41 thoughts on “Civilization V – Defeated

  1. Quite the first time in any game I've played that game over scenes actually have that modicum of optimism. After seeing deaths, sad faces and an epic random soldier blaming me for defeat, this is what gamers need after losing a game. Props Christoffre.

  2. @Christoffre Ah fair enough. By the way, I'm British and I greatly admire the French. My country certainly would have fared no better had the Germans managed to invade. Just so you know not all of us feel that way =). (Sweden is pretty great as well =P)

  3. @dangerminks1 In all fairness, not many could stand up to the firepower Germany had at it's disposal. If Britain had been invaded, we would have been crushed quickly as well. The USSR got lucky due to Hitler's impatience. Bear in mind that, technically, the French have the most successful military record of ANY country ever.

  4. @dangerminks1 Their temporary loss in the Second World War, resulting in the occupation of France, and their loss in the Franco-Prussian War, resulting in the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine, are the only times they have lost a war and lost territory as a result. There have been 53 major wars in Europe. France has been a belligerent in 49 of them. In 185 battles over the last 800 years, France has won 132 times, lost 43 times and drawn 10 times. They really don't deserve the rep they get from WW2.

  5. @dangerminks1 A vast majority of France's losses in war are a result of poor decision-making. Napoleon lost so quickly eventually because of a disasterous campaign in Russia, the exact same thing that eventually fuelled Hitler's quick downfall. True, France gave up without a proper fight in WW2, but that was down to the incompetence of the French president. Your point about France's many battles- the same can be said for any colonial power. It's not limited to France alone.

  6. Man I just cross out all the victory types except for domination, science, and diplomatic. All that I need to win.

  7. I actually went to this video specifically see if anyone else noted that it was both a reference the the last game and the poem. It looks like you were the only one that made note of it.

  8. If someone else gets another form of victory does the game end or can you continue to try for another victory?

  9. Generally speaking, after a victory is gained, all event listeners for victory are shut off. It's like asking "can you get more than one victory type in the same game?" No, you cannot.

  10. Poor France, the World financial crisis was just too much for you, wasn't it? *takes of hat and grieves for a moment, before watching more Civ5 stuff*

  11. ~The more you know ~

    lol it was a joke did not mean to be offensive.

    Well think of it as this, Sports teams have many games throughout their careers but many people only remember what happened at the most biggest and most recent game….. A country or nation is bound to get involved in many conflicts and wars in history but most people only remember the biggest and most recent one "WW2". So seeing that they did not do so good in the biggest war ever has kinda brought that stereotype.

  12. The whole "surrender" thing wasn't even true for WWII, as the French Resistance brutalized the Nazis throughout the entire war. France has one of the best and toughest militaries in the world.

  13. Guys help me pls!! I installed yet (not) another earth map pack, and every time i start the mod, and play, i get instant you have been defeated, i don't even get one turn, or anything, HELPPP PLS!!

  14. no matter who you chose, people could give you shit for it. "oh, you picked the chinese? didn't the opium wars do enough damage without spiting us further?!" "Oh, the germans? you are just poking fun at world war two and saying we are nazis!" there is no way to win with these people…

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