5 thoughts on “Civilization Part 2 BBC Series by Niall Ferguson

  1. Most people in muslim world are unaware how fundamentalism robbed them of prosperity and liberty and snuffed out scientific revolution in Ottoman empire. History lesson like this can be a good antidote to islamist fundamentalism.

  2. I am at best and amateur when it comes to history, but I don't think Vienna was the turning point. It was the point where Europe fell forever out of the Sultan's reach. Very much similar to Guadalcanal and the Japanese empire. I'd argue Malta was the turning point, just like Midway.

  3. So basically an enlightened Western King caring about his people against a degenerate Sultan concerned only about his STDs – can it get any more stereotypical?? This kind of black vs. white storytelling only serves to construct a gap between "us" and "the others". What Mr Ferguson does here is to imply that "killer apps" determined the rise of the West. In my eyes this is not proper historiography but right wing populism. No second spared for a tiny bit of critical self-reflection…and that from BBC!

  4. It's sad to see how outdated this show has become in such a short few years. The East is coming up with hypersonic weapons and such that are way beyond what the west has, so WTF happened? The REAL lesson is that Religion is BAD and should be OUTLAWED!!!!

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