Civilization Revolution 2 review on Nvidia Shield tablet – Androidizen

Civilization Revolution 2 review on Nvidia Shield tablet – Androidizen

Hi everyone. So today I’m taking a look at
Civilization Revolution 2 on Android. It’s certainly taken a fair while for this game
to make its way across the Android platform but it looks fantastic. Now the first thing
I have to say is this is probably one of the most expensive Android games I’ve ever played, right up there with stuff released by Square Enix. This title will set you back £11.29
in the UK, not an inconsiderable amount of money. For that kind of price we certainly
should be expecting a release that is on par with its desktop counterpart. So it’s really
good to see that when you actually play Civilization Revolution 2 what you’re actually getting
is a mobile version of Civilization. It doesn’t feel like they’ve scrimped at all in bringing
across the vision of that desktop game over into the mobile platforms and have actually
rendered it more beautifully than its desktop counterpart to boot. Now they have had to make some compromises, namely the map that you play on which whilst procedurally generated aren’t anywhere near as big as their desktop counterparts.Likewise the variety of units and technologies are maybe not quite as fully featured as in their desktop counterparts but by no means do they ever
feel limited. It’s quite a remarkable thing that when I’ve been playing this game I’ve
got all of the vibes of Civilization 5 but right here on my Shield tablet. It’s really
well realised. Everything that you kind of know and love from Civilization, the expansion, the upgrading, the research, new technology and the waging of wars, all here in spades,
and all working really nicely. At times I kind of feel the AI is going a little easy
on me, even on the medium difficulty as it were. It does feel like the AI could be a
little bit more brutal but I understand that maybe this is a game that is designed to be a little bit more accessible to the masses. One of the things I really like is they’ve
captured the spirit of Civilization, even down to the leaders of the various factions
which have been rendered in a beautiful 3D style, almost cell shading animation but looking really, really slick. This game is a massive power hog on your device so do bear in mind if you’re going to do a long play session you’re probably going to want to be near a
power outlet. Likewise it will run your device at absolute maximum so do expect substantial heat build-up whilst you’re playing. This is not a game for the faint of heart or the
faint of device, should I say.Overall, they’ve done a fantastic job at capturing what Civilization is all about and bringing it on to the mobile platforms in a way that makes sense with everything you’d want and leaving behind everything that is superfluous to the core gameplay experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with say Civilization Revolution 3
but it would be nice if that price point was a little bit more palatable to the wallet.
At £11.29 you really have to want to play this particular game to put the money down. If it’s just a curiosity then you may very well find yourself drifting off to cheaper
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3 thoughts on “Civilization Revolution 2 review on Nvidia Shield tablet – Androidizen

  1. you talk about its desktop counterpart but the CivRev series was never released to desktop.
    IMHO, comparing this to Civ5 or any other game in the original series is 'stupid' because they don't have the same goal. CivRev is all about quick paced arcade games.
    I would be a lot more interested to hear how different CivRev2 is compared to CivRev1 which I still play on my XBox360. Because by the looks of it, it looks like the exact same game as CivRev1 with just a couple more leaders and some refined graphics.

  2. the games are too quick, i play for 25 minutes and i win, thats it, even on hardest difficulty, a huge stepback compared to civ 5 or beyond earth where a game i play last days or even weeks

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