universe and ultimately escape to a new born parallel universe

  10. Soo me wasting energy now is causing a advance alien simulation to lose trillions of years of simulation time eveey time i turn on a light

  11. Sciencephine, please do everything you can to take control of human advancement and planitery success in the next 200<800 years as I believe you are one of the only entities that has the means and will to correct our path to successful, celestial-wise survival and civilisation. All I ask is that you name your first Dyson-sphere after me 😀 simulate long and prosper my friend does Star Treck peace sign with my hand

  12. The "AI" calls us mortals but with the information from this video he is a mortal.
    bec of the material decay he will be dead and he cant live forever
    So he is mortal

  13. There isn't a universe.
    Wanna know why?


    We can't even go back to the moon, because……

    And secondly because the only reason people think a universe is even out there, is because of what they see on their phones, T.v's, and videos by which not a second thought crosses there mind "hm, what if that's false"

    Well, I'm gonna clean my shoes, seeya.

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  15. What about shooting an emp into a mirror sphere around a spinning black hole causing the amp accelerating …..

  16. All of that because u touch yourself at night…😂😂😂😂
    Now go i need to free my ram…Thats how AI masterbate😂😂😂

  17. cant tell the difference when you say "war" and "vore" but i have come to the conclusion that they are interchangeable.

  18. What if uploading your mind in the future would be like when we think about people in the past who say that in the future we would upload our yourselves into books and stay their in eternity with the info that outside people crave into the thing

  19. It’s not the Big Bang….
    It’s the Everywhere Stretch!
    Petition to rename it the Everywhere Stretch.

  20. Just go to another universe. Create your own, maybe another big bang will occur after the death of our current universe just like in futurama, maybe time travel to the past is possible, its difficult to predict in exact outcomes from such a long longevity of time

  21. Newtube sux they took sciencephiles monitization away from him and keep the ads on his videos that's so wrong holy phuq

  22. If we orbit a rotating black hole (lot more common due to how black holes form) we could just harness the rotational energy of the black hole dragging space around it in a gravitational whirlpool.

  23. You are an insufferable AI construct. But that leads me to a theory as to the purpose of this synthetically terraformed world and its purpose, well not just ours but this entire system and a system on the edge of the Antilles 2 galaxy that bounces off the edge of out galaxy every 36,000 years and when it does a celestial alignment occurs merging our system and theirs for about 2 weeks. The massive energy generated by the friction of these 16 planets all together is transferred via Saturn to the star we know as tabby star which, in its constantly fluctuating color/gas consumption cycle processes the energy into a single byproduct energy given off by tabby star and stored. I just could not figure out the purpose for such a large amount of energy, that was the only thing I couldn't fathom…until now. Unless its being stored and reserved for the end of this universe and the lack of energy sources during the last "blackout" phase before crossing the bifrost into the next universe. It's an eternal Dyson sphere of massive proportions.

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