15 thoughts on “Civilization Profile: Teotihuacan (Sub. Español)

  1. The Teotihucano influence on the region is astounding; but i was wondering how are you able to draw distinctions between the civilizations of the lower Mexican highlands? I would assume that the cultural exchanges between them would extensive and make them indistinguishable for the most part.

  2. Great video. You've clearly put tons of research and detail into this. Detail that you won't find in a classroom or documentary.

  3. I think I might have learned this in my World history curse when we were learning about Mesoamerican history.

  4. A lot of people on ancient aliens and their followers want so give credit of the pyramid to aliens.

  5. I am sub number 50 :)…Hopefully first on many 50 more…you definitely put the work in carnal! Sigan con el buen trabajo!

  6. Good research, I had no ideal Teotihuacan and other capital cities and Nations of the Valley of Mexico were affected by the region's volcanoes that helped swing political and economic power in the valley of mexico which help bring the rise and fall of the Teotihuacan and Toltec Empire.

    Now I have an ideal why chinampas were created, it was probably a way to create lush fertile farmland during the aftermath of regional volcanic eruptions which made part of the top soil acidic, instead of using the acidic top soil of the area's land, they used the mud, twigs, branches etc. of the lakes to create man-made islands. Chinampas were very condensed farms and can yield more food.

  7. I added your video 'Civilization Profile: Teotihuacan' to my 'Ancient Native America' playlist. I look out for the best well research documentaries and videos that cover the Indigenous cultures and histories. I like this video because it covers cultures and histories outside of the Aztec and Maya. I'm a lover of Ancient Indigenous American history, I know much history of North America, but I want to know more of Mesoamerica outside of the Aztec and Maya. I'm a new subscriber.

  8. You just earned another subscriber. being about half Native American, I want to learn more about the history. From nothing brought me here.

  9. Even Navajo, Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chicasaw,Choctaw, Apache, Commanche, and more have some respectable and admirable traits, cultures, linguistics, and histories

  10. What are you going off of with the bit where you say Teotihuacan and other Formative/Preclassic/early classic period Valley of Mexico cities were likely Oto-Manguean? I've always read that we really have no clue who the city's builders were ethnically other then the city itself eventually became multi-ethnic as it grew, with specific city districts showing distinctly Zapotec, Maya etc style pottery, burials, etc?

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