Civilization V Leaders [Part 1]

Civilization V Leaders [Part 1]

Hello Stranger! I am Alexandros, son of kings and grandson of the gods! Go on. Certainly Certainly not. Indeed? I too grow tired of peace. Let’s do this. Not that! I am Askia of the Songhai. We are a fair people – but those who cross us will find
only destruction. You would do well to avoid repeating the mistakes others have made in the past. Proceed Very well. Fool. You have doomed your people to fire and destruction! You cannot be serious! I greet you. I am Augustus, Emperor and Pontifex Maximus (high priest) of
Rome. If you are a friend of Rome, you are welcome. Proceed I agree. Certainly not! So brave, yet so stupid. If only you had
a brain that could compare to your courage That is unpleasant In the name of the great German people, I welcome you. Go on. Agreed No. Depraved villain! We will bring you under the earth! You can’t be serious! I greet you, stranger! If you are as intelligent and tactful
as you are attractive, we’ll get along just fine. Go on. Deal. Ha! Of course not! You’ve mistaken my passion for a weakness, you’ll regret this. This is unacceptable. Peace be upon you, I am Darius, the great and outstanding
king of kings. As you surely know already. You were saying? Certainly Your offer is not enough. We are pleased me to meet you. Go ahead. Certainly. That’s unacceptable! We shall never surrender. Of course not! On behalf of the Indian people, I extend a hand of friendship towards you. What were you saying? We co-operate Very good. (?) Unfortunately, not everyone in my country is as committed to non-violence as I am Welcome foreigner, I am Harun Al-Rashid, Caliph of the Arabs.
Come to me and tell me about your empire. What’s this? Excellent. Of course not. Fool! I will make you regret this dearly! I swear it! You cannot be serious about your request.

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  1. btw when Gandhi refuses the demand for gold/resources, in the translation it is written "i will not drive my nation to poverty", but however the actual word he's speaking in Hindi is "marvelous, very good!" .. also his words spoken in Hindi upon declaration of war is actually, "not everyone in my country has adopted the path of non-voilence as myself [we have warriors too]."

  2. Σαν το Age of Mythology που αλλού έβαζαν Έλληνες να μιλήσουν και αλλού (βλέπε Οδυσσέας) έβαζαν Αμερικάνους. Αλλά εδώ που τα λέμε, άλλη προφορά είχαν τα Αρχαία Ελληνικά σε σχέση με τα σημερινά.

  3. Translation for Bismarck:
    "In the name of the great German people, I bid you welcome."
    "Go on."
    "Damned evil beast! We will bury you!"
    "You can't be serious."

  4. You know, even when declaring war or accepting a war decleration, Gandhi still is very peacful about that stuff.

  5. I am Israelian and I think I understand a couple of words that Derius say (he speaks Aramic): MEET: he says "Shalm aleih" which is written like שלם עליך in Aramic (I think). It pretty much really means "Peace upon you", but can also mean just "hello".

    also, when you continue listening to him when you meet him, he says "Malec malcaya – מלכ מלכיה. Melek/meleh means King in hebrew (מלך), so I guess it really means "king of kings". in the end, he says "Yadat" which is written "ידעת" in Hebrew.

  6. Also, when he ignores for a trade while Friednly, he says something like "Nehsar" which means "missing" in hebrew נחסר. It doesnt mean "not good enough" in my opinion, but it says something like "Something is missing in your offer".

    At war declare, at the beggining he says "Ma?!" which clearly means "What", its the same word in hebrew. "מה?!". last thing – in the ending of war declare, he says "Ata Kah?". Im not sure about it but it sounds like "אתה כך" which means "are you like that?" (ur evil

  7. Augustus: Greeting "Te saluto. Augustus sum, imperato et Pontifex Maximus Romae. Si tu es Romae amicus, es gratus!" Trade "Procede." Accepting offer "Consentio." Declining offer "Certo non" Attacked "Tam fortis, tamen tam stupidus. Utinam habeas cerebrum simile tuae fortitudini." Declines peace "Iniucundum est."

  8. Hm. Does anyone know modern Nahuatl? I'm pretty sure that's what Monty is speaking. I know that his war declaration is "Die! Die! DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!"

  9. these leaders remains immortal,so his people and city, These having to stand up and stay at the same place without go to other place for over thousand year.

  10. may be civ3 is all better than this.just too old graphic to attract people to see it all day all night.

  11. Well… eh… the translations in the speech bubble are not really correct but at least the characters are mostly well chosen. If I would have seen Hitler on Germany I would have face palmed so hard my face would be pushed through my back head xP

  12. Ingame, go to graphics settings, where it says "Leader Screen Quality" it should be set at minimum. Change it to low or medium, if you can't because they've been disabled then you need a graphics card change.

  13. 7:18
    What Ghandi actually mean to say was: My nuclear arsenal specialists have itchy fingers. Occasionally they slip.

  14. The greek speech of Alexander kinda sucked i must say…they should find a real greek to speak the achaic greek.

  15. Are you sure about that? They lived over a century apart and Alexander greatly admired Persian culture.

  16. Umm…no its not. Not the Greek at least. The accent is absolutely awful. The pronunciation s*cks…a lot.
    But anyway….at least the game is good ^_^

  17. From what I understand they took modern Greek and threw a bunch of older words in the middle of it. But Theodora is more authentic Greek for the time period though, it kinda sucks how each leader has a different quality of voice acting. Don't even mention the whole things about Attila where they used Chuvash but instead got someone with a thick Russian accent and apparently a poor understanding of Chuvash to do the lines so much so that people who speak Chuvash hate how terrible it is.

  18. Apparently, there are several variations to each leader. Darius once told me how I should be honored to meet him, for he is such a remarkable, magnificent man.

    Someone's proud of himself ~

  19. No sometimes its wrong. Here's what he really says: "I am Askia of the Songhai. We are a fair people – but those who cross us will find only destruction. You would do well to avoid repeating the mistakes others have made in the past."

  20. I will subscribe to you chanel becasue you wrote Alexandar The Great of Macedonia! Im from Macedonia and the Greeks always say that Alexander is Greek. Alexandar the Great in Macedonian means Aleksandar Macedonian or is written Александар Велики Македонски!

  21. I've heard Gandhi will stab you in the back at every opportunity, blowing you up when he sees the chance. In fact everyone who said Gandhi betrays you got blown up by them so it would not be wise to be friends with him

  22. I don't like how Moctezuma says emperor and aztec in Spanish. In nahuatl (his languages) emperor is "Huetlatoani" and aztec was "Mexicah"

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