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  1. Soon we will be called Civilisation Lost with the reason the Oil Rig & Fracking Sell Gas Technologies.

  2. Absolutely fantastic documentary and research for our 20th Century if the planet was almost destroyed, yes we would return to caveman mentality.
    But according to the last days text a race of beings will come to help advance the new race once again.
    Please Supreme being …Stop This … re-occuring human reincarnation of timelines. We are past this.

  3. Thanks for sharing part one and two are fantastic kids today can find the truth out and find that history is being rewritten once again with new things and I'm glad I'm alive still to find there's new changes I love archeology but they do my head in whdn they call things religious or ritual etc which realy means they don't know and we will never know 100% on everything I think today man has stopped thinking it's like we are hitting a brick wall and running out of great ideas and things I think we have hot so far to soon and still everything is wanted today or yesterday ,man use to dig then machines took over now robots are taking over man will lose his worth for living ,they build things to ho to Mars but can't look after tge earth correctly or treat other right , but I think they only want to go to space for its rich they may have like gold diamond etc are we coming to another end

  4. By 7000 B.C. the stone circles may have been intentionally buried and abandoned….What?
    There is enough geologic evidence today that a far more plausible explanation is that one of the mythological disasters, complete with wind and tsunami, buried the entire site with a slow moving slurry of rock and debris. The wind blew everyone away, the flood buried what was left.

  5. In their quest to ignore God, these morons twist all the clear facts of a universal flood and invent stupid conclusions.All the answers are in the bible,but of course,evolution theories are superimposed to denied the facts.

  6. H2 when you show Varna on the world map make sure you point at the right location. The location you are pointing to is Bourgas, Varna is about 70-80 miles to the North……

  7. I'm shocked that H2 channel would be so lazy in their research regarding Tungonsta Meteor; it's completely faulse statement to say no hunmans were killed, if you talk to the reindeer hurders who still live in the area, hundreds of there tribe/clan died, the Russian government goes out there once a year to throw
    A party full of propaganda, and the indigenous people can't understand why they are celebrating, they consider it to be a day of great devestation, and greivinf for there ancestors. ( Yes I known now I'm the idiot, my spelling and wording could have been done better, but you get it)

  8. Why can't they make a chart of new discovery and the old ones and what they think is the estimated dates so we can all see???
    Of course all this would be outside of the main stream of the fake archaeology system.

  9. These and others.. all proof that humanity would not play the roll of good little slaves to ET races. The Alexander library was NOT lost, simply stolen by the ET hybrid group running the Vatican.. it's all still stored below it. There are many sites where the Dracos have even resorted to nuclear weapons to try and put humanity back into the stone age. NO MORE ! The lies pushed about human history by the ET-pushed religions around the globe A.K.A. "Slave Control Systems" will NOT be allowed to hide the TRUTH!

  10. I really do not appreciate the wisdom of young people. Anthropocentric ending. No mention of God, creation with apparent age, or the like. And again, these 30 year olds and their great knowledge is a drag.

  11. We spend so much time and money trying to figure out our life and the Whys ..maybe all it is ..is there homes and artwork and nothing more.

  12. Look up Rockwall, Texas. It was named after a wall that was discovered a long time ago by settlers digging wells in the hope of finding a viable source of water.. Here is a wall that predates any local civilization in the area. Not much is known of this. I live very close and only heard of this last year.

  13. they are talking about the same technology that astronaut gordon cooper was using and that the series coopers treasure is always taking about finding the ship wrecks while cooper was orbiting earth

  14. The satellites and astroids are all photo imagery bull crap. There are no actual pictures of any of this! It is all fake.

  15. This cute middle-aged Slavic needs to explain why there are skeletal remains of people over 20 foot tall, and why dinosaurs and humans lived together in the last two chapters of Job, and footsteps that matched this discovery?

  16. Really, 4.5 billion years? Why not just make it a sextillion years? The more years you add the smarter you are, right?

  17. I can't believe that we aren't the epitome of evolution and alone in the Universe. I was certain the grand plan was for us to evolve to the ability and desire to post cat pictures on facebook and hate everyone that wasn't me or claimed reality was anything but social media and war. So, I have to label this as some wacky conspiracy theory. A remarkably unsettling and uncannily practical conspiracy theory.

  18. Can't figure out how this is gonna be beneficial knowledge for the average Joe,, what the heck do we need to know about death for?
    Only one reason,,, if there's after death life and if we're worthy of it. But we never change till were at the crossover line.

  19. Better tag one more piece of tail, get that last interlude on the neighbors spouse or adolescent hottie,, is that the message here?

  20. Nobody ever seems to mention whether or not a roof structure was part of these structures it seems as if there must have been some sort of rafter parts needed in order to keep everything up right and again maybe even more usable to keep out rain and sun.

  21. I believe in God when i was little girl i believe God was a big God has the whole world in his hands he knows every hair on our Head he made us from the dust of the ground he knows us before we were born before we were existing before got in our mother womb God knows us he knows us what family we should have before our natural parents that we has now we has ancestry and forefathers who was on this Earth before our time it in the DNA of the blood which it has to be my great great great grandfather great great great grandmother which is my great grandmother parents who was an Indian my great grandmother told me that she has to be on the ship to pick cotton she left her baby on the bed she has to work great grandmother should took her baby with her why she left her baby on the bed crying that someone else has to raise her grandmother didn't know her real mother to she got grown praying for me that i discovered that history for my self she has work on the farm she's was married has four children who raised them she has a older son by someone else she was married to chokee Indian like to travel around the world he was log cutting and work in cold mine they don't have education i don't know why they don't have education i know my aunt has education i don't know what my uncle was doing why he didn't get his education and my mother to i know two my uncle last name is in different last name i want to know why it's not same with three how his last name be Stewart and other is in Matthew all together my grandmother has five children praying for me to have wisdom and knowledge and understand and common sense in this life

  22. Really enjoyed seeing all the latest ancient discoveries together in relation to sudden loss (minus several in west India and others). Very educational for the purpose of thought provocation!

  23. It always amuzes me when todays "experts" run to the "temple/worship/sacred/sacrifice" narrative…..what if, considering the carvings of animals not native to the area, Gobekli Tepi was a fuckin ZOO!!!???….im just saying….

  24. In reference to a couple of things mentioned in the video….the two specific tsunami's have been shown to be caused, deliberatly, by directed energy weapons……asking about "wiping out" civilizations, one need look no further than the Attra Hasis where accounts of Enlil/Jehova/Zuess discuss the many diverse means he used to attempt to wipe out humans…..

  25. From the wise man. To whom that wonder with in the mind and have been trouble with inn is to look not far from the nose because people of power lorks after greed of gold and money by digging up these idols of gold and rock of fine treasure that is not to be disturb for them kinds of thing bring many trouble up on the earth when they discover and bring what suppose to be left alone in the deep dept of darkness in the grown or in the seas, for this things calls many problem that the rich don't give a "D " but only their self but yet they said they don't need any one but money until hell it self fall on them then they need some one to remove what that have come unto them by the forsaken golden idols or treasure of stones that suppose to be left a lone for they would cost many trouble in many people lifes !

  26. the tsunami in Japan, the emergency response trucks blew warning sirens…would it have been better to have a PA telling just exactly what the danger was??

  27. Hey , fucking jewish motherfuckers !!! Not Marie Curie , but Maria Curie – Sklodowska. She was Polish and won twice Nobel Price. She emphasised always and everywhere , that she is Polish from Poland .

  28. I LOVE how they pick New York as an example for a asteroid strike, and California as a tsunami from an asteroid impact. Why can't we have both? It would solve the problem completely getting rid of all the assholes.

  29. Quote, "There's been lots of mass die-offs in the past."…We are currently in the 6th mass extinction, in four BILLION years, but they didn't find that relevant enough to mention…Odd….Because they definitely know this fact…..They don't mention our current climate issues, which will be apocalyptic….Must be fossil fuel money in the production of this very interesting doc….I didn't learn anything new, but, enjoyed it….I never in my life believed the accepted timeline of history…We don't know….

  30. The only thing that has destroyed earth and inhabitants! The greedy self proclaimed gods that don't want harmony! war and chaos, nothing has changed!…

  31. Insaflah wahai manusia.
    Kalau kamu kata syitan itu
    Jahat. Ketahuilah iblis itu
    Ketua kepada semua syitan
    Dan iblis(Taqgrut) dan iblis
    Yang ada pada setiap anak cucu adam itu adalah bernama khanas.
    (Anak iblis yang dimasak oleh Adam dan dimakan bersama sama kelurganya)
    Dan apabila iblis memanggil
    Lalu disahut oleh seluruh
    Khanas yang ada dijasad

  32. Nearly 1 out of 8 people gave this video a thumbs down. One need look no further for evidence of devolution. it's as plain as the noonday sun.

  33. Definition of religion, how I understand it is "a belief in something or someone" so strong it possibly becomes a religion. Just because they say it was a temple doesn't mean it originated only from christianity. When I think like that it says about myself I am more narrow minded. In some cases it is okay to be narrow minded. Temples strongly imply a religion of sorts. We should not be offended when they say religion.
    According to supreme court, strongly not believing in God could be conscrude as religion as well.

  34. Climate change supposively is because w e humans are making t happen. Hogwash! If it happened thousands of years ago without the technology back then just maybe it's not all us. I think it's just the way our planet functions.

  35. this type of places was no very important civilisation the places was for human animals sacrifices it is not part of real historical
    the animals is not civilisation this was sect in turkey with religious animal believers

  36. the sect minorities was part of the Greek empire rolled the country in wide areas thousands of miles apart but under Greek culture

  37. Civilization could go back 100's of thousands of years. Look at how much evidence is lost using time frames of 10,000 years.. In 100 thousand years there would be nothing left that had been left to the elements.

  38. The 1% are now buying lots & property in the UNDERGROUND CITIES, already in existence. In the case of global cataclysm, down they go to escape RADIATION. The 99%, what about them?, you ask. What ABOUT them?, they will respond..

  39. Well, if you find the answers you are seeking, hide them very well, or the americans will come and BOMB THE BLOODY SHIT out of them.

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