19 thoughts on “Civilization Part 1 BBC Series by Niall Ferguson

  1. -China is on it’s way down the rabbit hole
    -And, the LOCUST, Mohammedan’s are in and of satan…

  2. China is way too worse to become a so called leader again. In past decades, they tried so hard to finish a high speed of economic growth, which is just too fast and they don’t have anything to support them to go further. The conflicts between government and people, between people and people are tearing down this country. China seems to be strong but it can collapse just in one night, you can find the clues in current trade war against U.S…

  3. Typical of how the British discuss their own history, this programme merely glosses over the opium wars which brought absolute devastation to China – a drug pushing and extortion excercise on a gigantic scale. Well the tables have now turned on Britain and its no wonder that the Chinese have absolutely no time for the "but we know better" attitudes of the British and the Western Europeans who always try to lecture them about what is best.
    China is well on its way to becoming the largest economy in the world once again. Whether it achieves this or not depends on many things, one of which may very well prevent it – another war, this time not waged by Britain, but by the US, which cannot compete economically, only militarily.

  4. I'm reading the book this series is based on – also written by Niall Ferguson. It's brilliant. It's great to be able to put images to the events and places mentioned in the book. I highly recommend it.

  5. Interesting analysis, but omits one vital piece of data. The reason China is now so agressively competitive is because a fundamental change in cultural ideology – the shift from Confucianism to cultural Marxism ploughed into the people under Mao. John Roberts, in his excellent analysis, The Triumph of the West, notes that the reason Europe developed what was termed in this documentary its 'killer apps' was because it sprang from a striving creed – Christianity – which in the 15th century was revitalized via the renaissance.

  6. Opium in China is mentioned as contrast to drinking coffee in Europe… a bit simplistic as it stops short in mentioning why the EIC was exporting thus drug to China… A part of British and French history to be proud of…

  7. This British piece of garbage completely ignores role played by colonizing and plundering other nations and people. When I see people like this and then Osama Bin Laden looks like an honest saint. At least he does not hide his intentions. These British bastards still refuse to apologize for their crimes in their formal colonies. I hope to live long enough to see ongoing descent of Britain into chaos and destruction.

  8. To sail the oceans, the Chinese basically built bigger versions of their river barges. Western nations didn't.

  9. The mistake people tend to make when speculating on the rise of Asian & Arabic societies eclipsing all others in the near future is that they'll continue at this same sustained rate. That's not how it works. It never is. They have their own societal issues that will rise up to halt their growth too.

    As education and prosperity increase in a given society, so too will it's emphasis on social issues among it's populace. Once a civilization achieves a universal prosperity where the bare necessities of survival such as food, shelter, medicine, and security are provided for everyone, the focus will always inevitably shift towards more inward looking concerns such as civil liberties. Sooner or later these internal priorities will take precedence, whereupon which the subsequent period of naval gazing will slow it's previous rates of expansion and cause it to become more insecure of itself on the world stage.

    That's just the way these things work. The irony here is that human societies tend to start questioning and rejecting the principles of what led them to finally achieving their prosperity in the first place.

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