Civilization V: Complete Cinematic Collection | HD | With Captions

Civilization V: Complete Cinematic Collection | HD | With Captions

Welcome back, my son, I’ve missed you. Have
the men begun setting up the encampment? -Yes, father.
Good. This is a lush, fertile land; I think we can
make a home here. -I agree, we will do well in this place.
Come, sit with me and listen, I have had a dream of our people’s future, it was glorious,
glorious. I saw our people spreading throughout the land and across the oceans, expanding
our kingdom and discovering new people and great riches in far away lands! We built wondrous
monuments honoring the gods, which reached up to brush the very fabric of the heavens!
And then, I saw a vast city with great buildings of stone, each more magnificent
than the last. The streets were filled with our people in numbers beyond counting! There
was suffering, as well, great and terrible, brought about by the torments of war, but
we were strong and we brought victory to our people! There my dream ended and my story,
as well, for it has been reviled to me that it is your future I dreamed of, not mine.
The fate of our people is now in your hands. I envy you, my boy, your decisions will shape
history itself. Go now, my son, with my blessing and decide your future. Be weary, my son, heed these words, for the
fires of our past grow dim. From humble beginnings a village became a nation, an empire. As clashing
ambition spurred the appetite of armies, plough and sickle gave way to sword and shield.
Consumed by war, mankind found little solace, rushing to action on impulse, without forethought!
Religious devotion brought hope to some, but even then, many were consumed by zealotry,
filling the with suspicion and fear. From this darkness, a glimmer of light emerged—a
muse from ancient times long forgotten—inspired great minds and ushered in a rebirth of art
and science, as unanswered questions from the past found new illumination, in a renewed
thirst for knowledge. Revelations from above provided isights below, spurring new advances
throughout the world, bringing an end to one way of life and giving rise to another, leading
brave souls to reach for the ends of the world and beyond. You must tread carefully, my son,
for their charge now lies with you. Choose their path and guide your people through these
ever-changing times! Just as it has always been, when our memories
of the ancient world fade into twilight, a new era dawns to fill the void; an unfamiliar
path with a pulse of its own, a tempo not dictated by the labor of men, but accelerated
by the rhythm of machines, launching the world into an age of bold innovation. From this
cauldron of steel and sweat, a vision of prosperity emerged; harnessing the untold power of the
elements, turning night into day, creating new designs that brought the world’s stage
to the masses and providing an experience that many had never imagined. The advent of
mechanized warfare brought devastation like none the world had ever seen, providing a
window of opportunity for some to dictate conformity as regimes spread their ideologies
with a heavy hand, inciting the world to the brink of war. And yet, some chose a different
path and, through their vision, brought unique prospectives to the world. As singular proponents
of free thinking remained striving for peace in their endeavors to unlock the secrets of
the universe—some of which, would fill our hearts with fear and regret. And as this progress
unfolds, the finite nature of our world becomes clear; our survival, the survival of all the
world’s peoples, depends on our ability to coexist in peace, but this peace is tenuous.
Although mankind will always look onward, yearning for more, searching for new boundaries,
only to break through them, with the understanding that this world is one, in which, we all share,
comes the responsibility of knowing that the decisions you make today will have a lasting
impact on the generations of tomorrow.

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  1. Gunna show this to my History teachers, IDK if the pro-Tea Party one will like it, but  I know my Freshman & sophomore year teachers will love it!

  2. Plz help!!!! What's the difference between the last civ 5 (number 3) and the first :0 :0 :0 I got the first!!! Did I choose the wrong one 🙁 oh and same with the 2nd… 🙁

  3. The UN should be shown the last one. Maybe then we'll turn our attention to more important matters. looks up to the stars

  4. This intros always make me to think about how far we got as civilization , but yet been so imatture speices that is easy to kill each other just because the greed , if humanity could let aside the greed and work together just for 1 year we could have manage to solve almost all the issues on earth and acomplish great things … but Beyond earth tetches us a good lesson "even if we go to another planet to save our kind , we will always find a reason to make war"

  5. "This is lush, fertile land. I think we could make a home here."

    Meanwhile, on the map…

    Tundra…tundra for days. :p

  6. It's not the graphics that really awes me. It's the beautiful synchronization of voice acting and scenes that surpasses so many video game cutscenes.

  7. That son settled his starting city on a mountain tile next to a river in grassland plains biome? Lucky bastard….

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