Civilization V: Brave New World Let’s Play – Rome – Making enemies – Ep.4

Civilization V: Brave New World Let’s Play – Rome – Making enemies – Ep.4

Civilization V: Brave New World Let’s Play – Rome – Making enemies – Ep.4 hello everybody and welcome back to c5
brave new world last time we were getting screwed by
does god damn Spearman and even earlier fucking Venice still Arbor be in camp so
you’ll still we’re still pretty mad about that and with let’s just keep me next turn
and see what happens next is my grams I’m really
hoping the in steal my guidance sadler’s or workers as statesman now I care about him does have a variance
yes bar Nottingham burn in the guy them
around fucking English sons a bitches now fencing wished people right writing cares yellow you getting more damage so if I
thank him one more time of the attack me and Ed man us to settle in the city some is the
purpose good morning having for dinner bravery right just sleep through yeah didn’t do anything actually done nothing
and everything the dude is he a backup did my job stuff you cannot actually in Ely has a lot to fucking troops have
to send the literally a lot for dinner like seriously I had mmm for images that one guy in city fine attacked him well I die now I’m i dun scanner are you’re in for it now bitch 5 my ass settle settle settle settle god damnit you may archer’s as SEPM stock the cattle I’m and Tim I’m in a medium watching what’s epic on Inc land England yes England it’s like England second spell England inclined to the production 50 she cancelled turns while have another deletion what should I
build while on sheik she im let’s go for dinner honoring 10 64 King turns yeah once again so the
fourth them it’ll be faster make double the
speed yes I’m on the hill districts up you know these
brutes don’t attack me has gotten extern on even route nazi-like archer’s forward shoot again from 14 turn since on offer to Cal someone action just call and and perps my purchase want input is somewhat
worker it is cheaper here to purchase something
purchase notes points on notice yeah I am not really sure my national for the borders min buy it I’ll I’m by some bananas and buy some and more gems on they get back the money more the gems make the marble and to moon I’ll me on the gems the model and plus yet to
be more to be more here me too more here no actually three mourners one more year
four in total holy shit nationally nobody’s once all these session on from you since
decide is fine enemies Nini spice well fucking nude renewed you engage in any sons a bitches I’d don’t need writing or do I I’m writing and and I fun to know for home of mathematics now angle for official if you don’t know much they go
for fucking for horseback riding 24 don’t seem to fuck myself muscling at
the shrine external scan awesome I’m now a 104 points but England is
kinda ahead cell yeah I think I’d smile right now I guess again kill these
faggots like not move your then attacked their own right sororities workers going there dream too much turn Seoul crap these guys for
more terms and well mask EDS fuckers and call for a min ass that makes the
program which right what you think produce next
settlers I do need in our city but didn’t have
anything to can don’t have anyone to play said someone
go for some military units they should take out his gun question are we on stone-age bombardments and one from Steven 1 1st be a man I am a few Spearman and some are just
should kill him he only asks 11 defense shouldn’t be too hard I’m they should be stricken ons on police to
certain or something at could help me dude as I’m um have to
relook at my all the Warriors studious location and talk people don’t like to smile the most holy shit I my people are the most unhappy trout Lance good fuck it I don’t care Assam 25 also by the next fumbles Jim and I’m on his worst Explorer while
these aren’t you should go home go fuck themselves actually I really want to give the tile guy
because he’s sitting on a gold mine a fuck on them wine mistrustful city it’s something
you’re or here probably somewhere yeah from here on to open looks at it hash they have no
clue me an article here and that white these fuckers out because
you’re gonna be big pain in my rear still
having to deal with it and now I just don’t really need any
more fucking sand monkeys up my ass nice let’s just
move on explore some more truffles are actually quite nice germs 200 action nationally in rush two more I really hope the expanded somewhere
here national he would be perfect dis and the forest area general area
because I couldn’t plant my farms Dr and a lot more use
from again from the site more planes marshalled and water has entered a class clear good for you I’m guessing venice is somewhere a bomb I should own
Venice but net I’m just looking to my from a
reason I’ll fuck all rights and prepare for this now for a nice I got a second chance
well here go menace you ought to stealing my gold yes it’s mine I just discovered that
means mine that’s how this game works you see
something you wanted it’s yours fuck it struck
everyone is yours de so it works isn’t it my workers head back a few I need them to work for
me mint chip labors can lessen a and the match over someone’s Ballinger estimate someone zulu warriors there’s a look nice this name meant to
bring you some Inc your actually got alright let’s
actually had for these bananas next and the next term fucking be turnaround against the No the mighty
the romance the man in the fuck with a condom Romans
an awesome I spent the jungle really good news in Venice if you block
my path and I actually look at my heart cheers and send my experiment kill me because alright fuck it have your god damn wine
you Kydex and 90s but I will not tolerate your meddling in my
guy down general news and my landscape your
fucking waters on to get ideas offered an exxon how many feet few hundred fate have you’re fit into a confinement you am that stance and action how do you get killed by these warriors
mean by the Broads the points for the condiments warner’s
for emergency get alright 19 spices I’m actually a vatican
protector and sound yeah wherein the your know I should actually im settle near them if they give me shit
and not acting usually if you sit on your dime to give
you some shit like you know get the fuck outta my lands or something
like that but looking back at in the AM on 80 points and I have an
ally was 138 you baby you better not mess with me lizabeth got my back in distant so
better watch your fucking done tires governor next turn Australia much david
is a messiah who helped me and the histories and the
people to leak yep let’s discuss session and 9 the texts Jim you want to train with term point
England there in caravans they don’t use Marmol but seem um symbolism its do again well against
isn’t the only person including Washington who speaks English
in trade dunk when he called the election he caught
them you don’t champs through sure but do I lose the golden output from it in or don’t in side seafight holds in we should 5:30 when I do you think you
find the losers I wouldn’t ask double almost triple more I get three gold only get almost double
working on Sep so the meeting three gold not really
sure more alright cell I just use the resource I don’t lose a
to go like it its display the right here next to next turn button writes on the margins so for two gems I can dress like damn organic with a sweetened deal a bit more from nor less on Haasan’s trade finance only the show I’m using I just for
measuring Ste good for next term menace if they’re not fuck with my where
served: I mean time workers I’m a fuck you up I have connections to England so you better watch it an era gone by
Stephen all months p.m. on every weekend with
rounded to war one thing that you like a bitch so I
chose a romance as an 11-year history who doesn’t know Stoneworks them its or since sure they offered now Mickelson gets more archer’s me I do me some
horses actually something may come now the there what’s what’s in a college town the
chariots aren’t really in my TDI last time I play with them day D
sucks success beyond any damage bombing do
actually more damage than chariots smile on your and Crites in his guys acting you so much for watching don’t
forget to leave your comments below tell me what you
doin this Let’s Play N comment comment if you want more I’m she might need to do something or maybe
I missed something and might not actually be brought this game so if I miss something or if I can do
something awesome that would improve my game overall if I
would be able to dominate this fight landscape
I’ll be able to the aggressively dominated and and Lisa again thanks for watching and
be sounds

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  1. dude just ur attitude towards the game, you are not to serious, which is good but you swear way to much it is just annoying cause it is just a game you dont need to say goddamn every time to address an enemy

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